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Change in Apple Incorporated


In today’s organizations, changes are important with the fast-moving technology and environment to keep up with competition and remain relevant in the market. There is a need for the organization to embrace change to help the organization achieve its goals. New ideas, faces, and ways are seen in the cooperative world every day. If the organization is static, it will lag since it does not embrace the changes. To survive in the competitive environment, an organization has to adopt the changes by changing the mindset and adopting new ideas, rules, and regulations. Changes usually bring new insight, opportunities, and the organization’s growth. In this analysis, I will analyze the need for change in Apple Incorporated and determine the new trends in the industry that demand change in Apple Incorporated.

Apple Inc. is a computer and software firm that produces and sells a wide range of products. The ability of the corporation to properly address opportunities and threats connected to political and economic aspects in its macro-environment is one factor that determines its success. Apple Inc.2 is a company that makes computers. Apple Inc., a 41-year-old American multinational corporation specializing in consumer software and hardware creation and manufacture, was founded in 1976. Apple usually designs and sells computer software and consumer electronics and offers online services. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, both Harvard dropouts, founded Apple. The two ardent co-founders of Apple Inc. had previously belonged to the Homebrew Computer Club, a computer hobbyist organization from which the original Apple computer was built and constructed in 1975. The computer included a typewriter-style keyboard and the ability to connect to a standard television screen.

The products that Apple sells are; iPhone smartphones, iPod media players, iPad tablets, and Mac personal computers. The company is currently experiencing a decline in the sale of its products. This illustrates that the market is becoming more competitive, and most people have adopted the use of smartphones. The expansion of market expansion in China can no longer sustain the company’s growth. The company’s revenue in 2016 was expected to be $50 billion, which was a decline. This shows that most of the products were not purchased throughout that year. The company is so dependent on iPhones, which has made it vulnerable since other competitors in the market have introduced other smartphones.

Samsung is one of the major competitors of Apple, and the introduction of new smartphones affected the purchase of Iphones. The company also recorded a decrease in iPad sales from an estimated sale of $17.3 million to 16.1 million (Mallin, 2011). The company was affected by the high competition existing in the market—the other factor effect of the changing economies. Most economies face recession, such as Brazil, Japan, and Canada. The other factor affecting apple is the power of the dollar that is affecting the other currencies in the world. The strength of the dollar affects the expected revenue from the other currencies.

The stock market for apple was china and India, which only generated revenue for Apple for the first five years and later declined in the revenue collected. This is because the competitors in the market have become more tactical, and they know the strategies they will use to compete with Apple. Google is one of the competitors of Apple, and they introduced Pixel, which was much cheaper than apple. Most consumers would prefer cheaper products that serve the same purpose.

Change is needed by apple to restore its high sales and to remain with the largest market shares. Apple should also adopt changes to keep up with the changing technology in the market. Many disruptive technologies in the market have been introduced, which has led to the downfall of apple. The company’s dependency on IPhones is risky since there is little that can change. The company needs to create many products to keep up with the momentum. Apple should adopt new technology that will give it more transparency in tracking and monitoring its personnel and equipment worldwide. This will help the company know what should be done and the changes made to their products. The transformation will open new opportunities for apple and allow the company to adopt any feasible technologies desirable to their customers (Schotter, 2017). Embracing the changes will help the company be the leading company and expand its business in the Indian market.

I feel that Apple is a good choice for my project because of the stages that they have to make in adopting the changes. The public expected new devices from the company since apple is known worldwide. The company’s customers expect new devices to remain the bestselling company in the world. Innovation is also critical for the company since it will introduce new devices that will increase its competitive advantage (Nagamia, 2015). The competitive advantage usually helps the companies have an advantage over the other competitors in the market. The company partnered with IBM to bring apps and devices to larger companies is worth it for the company. This partnership will help defeat the competitors, which are Google and Microsoft.

The two companies’ partnership tries to look for opportunities to bring revenues to the organizations. The strength of the partnership is that the larger cooperation will allow them to work with them. The New York time reported that the two companies are working on creating over 100 software for the organizations that will use iPhones and iPods. The two companies are working on bringing changes to laptops and smartphones.


Apple is the most important firm in influencing cultural trends; it is the ruler of culture. They are always coming up with creative ideas for getting things done in various ways. Leadership, performance, structure, and corporate strategy are all crucial to any organizational transformation, so their familiarity with cultural changes will help them comprehend the relevance of the proposed changes. Changing technology, mounting competitor concerns, and the company’s diminishing financial performance are all driving the need for change at Apple Incorporated. The change will help the business remain competitive and achieve good operational performance.


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