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Analysis of E-Marketing Strategies

Executive Summary

This study thoroughly dissects the More established Big Brother in Glasgow to understand the Hotel better. The Big Brother Hotel, situated in the core of Glasgow, is a delightful 4-star inn offering 38 guest rooms, a restaurant, and a bar. The conference room can accommodate up to 50 people. Situated at the heart of Glasgow, it is near famous attractions like the Kelvin Woodland Art Gallery and Exhibition and the Glasgow Science Center; travellers can appreciate this magnificent spot. This Hotel has an incredible history that makes it extraordinary among other Hotels. Going through an exhaustive examination will help us better comprehend this exciting foundation. Regarding giving noteworthy monetary incentives and improving client encounters, we should consider its social media status. The focal point of the Big Brother Hotel, the mindful staff, and the heavenly standing are just a few of the resources uncovered by the investigation. The report includes a couple of locales where the housing could improve, including giving clients rewards and offers and supporting its web profile. Similarly, the evaluation and differentiation of the company’s rivals are also addressed. The Big Brother Hotel in Glasgow mentioned in this report is a hypothetical hotel used for this study.

Background of Big Brother Hotel

Big Brother Hotel is a family-owned, mid-sized boutique hotel in the city centre of Glasgow. It offers luxurious and stylish accommodations in the bustling urban hub’s vibrant, fast-growing neighbourhood. The primary consumers targeted are affluent travellers, including business travellers, couples, and families seeking a luxurious and personalized hotel experience in the heart of Glasgow, looking for an exquisite experience in a lively urban area. The Big Brother hotel provides hundred and fifty guestrooms with unique decor that exudes luxury and charm, boosting lovely private rooms that are clean and eclectically styled. Guests can enjoy amenities like concierge services, customized room options, and access to exceptional facilities like a rooftop bar and lounge, a fitness centre, and a business centre with a high-speed internet facility. Room rates start from two hundred dollars per night for standard rooms while extending up to eight hundred dollars per night for deluxe suites, including private balconies. On top of that, the Hotel offers packages and promotions such as discounted rates on extended stays, helping increase the occupancy rate by eighty per cent. Generating estimated revenue worth eight hundred thousand dollars every month, Big Brother promises its customers unmatched quality service and modern sophistication when staying in a metropolitan city.

Big Brother Hotel strives to provide the best experience possible for its guests. The Hotel is dedicated to ensuring that all safety and comfort standards are met with the utmost attention. Moreover, the Rigorous rules and regulations guarantee the visitors’ security, contentment, and peace of mind while they stay with us. The Hotel provides a comprehensive health and safety program to ensure the highest quality standards for its guests. Regular cleaning and disinfecting of all guest rooms, common areas, and hand sanitizing stations throughout the venue are in place, and social distancing guidelines are strictly enforced. Alongside this, high-efficiency air filtration systems have been installed to guarantee a healthy atmosphere for everyone on the premises. The Big Brother Hotel takes compliance with all local, state, and federal laws and regulations seriously. The Hotel has stringent standards of conduct for staff and guests that are strictly enforced, and any breach is immediately addressed. The Hotel’s policies also ensure fairness in the workplace, protecting against discrimination or harassment.

At this Hotel, guests can anticipate the highest level of service and attention. The staff is carefully selected and trained to guarantee a unique experience tailored to each individual. Every employee has completed background checks and received comprehensive instruction to uphold the property’s superior standards. Additionally, Big Brother Hotel focuses on providing its guests with a memorable experience while prioritizing the environment. From energy-efficient lighting and appliances to low-flow water fixtures and recycling programs, they have committed themselves to reduce their carbon footprint. Moreover, guest feedback is regularly collected for evaluation to ensure that expectations are being met or exceeded by the Hotel’s services. As such, Big Brother Hotel is dedicated not only to creating loyal customers but also to promoting sustainability initiatives for the long-term success of both its resources as well as our planet.

