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Airbnb: Going for Gold – Tokyo 2020


Airbnb is a fantastic company that aims to provide tourists with a more personal experience of the places they visit. Rather than staying in pricey hotels, these travelers may stay in flats and homes owned by individuals who wish to share their space. It allows these people who share their houses to have a more personal economy and links strangers worldwide. Since its inception in 2008, Airbnb has grown significantly. At first, there were few applicants for this app who were willing to share neither their homes nor their willingness to stay in the home of a stranger. People now understand how the app works and can confidently state that it is a fantastic app. Airbnb has worked hard to establish itself and expand its reach, collaborating on significant events such as the World Cup and the London Olympics. They collaborated with these events to promote themselves to the tourists in the area for the events. Their next goal was the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, but they were running into many issues getting the app to work for Japanese citizens (Boren, & Winner, 2015). They are still attempting to determine the best strategy for driving growth into Japan and dominating the market for the thousands of tourists expected to visit during the Olympics. Trying to reach out to local communities is one of the main issues. People in Japan are more hesitant to share their homes with strangers and are less inclined to accommodate foreigners. Airbnb recently implemented a strategy that will aid in the app’s growth to have a large enough market for all of the visiting tourists. This strategy adapts to the needs of each market it enters. As illustrated in the Airbnb case study, regulation conflicts with governments and cultural regulation have been a crucial worldwide marketing concern (Boren, & Winner, 2015). To have a booming market and connection with consumers in any country, compliance with government regulations is essential—the use of significant themes.

Since they began promoting listings in Tokyo, Airbnb has recognized the need for appropriate worldwide marketing. Airbnb had to plan for all visitors and families who would be traveling to see the Olympics. The competitors who were scheduled to compete had to be flexible as well. It was also critical for Airbnb to communicate effectively with its customers. Each business wants to create a strong impression on its clients. Customers will then spread the word to other potential customers that they used a reputable provider for lodging during their time at the Olympics.


During the Tokyo Olympics, Airbnb took up the challenge of making itself available. They recognized the potential of expanding into the Japanese market. Being a part of the Olympics would bring in a lot of money. The market research carried out by the team would aid in determining the specifics of what to discuss and how to reach out to potential clients. The choice to even promote the firm in Japan was a brilliant one since there would be many people who would require somewhere to stay while they were there. It also assured revenue because reservations would be for weeks rather than just one or two days. Nobody travels to Japan only to spend a few days there. Longer reservations mean less time spent attempting to sell certain locations because they’ve already been reserved and paid for. The department that proposed the notion of the corporation expanding to Japan deserves credit.


Based on the evidence presented in the case, it is strongly advised that the Airbnb firm completely adheres to the national government of Japan’s rules. They must ensure that they are performing their duties correctly. Because the success of the Airbnb firm would benefit Japan’s economy tremendously, they would go to great lengths to offer accurate information about the rules and regulations. Getting more visitors from other nations worldwide is one of Japan’s main objectives. Airbnb could also consider partnering with hotels that do not produce as much income as others. Because at this time, they are generating a more significant profit than they were previously. Reaching out to interested teams and athletes and sharing information about what Airbnb has to offer is an efficient strategy for Airbnb to sell in Japan. It would be a fantastic idea to sponsor a specific participant because there is nothing like a well-known individual promoting a many corporation. Social media is a first-choice channel for most sources, and it is incredibly beneficial because everyone is always utilizing some type of technology. Other businesses have found the advice stated above helpful, and Airbnb should do the same. It’s a fantastic firm that provides lodging for individuals, families, teams, and other groups. Intrentingly, the firm offers the units at a reasonable price.


Boren, S., & Winner, L. S. I. W. C (2015). Going For Gold and Protecting It Too: Intellectual Property and the Olympic Games. Entertainment, Arts, and Sports Law Journal, 30.


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