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BP’s 2022 Sustainability Report Analysis


BP’s 2022 Sustainability Report, titled Reimagining Energy for Individuals the, Planet, highlights the organization’s dedication to sustainability, its method, its desires, and its development as a net zero enterprise using 2050 (Buallay, 2022). The document discusses the organization’s overall performance concerning its desires to reach internet zero, protect people and the earth, and take a more holistic technique to sustainability. The paper’s first section presents a top-level view of BP’s undertaking, that is, to reconsider energy in a useful way to each human and the environment. It highlights the organization’s goal of being an integrated strength company that integrates commercial possibilities in the energy transition with its environmental objectives. This goal is emphasized during the report. The framework supplied inside the examination serves as the basis for the sustainable method that the agency will implement.

The organization’s method to achieve sustainability is centred on doing the proper thing with recognition of protection issues, emissions of greenhouse gases, human rights, biodiversity, and other social and environmental factors. BP’s lengthy-time period intention is to instil a way of life of sustainability across the enterprise by integrating sustainability into its decision-making techniques, governance, systems, and strategies (Darnall et al., 2022). BP acknowledges the significance of collaborating with stakeholders, gaining perception from continuing interactions, and actively participating in stakeholder engagement, which will accomplish their sustainability dreams. Their purpose is to become an integrated strength firm capable of supplying power security and affordability whilst rushing the energy transition. This is the emphasis of their method. The paper additionally discusses the difficulties that BP encountered due to many global occurrences, including the COVID-19 epidemic, geopolitical tensions, and herbal calamities. BP highlights its commitment to safety and the orderly and balanced transition to a destiny with decreased carbon emissions despite the obstacles they face.

In addition, they look at locations emphasizing BP’s way of placing protection first, which is contemplated by using their Safety Leadership Principles and objectives to acquire a state of affairs without any incidents or injuries. They observe that their objective of achieving zero internet emissions is steady with the objectives of the Paris Agreement and explicitly increasing self-assurance of their capacity to gain it. The corporation’s code of conduct, protection lifestyle, and disclosure requirements all show the organization’s dedication to being as open as viable. The report covers the organization’s 5 desires to reap net zero, including tasks to reduce methane emissions and invest in the power transition (Mirzayev, 2022). These goals include the employer’s operations, production, and income, in addition to the organization’s overall dreams. The 2022 Sustainability Report posted by BP presents an all-encompassing method for achieving sustainability, supported by wonderful desires and objectives. While underlining their willpower for safety, openness, and stakeholder involvement, the organization recognizes the difficulties and complexity of the energy transition. On the alternative hand, the record might want greater statistics. This is more specific, and results may be measured if you want to evaluate their sustainability initiatives’ impact in the real world.


BP’s 2022 Sustainability Report, titled reimagining power for Humans and our planet, offers vital insights into the firm’s dedication to sustainability and its strategy, dreams, and progress towards being a net 0 organization through 2050. In this part of the discussion, we can behaviour an in-depth evaluation of the file’s satisfaction, concentrating on the report’s blessings, negative aspects, and ability growth areas.


  1. Clear Purpose and Strategy: The report starts evolving by sincerely stating BP’s motive of reimagining energy for human beings and the planet, which serves as a guiding framework for her sustainability tasks (Wu et al., 2022). The organization’s strategy to become an included power organization is well-defined, emphasizing its dedication to electricity protection, affordability, and a fast but orderly power transition.
  2. Focus on Safety: BP’s emphasis on protection at some point in the report is commendable. The agency’s dedication to attaining zero accidents and injuries, the side of its efforts to simplify and strengthen its Operational Management System (OMS) for safety, demonstrates its determination to make sure the well-being of its body of workers and communities.
  • Comprehensive Net Zero Aims: BP’s five objectives to achieve internet zero are well-based and distinctive factors in their operations, manufacturing, income, methane reduction, and investments in the power transition. This complete method shows a dedication to addressing emissions throughout their fee chain.
  1. Alignment with Paris Agreement: The report highlights BP’s perception that their internet zero ambition aligns with the dreams of the Paris Agreement. By operating to construct and participate in internet 0 price chains, the agency targets to contribute to global efforts to fight weather alternates.
  2. Stakeholder Engagement: BP’s acknowledgement of the significance of stakeholder engagement demonstrates a willingness to collaborate with numerous corporations to obtain sustainability goals. The ongoing engagement with stakeholders ensures transparency and accountability in their moves.