Situation Analysis that Identifies the Marketspace and Main Competitors

A situation analysis must be conducted to understand best the market space and competitive environment in which Big Brother Hotel operates. According to Cavusgil and Zou (1 to 21, 1994), the Glasgow-based family-owned mid-sized Hotel needs to assess internal and external factors impacting its ability to achieve its marketing objectives. Through this evaluation, insights can be gathered on how the business stands against other hotels in their area and areas for improvement that will help them reach their goals more effectively. The internal analysis involves assessing the strengths and weaknesses of the Hotel. The inner muscles of the Hotel are its strategic location, quality accommodation, and exceptional customer service. Situated in the heart of Glasgow, Big Brother provides guests with a convenient location close to some of the city’s well-known spots. Liu and Lin ( 363 to 373, 2011) opine that tourists are drawn by attractions such as the Glasgow Science Centre, Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, and Riverside Museum, all nearby for visitors staying at this Hotel. This strategic positioning gives those who remain here an advantage over other hotel options farther away from these popular sites. Furthermore, the Hotel is ideally close to diverse eateries and shopping options, allowing visitors to sample the local culinary scene and indulge in retail therapy. Additionally, a range of Scottish cuisine and international dishes can be found nearby, while lively nightlife adds an extra sparkle to any evening out. Big Brother also has the advantage of public transportation. The hotel location is centrally placed; hence it links many stores around conveniently located, so no matter what guests are looking for during their visit, they will only have a little to go; thus, many people prefer the Hotel over the other hotels around. Each room has modern amenities, followed by perfected art from the room’s designs. The amenities include air conditioning, flat-screen TVs, and fast internet access, guaranteeing each guest’s convenience and ease of use. If guests are hungry during their stay at the Hotel, there are plenty of options – like savouring excellent cuisine at the onsite restaurant or opting for in-room dining services. The staff takes pride in ensuring that every detail about guests’ stay is taken care of so that they have a memorable time throughout their duration here with the Hotel. All these together ensure that top-quality service delivery is consistent when choosing Big Brother Hotel for accommodation requirements.

Glasgow has been witnessing continuous growth in its tourism industry, with more travellers flocking to the city each year. According to Hooper, and Lennon (2016), Tourists are drawn to Glasgow’s rich history, colourful culture, and beautiful architecture. Taking advantage of this trend, Big Brother Hotel, located in central Glasgow, boasts exceptional customer service and quality accommodation, making it an ideal option for tourists looking to enjoy their stay while visiting the city. Furthermore, leveraging online travel-booking platforms is another excellent way Big Brother Hotel can increase its visibility and widen its reach among global visitors seeking comfortable lodging options in Glasgow (Gupta, 2019, pp 411 to 419). By capitalizing on the booming tourist market here, hotels like Big Brother have a unique opportunity to establish themselves as leading destinations for guests wanting nothing less than a superb customer experience during their stay. With innovative marketing strategies, such Hotel stands ready to benefit immensely from increased revenue generated by the number of visitors coming into town daily.

Moreover, Big Brother understands the value of leveraging digital marketing channels to reach a broader audience. To do so, they have invested in various technological tools and platforms to maximize their visibility. These include an optimized mobile website, social media accounts, email campaigns, and online booking portals. Through these channelsBig Brother, hotels can promote their services and offers, leading to more reservations from potential guests, resulting in increased revenue for the Hotel. Additionally, the organization regularly invests in emerging technologies that offer further advantages over competitors while providing better experiences for customers staying at their property.

As the global population becomes more aware of its environmental impact, the hospitality industry has adjusted to meet the demand for sustainable tourism. Big Brother Hotel is jumping on this trend by proactively reducing its carbon footprint with renewable energy sources and minimizing waste through recycling. The Hotel can also partner with local vendors to source eco-friendly products and use green cleaning agents. Sustainable practices allow Big Brother Hotel to appeal to environmentally conscious customers looking for an alternative accommodation option and contribute positively to its local surroundings.


The Hotel’s main competitors are other mid-sized and large hotels in Glasgow, which include Radisson Blu Hotel, Jury’s Inn, Grand Central Hotel, and Citizen M Glasgow. Radisson Blu is a luxury lodging located in Glasgow, Scotland. Its advantageous location, roomy accommodation, and remarkable amenities stand out. Radisson Blu rivals Big Brother Hotel because they are both in the same industry and provide similar services. Nonetheless, Radisson has some advantages over Big Brother Hotel; it being part of an extensive hotel chain with locations all around the world gives it a more comprehensive customer base compared to rival hotels as well as allows them to charge higher prices due to its luxurious reputation (Madar, 2017,pp141 to 146). Furthermore, since Radisson is more established than Big Brother Hotel, they can devote more significant resources to their business, such as advanced technology and advanced facilities, which gives them another edge against their competition. On the other hand, Big Brother Hotel has certain advantages over Radisson Hotel since it is an excellent choice for those looking to enjoy the best of Glasgow. It is also Strategically located in the heart of the city, has easy access to major points of attraction, and has some fantastic amenities that make it worth considering. The family-owned business ensures that every visitor gets customized attention and care, ensuring their stay is memorable. With different types of rooms – like family rooms or suites -Big Brother Hotel has something for everyone’s requirements. Moreover, dedicated customer service is another plus point that adds value to this place, as visitors are always welcomed with a warm smile. Despite being in the same hospitality sector, Radisson Blu Hotel and Big Brother Hotel offer different benefits. The former has an esteemed reputation as a luxury brand that stretches beyond Glasgow’s borders. On the other hand, Big Brother is family-owned and managed with excellent customer service right at its heart: convenient to access due to its central location in one of Scotland’s most vibrant cities. Both are excellent choices depending on individual needs or preferences. Another hotel is the Grand Central Hotel, a renowned landmark in Glasgow’s city centre. It offers luxurious accommodation with 230 sophisticated rooms and suites, each with all the necessary amenities for an unforgettable stay. This Hotel competes with Big Brother’s mid-sized establishments as they both strive to offer visitors top-notch boutique experiences when visiting this incredible city, according to Patel (2018 121 to 126). The Grand Central Hotel has long been a luxurious destination for those seeking the finer things in life. Positioned close to Glasgow Central Station, travellers can easily reach the Hotel from wherever they may come. On top of that, this grand establishment boasts an array of high-end restaurants and bars, along with several attractive meeting spaces suitable for any occasion. On the other hand, Big Brother offers guests more flexibility and affordability than its posh counterpart as it provides a range of room types, such as economy or family rooms, allowing them to choose according to their budget constraints. Besides that, staying at Big Brother also comes with additional benefits like personalized attention due to its smaller size plus sustainable practices, which have earned this family-run business enormous respect from eco-conscious individuals.

