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Career Research Project

Physical Therapist Assistants


The healthcare system demands individuals to assist with the inspection of minor issues among patients due to the busy schedules of healthcare workers and the high population of patients. With the instructions of a physical therapist, physical therapist assistants offer services associated with physical rehabilitation. Physical therapy comprises the investigation of patients and prescribing their strategy of attention. Including bodily maneuvering of patients’ bodies for massages and stretches, the job aims at relieving body reparations resulting from sicknesses and wounds. The PTAs may also instruct various exercises while monitoring the patients’ activities. The assistants may also employ different equipment and instruments for therapy ( 2021). This paper gives fine details of the responsibilities, qualifications, and issues facing Physical Therapist Assistants.


About the Career

The physical therapist assistant career focuses on taking care of the physical wellbeing of patients by stating specific activities to help patients recover from injuries and the effects of diseases. I chose this career based on the desire to make patients get back to their normal healthy state. The maximum function of the human body provides fulfillment to everyone and gives patients peace. This career protects patients from loss of mobility. Besides, the career provides a better work-life balance by reducing stress and improving flexibility ( 2020). The possession of the current skills that contribute to the career’s success motivates my passion. Having active listening skills for proper communication, explaining the importance of different practices to patients, and educating the caregivers about different activities for the patient promote patient recovery. However, effort needs to help in developing assertiveness and time-keeping skills. A typical day involves long hours of standing and moving about with the patients and instructors. Massages and lift activities symbolize a perfect day. Possessing a positive attitude and a willingness to train people with discomfort in an interactive manner makes the day pleasant.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Statistics (2021), the median pay for Physical Therapist Assistants for 2020 shows $49,970 per year, while the future possibilities indicate a 32% job opportunities increase (23,800 openings). The present opportunities continue to rise due to the increasing number of older adults vulnerable to injuries and accidents.

Means of getting there

Accreditation by the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education proves the candidate’s ability to perform the responsibilities of a physical therapist assistant (Alamo 2021). Accreditation requires a minimum of C or higher. The program may demand that the student conduct several travels for study. Graduation happens after passing the state-given national exam for a certificate of an associate’s degree. Therefore, the plan focuses on setting a schedule to train and brush the skills after that. The program requires about two years (five semesters) to achieve an associate’s degree ( 2021). However, the plan for a part-time approach may take longer. The program requires a particular approximation of money. The factors that determine the choice of a good program include cost and economic aid and the demographic site of the institution concerning home ( 2021). The finances shall come from work and loans to facilitate the fees allocated.

Significance to the future

The program proves helpful in personal needs, communal needs, and professional aspirations. Having skills in the field implies better health due to frequent exercise and routines. On the other hand, the friends and relatives around professionals with physical therapy skills benefit by association. Alternatively, the desire to help patients recover mobility ability and heal from diseases gives professional fulfillment. These benefits could also translate to financial freedom due to the benefits of service provision.

The personality characteristics required include communication, active listening, empathy, and time management. My personality aligns with these qualities due to my desire to make life better for others to attain self-fulfillment. I could like the least is the long hours on my feet serving my clients for an entire day. However, about my career, I visualize myself as a manager of an institution that takes care of the physical wellbeing of physically challenged citizens.

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