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Why the COVID-19 Vaccine Is a Necessity


Vaccines have brought some uncertainty and controversy. On the other hand, vaccinations are a vital element of both personal and public health. Vaccines aid in preventing the spread of diseases that are infectious. These diseases include measles, tuberculosis, polio, hepatitis, and the Covid-19 virus. Vaccines were first introduced during the smallpox pandemic that led to the death of more than 300 million people. Medical experts are trying to raise a vaccine for the Covid-19 virus to deal with all the variants and eventually eliminate the virus. Individuals are being encouraged to take the vaccines that are produced. The Covid-19 vaccine should be taken because it helps prevent, helps protect, and helps us re-establish the community.

Getting vaccinated against the Covid-19 virus is necessary because it is an effective method to control the spread. According to the CDC, the Covid-19 vaccine has an efficacy rate of 90-100% (“Benefits Of Getting A COVID-19 Vaccine”). When people get administered the vaccine, it reduces the risk of getting the virus and reduces the spread. In addition, getting the vaccine will partly enable people to resume their daily activities. The virus caused countries to be locked down, making economies and households suffer. But with the vaccines being administered, it allows governments to interact with each other, international travels resume, people can go back to work, and hence, countries’ economies will improve. Similarly, getting vaccinated against the Covid-19 virus boosts an individuals’ immunity against any other viruses not just the Covid-19 virus. This will reduce the impact of the virus on the body.

The primary vaccines used are Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson. They are similar, but they also have their differences. The Pfizer can be administered to adults and children under 12 years, unlike Moderna and Johnson & Johnson, administered to adults. Moreover, the Johnson & Johnson vaccine has a dosage of only one shot while the others have two shots each 28 days apart(“Comparing The COVID-19 Vaccines: How Are They Different?”). Some people find the Johnson’s vaccine better because of its dosage. The Pfizer was found to have the highest efficacy of 97% compared to the other vaccines. However, the effectiveness of a vaccine can change depending on the Covid-19 variant. These vaccines have been approved to fight against the virus.

Other measures reduce the risk of acquiring the virus, such as social distancing, wearing a mask, and sanitizing your hands. Although these measures are effective, they are not as assuring as the vaccine. It has been proven that people will violate these measures and go about their lives in a usual way. However, the vaccines are a more accessible and safer precaution in fighting the Covid-19 virus because they cover all the areas that suffer from the virus. Some people are skeptical about getting the vaccine because of their lack of trust in it or religious reasons(Robson). The stakeholders should provide more information about the vaccines to the general public to reduce the conflicts.

In conclusion, the Covid-19 vaccine is important because it helps prevent, protect, and re-establish the community. It reduces the risk of contracting the virus and slows down its spread. There are various vaccines such as Johnson & Johnson’s, Pfizer, and Moderna, and individuals can choose whatever vaccine they feel suits them. The vaccines are produced in plenty, ensuring that everyone in the world gets administered with the vaccine. The measures there before the vaccine are effective, but it is better to go with the vaccine. This, however, doesn’t mean that wearing a mask and washing hands should be forfeited. Taking these measures and being vaccinated will have greater power in fighting the virus.

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