Marketing Goals And Budget

In the modern world, having an online presence is essential for businesses in the hospitality industry, including Big Brother. The Hotel must thus take the initiative and create strong digital visibility through diverse digital marketing channels like social media outlets, search engine optimization, and email campaigns to reach more customers while improving its brand recognition and awareness. For this goal, Big Brother may consider using popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Tik Tok or Instagram to engage with audiences while advertising services through these platforms. Additionally, investing in Search Engine Optimization can benefit their website’s rankings on search results, making it easier for customers to locate the Hotel online quickly (Lemos and Joshi, 2017, pp 398 to 492). Big Brother Hotel can also utilize email marketing to inform guests of the latest offers, promos, and events. Email addresses can be collected from website visitors or offered incentives during check-in. Personalized messages, discounts, and limited-time specials may be sent through these campaigns to entice customers into reserving their stay at the Hotel. Additionally, Pay Per Click (PPC) ads could be employed to increase brand presence online via search engines and social media outlets. This type of advertisement permits Big Brother Hotel to target potential buyers while tracking related performance metrics precisely.

To increase direct bookings through their website, Big Brother Hotel has implemented a variety of strategies. These include offering exclusive perks and discounts for those who book directly on their site, displaying guest reviews and ratings prominently on the Hotel’s web pages, providing comprehensive information about room types and amenities, and simplifying the booking process to ensure a seamless user experience. By utilizing these methods, Big Brother Hotel can avoid steep third-party fees while maintaining greater control over its online reservations system. Big Brother Hotel strives to meet the needs of different segments of travellers to maximize occupancy rates, and revenue is one of the main aims. For families, offering accommodations such as family rooms and suites alongside activities for children and babysitting services while emphasizing our proximity to attractions particularly suited for families in Glasgow would be a great move. Business travellers can take advantage of meeting rooms, business centres, and high-speed internet access, making their stay more comfortable. At the same time, they conduct their work in the city centre near major commercial areas and transportation hubs. Big Brother Hotel will employ various digital marketing strategies to target the different types of travellers they serve. The Hotel can reach potential guests in each segment through social media, email campaigns, and online ads. Big Brother Hotel may also create special promotions or packages catering to families during school holidays or business travellers at conferences to draw in these customers. This way, they can attract their desired groups while providing great value for money.

Big Brother Hotel aims to strengthen its online presence and reach a larger audience by increasing social media engagement. To do this, the Hotel will create high-quality content that resonates with its target market (Mahony et al., 2017, pp 283 to 303). These include eye-catching images and videos showing off their exceptional amenities, services, and activities for customers to enjoy. They are also looking into utilizing social media ads to expand visibility on various platforms and target specific demographics more effectively. By having an effective strategy in place, big Brother Hotel can build a loyal following while boosting bookings, ultimately leading them toward achieving success with their brand awareness goals.

To reach the set objectives, the Hotel will allocate a marketing budget that includes digital services. The amount of money earmarked for this purpose will vary depending on the size of the Hotel, the level of competition in the market it is operating within, and its target customers. Most of the budget allocated to marketing will be used on electronic channels. These involve optimizing search engine results, implementing pay-per-click campaigns, and utilizing social media platforms for advertising. Big Brother Hotel has earmarked a budget of $100,000 for the year, emphasizing digital, social media, and printed marketing. Of this total sum, $40K will be used to execute online strategies such as search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click advertisements; $30K will fund content sharing over popular networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram; while the final remaining balance of $20K shall go towards creating leaflets and pamphlets in local publications. The additional $10K is earmarked for promotional activities, including events that can help amplify visibility. To gauge success metrics accurately, key performance indicators (KPIs) such as website traffic analysis, click-through rates (CTR), and conversion rate optimization are closely monitored to make adjustments whenever needed without compromising results.

