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Why Vodou Religion Has Become a Favorite Subject of Exorcisms

Vodou is an African religion that supposedly developed in Haiti between the 16th and the 19th centuries. This kind of religion rose through syncretism, which occurred between several religions of the western and Central African religions within the Roman Catholic Church form of Christianity. There is no central organization or authority that controls the religion. There is so much diversity between the practitioners, who are the people who believe in that religion. They are known as the vodouists or the Vodouisants. Vodou religion is widely known and an attractive and unusual subject because it is far much different from the others in terms of their religious practices—ranging from the spirits they serve, the voodoo view on persons, voodoo, and the dead, their ceremonies, and magic. The voodoo religion influences the Africans, the Catholics, and other continents.

The Vodou religion

The spirits of the voodoo religion are commonly known by the names such as “Iwa” this is a common name, but it has an uncertain origin. At some points in the Vodou religion development, the spirits were put into nanchon, which means that the spirits were sorted intonations. At the very start of their development, the nanchons meant that they functioned basically as the ethical slave categories. The majority of the names of the nations were traceable to the west and cent4al African countries where the acts of slavery commonly occurred, including the Rada, the Ibo, the Nago, and the Kongo. These nations later became the different religious categories which included different styles of diverse rituals, dances, and how they honored the spirits of the Vodou religion. This diversity makes it a very interesting subject for exorcism from different people worldwide, including researchers, tourists, and religious students who need such information.

The Vodou view of persons

According to the Vodou teachings, human beings are composed of different parts. These include the body of human beings, which is the physical body that is seen and perishes and disappears after an individual is dead. The Vodou religion is very interesting because it views death differently from other religions such as Muslim and Christianity; this makes it a very interesting subject for other people. The most known souls are the two bonang and ti bonanj. The gwo bonanj resembles the little guardian angel present in every person.

The Vodou and the dead

The cemeteries are common to be the major spots for the Vodou religion rituals, which makes them a very interesting religion for studies and exorcism. According to the Vodou religion, the first male personality buried in a particular cemetery is referred to as a Bowman Samedi. This religion has very many things which are scarier to other people, and it makes it vital for different kinds of people to have the lust to know about this kind of religion. The main goal of the Vodou is to serve the Lwa, who represents the spirits; they offer prayers sacrifices to their gods and spirits, which in turn, provides them with good health and protection from other forms of harm.


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