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Bellevue Hospital Market Strategic Plan


The Bellevue Hospital began as a six-bed infirmary located in the Almshouse in New York, United States of America. The Hospital has tremendously grown, becoming the core academic institution internationally with a renowned reputation. Bellevue’s mission aims to deliver and provide the best quality of care to the New York people, offering patient care with dignity, sensitivity to cultural patterns, and compassion regardless of the ability to pay. Bellevue Hospital’s vision is to emerge as the best and safest Hospital in the nation. The Bellevue hospital comprises a patient-centered model to help patients live the healthiest lives, built with a healthy neighborhood. The current condition of the services by Bellevue hospital is to offer the most trained professionals in the field of medicine with innovative schedules and advanced health care services for their children, adolescents, adults, and senior people. Above the provision of the best level one trauma center, the medical center provides multiple features with comprehensive inpatient and outpatient medical and surgical services for the adults, behavioral health for the kids, labor, delivery, neurology, rehabilitation medicine, and offering of women’s health services. The institution serves several many patients. Bellevue provides multiple services of ancillary combined with interpreting services, offering discounts to their offers that may not get covered by other insurance companies or to patients who do not afford insurance coverage.

Marketing Initiatives

The department of marketing plans is responsible for developing and implementing various hospital marketing and public relations schedules to help create positive awareness regarding the Hospital, the staff members, and the primary services within the Hospital. The department of marketing within the institution is usually open from eight in the morning to four past mid-day weekly; however, the Hospital is flexible depending on the working hours based on special events and hospital activities (Lara,2016). All the members of Bellevue hospital have the responsibility of listening and understanding the needs of the people to help improve the standard of the Hospital through offering the best care as the patients deserve.

Customer Needs

Knowing and understanding customers’ needs is critical for any business organization to succeed. The art to comprehend customer needs can help create an influential factor to potential and existing customers with the desire and preference to purchase the needs(Bruck et al. 2019). Bellevue hospital should structure a more complex system to understand customers’ needs and have a structured foundation for offering and listening.

Four and Five P’s

The five P’s of healthcare marketing as; patients, physicians, the public, and the presence of politics. The four P’s include; place, promotion, product, and price (Rice,2018). The consideration of the efforts in the marketing for managing weight or obesity is the most imperative to get considered as the most influential in marketing. Developing an effective marketing technique should involve the 4 Ps as the most valuable. The provision of healthcare in the United States of America is the most expensive; this makes it the most significant concern hitting the healthcare sector. There is a need for healthcare providers to develop measures to reduce their prices. The placing of services offers an equal relevance because most patients rely on the services within their locations at every need. Bellevue should offer the best quality as one of the best techniques in the mix of marketing. Every organization should create an incredible plan that patients afford to pay at an affordable fee. Payers such as insurance companies ought to play a crucial role in the affordability rate of healthcare services (Langford et al., 2020). Bellevue should work with insurance companies on a beneficiary program at times of need. At times, patients find more work or the hospital staff because of getting involved in more paperwork to get patients’ authorization. At times, most insurance companies fail to incur the costs of services getting payers and other companies at the mix of politics (Shorba,2018). The marketing techniques need to comply with the government’s policies to receive payment from the insurance firms and the government because Bellevue Hospital is a public hospital.

Demands Drives

Human beings who are healthy ought to cater to a sustainable development program, thus helping to have a long-form of maintaining and improving their health reserves. The application of services in high demand for the medicals plays a crucial role in enhancing healthcare (Taylor,2019). The desire by most people to seek medical services within their affordability and willingness to pay is the essential thing that can help people afford the expense of staying healthy. Patients sometimes believe they cannot benefit from such services, but they are crucial to their general well-being. Bellevue is the most desired Hospital because of its affordability and the services it provides to the patients with high quality; however, it should work on incorporating with the insurance companies to cater for those who may fail to afford the medical rates that are usually of need.

Marketing Goals

The essential form of developing advertising target for obesity or managing weight is by the application of SMART target system created by Bellevue. Smart, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound play a crucial role in identifying the best form of enrolling every patient who tries to inquire about bariatric surgery at Bellevue hospital (Guestello et al., 2019). The core target is to have a measurable and achievable system within the Hospital with an outline of patients willing to inquire about a consultation. The most natural form of that Bellevue cannot make it unaffordable to the patients. The existence of a MITI technology structured to deliver prompts each day at the beginning of the schedule to help reevaluate creating essential changes and evaluating the financial circumstances.

Alignment of the Marketing Goals to the Mission, Vision, and Strategic Goals

The mission of Bellevue is based on the provision of healthcare that is of high quality, helping patients live the healthiest life in their lives, and building the health of every neighborhood. The goals of marketing should align with the goals of Bellevue hospital because of how the obesity program helps promote healthy living and improve patient health with the ultimate overall quality of life.