  1. Lack of Specific Metrics: While the file outlines BP’s sustainability framework and aims, it needs particular and quantifiable metrics to progress closer to its dreams. Including clear goals and key performance indicators (KPIs) might enhance the credibility of their sustainability commitments (Mirzayev, 2022).
  2. Limited Data Disclosure: The file contains constrained data on their sustainability overall performance in the previous yr. BP must divulge distinctive facts on power intake, emissions discounts, and other sustainability metrics to evaluate its efforts comprehensively.
  • Limited Transparency on Stakeholder Engagement: While BP recognizes the importance of stakeholder engagement, the report no longer provides exact information on how this engagement has prompted their selection-making or how stakeholder remarks have been included in their techniques (Buallay, 2022).
  1. Insufficient Information on Social Impact: While the record highlights efforts associated with safety, human rights, and worker incentives, it needs to include distinct facts on the social impact of BP’s operations inside the communities wherein they function. Including facts on community development initiatives and social duty programs would upload depth to the report.

Areas for Improvement

  1. Measurable Targets and Timeframes: To enhance the report’s quality, BP should set specific, measurable, and time-bound targets for their sustainability aims. Clear milestones will help stakeholders assess the company’s progress and hold them accountable for their commitments.
  2. Expanded Emission Reduction Initiatives: While BP outlines its net zero aims, more emphasis on concrete plans to reduce emissions across their entire value chain would be beneficial (Darnall et al., 2022). Detailed strategies for decarbonizing their operations, improving energy efficiency, and investing in renewable energy should be included.
  • Enhanced Data Transparency: BP should provide more comprehensive data on their environmental and social performance, including emission reduction progress, renewable energy capacity, and community engagement efforts. Transparent data disclosure will enable stakeholders to make informed decisions about the company’s sustainability practices.
  1. Impact on Biodiversity and Ecosystems: The report briefly mentions biodiversity as one of the social and environmental factors they consider in their sustainability approach. However, the report needs more specific information on BP’s efforts to protect and promote biodiversity and ecosystems, especially in regions where they operate.

BP’s 2022 Sustainability Report gives a stable basis for its sustainability initiatives, virtually outlining its reason, strategy, and net zero targets. The document’s consciousness of safety, stakeholder engagement, and alignment with the Paris Agreement’s dreams is commendable (Wu et al., 2022). However, to similarly decorate the first-rate file, BP needs to strengthen its facts transparency, set particular and measurable targets, and provide more certain information on their environmental and social impacts. By addressing those regions for improvement, BP can display its dedication to sustainability and responsibility in its journey toward reimagining strength for humans and the planet.


In conclusion, BP’s 2022 Sustainability Report, titled Reimagining Energy for People and our planet, provides a detailed, precise of the organization’s sustainability programs in addition to its development towards being a net zero organization with the aid of the year 2050. The report famous several strengths, including a clean reason and method, a focus on protection, and complete net zero ambitions. BP’s determination to stakeholder engagement and alignment with the Paris Agreement’s goals are also commendable factors of the record. The file’s emphasis on protection highlights BP’s dedication to properly being its team of workers and communities; at the same time, its Internet Zero objectives exhibit a comprehensive technique for addressing emissions throughout the fee chain. BP’s alignment with the Paris Agreement underscores the enterprise’s popularity of the urgent need to fight climate alternates and contribute to a sustainable destiny.

However, the record is also well-known and shows a few weaknesses that want development. The loss of specific metrics to degree progress toward sustainability goals and constrained statistics disclosure decreases the report’s credibility and transparency (Darnall et al., 2022). Additionally, extra information on stakeholder engagement and the social effect of BP’s operations is important to evaluate the enterprise’s sustainability efforts comprehensively. To enhance the satisfaction of the file, BP needs to be conscious of placing measurable goals and timeframes, imparting greater comprehensive records on their environmental and social overall performance, and enhancing stakeholder engagement transparency. Furthermore, the record must address the effect of BP’s operations on biodiversity and ecosystems, demonstrating a holistic approach to sustainability. By addressing those weaknesses and building upon their strengths, BP can, in addition, solidify its commitment to sustainability and align its efforts with global goals to address the pressing demanding situations of weather trade. As the arena moves closer to a more sustainable electricity destiny, BP’s willpower to reimagine strength for people and the planet can pave the way for significant trade within the industry and contribute to a greener and extra sustainable world for generations to return.


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