Digital Advertising Strategies

A digital marketing plan is essential for Big Brother Hotel to reach its desired audience successfully. To do this, they must use multi-channel methods such as SEO, social media promotion, and display ads. These will guarantee that the Hotel’s message reaches potential customers in places where they spend most of their time browsing online. Glasgow’s Hotel is adopting a multi-faceted marketing approach to get potential guests. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) will be used, including targeted keywords and ad copy tailored to the user’s search query, aiming to increase visibility for those searching for accommodation in Glasgow. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising will also be involved, where fees are charged per click on an ad.

Search engine marketing, or SEM, is one of the best strategies for expanding your company in a highly competitive sector. Advertising online has never been more crucial because millions of businesses compete for the same consumers’ attention. Search engine marketing is the most efficient way to market your items and expand your company. Among the benefits of SEM are: Enhanced visibility: SEM can help a website rank higher in search engine results pages, boosting the website’s visibility. SEM enables tailored advertising by utilizing demographics and keywords to target particular populations. SEM campaigns can be easily monitored and evaluated, allowing for campaign optimization and modification to enhance performance. SEM saves money since it enables targeted advertising, which lowers the price of ineffective marketing initiatives.

SEM’s drawbacks include the following: Due to its popularity; it can be challenging to reach the top ranks because of the tremendous rivalry for the top slots on search engine results pages. SEM can be pricey, particularly for keywords and niches with fierce competition. Lastly, SEM relies heavily on search engines, which can change their algorithms at any time, potentially affecting the effectiveness of SEM campaigns.

Moreover, PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising offers many advantages to businesses of all sizes. It allows for targeted campaigns that can be tailored to a specific demographic, interests, and geographic location; plus, it provides real-time tracking and measuring of results. Additionally, PPC is cost-effective; budget-conscious advertisers can set limits on their spending while achieving desired outcomes quickly – often resulting in increased website traffic and sales. On the other hand, some potential drawbacks are associated with using this type of marketing. For example, competition can be fierce, which drives up costs, mainly when dealing with popular keywords or placements; active monitoring is necessary so as not to miss opportunities, but also so campaigns don’t overspend or become ineffective due to click fraud where bots or malicious users click ads without any intent behind them. Moreover, PPC may only sometimes yield the best results for specific industries, making alternative digital marketing strategies essential to capitalize on their full potential.

Social media campaigns through Facebook and Instagram will help raise brand awareness among families and business travellers. According to Tran Thi My (2021), These channels can showcase this Hotel’s amenities, locations, and special offers. Furthermore, display ads across various platforms offering relevant content related to Glasgow or travel may be utilized by retargeting tactics, aiming at users who have visited the Hotel’s website but have yet to book. According to Mohapatra and Mohapatra (2013 pp.155-171), Offering exclusive discounts and encouraging them to make reservations directly from their site will also help. The Hotel will regularly monitor and adjust the campaigns based on the results to ensure an effective digital advertising strategy. Key performance indicators such as click-through rates, conversion rates, and return on investment will be tracked and analyzed to optimize the campaigns.

Justification of Social Media Digital Marketing Strategy

The Big Brother Hotel finally settled on using social media as its marketing strategy. Social media digital marketing is a powerful and cost-effective tool for reaching large target audiences. Its precise targeting capabilities ensure that the right people are exposed to the Hotel brand, while interactive content such as videos, graphics, and quizzes capture users’ attention. Moreover, comprehensive analytics provide real-time insights into campaign performance so it can be adapted accordingly. With these advantages combined, social media offers a highly efficient way of engaging with potential customers and building awareness about the Hotel. Almost everyone uses social media for entertainment and even learning purposes. An average person will use at least three hours of social media daily. If the Hotel can reach and convince that person of the Hotels ambience and serenity, there is a high chance that the person will book with the Hotel. Big Brother Hotel can use social media as an effective digital marketing strategy to reach potential customers. They can target ads to those likely interested in the Hotel’s services, leading to greater conversions and ROI. Moreover, these platforms provide many ad formats, such as videos, carousels, or sponsored posts, which may be adapted for campaigns like raising website traffic levels, improving awareness about the brand, or direct bookings (Martínez-López, and Young, 2022, pp 97 to 144). The ability for customization and real-time optimized strategies further increases its efficiency when used as part of a digital marketing campaign.


To attract guests, the Hotel must optimize its website for search engines, utilize paid search and display ads, and utilize social media and content marketing. In addition, the Hotel must make a premium on customer service by promptly responding to online questions and comments. Lastly, the Hotel needs to monitor and analyze its digital marketing results regularly to identify problem areas and make adjustments that will have the most significant impact.


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