Ethical Technique

The Internet hashtag for Bellevue Hospital help promote and educate society as one of the marketing techniques through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Online platforms are the essential form of marketing that can help reach the community in a tremendous condition (Bruck et al., 2019). The information from social media spread that fast through the art of sharing, liking, and the number of visited pages. Social media has no intention of giving any form of medical advice but can be helpful in advertising programs, services, news, and press releases.

Market Segment

Just because Bellevue hospital is among the most competent Hospitals and remarkable, it does not need to explore more market segmentation (Langford et al. 2020). The population of patients who get targeted rises with time, resulting in the establishment of multiple segments within New York and across the globe. Bellevue should remain determined to offer the best and essential services to the people without considering class, race, or origin.

Target Market

The target for every business entity within the market is always based on the type of services offered. The target market for Bellevue hospital is for all the patients who seek the benefits from the Hospital and seek on getting yeh correct information regarding their surgery program bariatric (Shorba,2018). According to the Bellevue Community Health Needs Assessment report, obesity is among the thirteen societal needs of health that Bellevue serves as a diverse patient population across New York. The target population for the program is usually throughout the metro area of New York, involving both men and women aged between nineteen to fifty-five years who are the majority population with 52%. The program’s success depends on the imperative to the market and the right people. Most of the program’s psychographics involves eating healthily and daily exercises.

SWOT Analysis


Bellevue’s historical foundation within the community is one of the core strengths; it helps the Hospital have the ability to manage and build its good reputation within the local set-up and internationally. The existence of multiple departments with accredited professional bodies allows it to offer the most quality services through its equipped modern machines (Rice,2018). The Hospital comprises quality trained staff with innovative medical centers and advanced health services to everyone.


Bellevue hospital offers care to the most disadvantaged, exhibiting the art of humanity. However, even if it provides such to every individual seeking services from the Hospital, it exposes it to the art of bankruptcy. Such a society offers to make it hard for the Hospital to acquire enough resources to support its daily operations (Langford et al. 2020). The Hospital can get forced to overcharge because of offering free care to disadvantaged people.


Bellevue Hospital can utilize modern technology existing in its operations to raise communication standards within the facility. Bellevue can grasp the opportunity of establishing its reputation through the building of new departments and offering unavailable services within the organization (Taylor,2019). The use of philanthropic services in seeking funds from other sources that are external can help it support its expansion actions. The opportunity to assimilate the best form of health care among professionals is the best in offering quality healthcare.


Bellevue hospital is on the verge of losing its customers because of psychiatrists’ suffering. The psychiatrist’s patients create havoc within the hospital serenity, making it unbearable to other patients (Langford et al.,2020). If the Hospital keeps treating the patients, it may get bankrupt, thus hard to fund its needs. The Hospital also has high rates that are a form of overcharging the patients; this can make them opt-in to find better choices.


Competition with other firms in the market is the most health factor. There is always competition implementing every new program or service(Lara,2016). Bellevue Hospital experiences competition from the local fitness centers, which offer weight programs and other group classes. However, the Bellevue hospital is advantaged because of its local fitness centers, which help manage and oversee physicians.

Metrics of Evaluating the Proposal

The best form of evaluating and determining the proposal’s worth is by identifying the data used and how accurate the information relates to the fact from Bellevue hospital’s website (Guastello et al.,2019). At times online sources may mislead one, resulting in data that is not worthy and essential in the proposal.

Marketing Strategies

The current state of Bellevue hospital in offering services is based on highly trained professionals with innovative care programs to offer advanced care services to the patients. The Bellevue hospital comprises a comprehensive inpatient and outpatient medical center to help serve the patients. The achievement of the marketing goals should be based on marketing promotions and initiatives through the SMART goal model as explained above to help manage obesity. The art of introducing market segmentation involves the process of grouping into clusters of consumers with wants that are the same and desires through which the organization ought to respond by tailoring more than one element within the marketing mix (Taylor,2019). The Hospital should advertise every product or service through marketing on media such as television commercials. Bellevue hospital’s existing social media platforms will act as tailoring forms for mailed postcards, flyers, or marketing flyers founded on primary care physicians. The involvement of marketing customers with the desire to improve their lifestyle through the participation in the management of obesity of weight management can help have the right mindset and attitude.


Marketing planning is the most critical factor for the success of every organization which has the desire to venture into business and achieve the right objectives within the stipulated time. Bellevue Hospital should offer patients the best services and products at an affordable rate. Most firms fail because they do not strategize on the best forms for success. Considering the patient care needs is the virtue element that can help the hospital flourish.


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