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Ways Through Which Social Media Has Changed Our Understanding of Public and Privacy

Culture is defined as how an individual lives in an area. In most cases, culture is defined as the way of life. In every community across the global world, there are some ways through which individuals leave following any given customs. This way of life is what is termed culture. Based on the culture, there is a derivative of popular culture. Throughout our course, we have studied more about popular culture. In this case, the culture emerged on beliefs of the multitude or rather the individuals rather than the education channel. Remember, most cultures are educationally based, but in the case of popular culture, we have the idea of following many ways of viewing things rather than following the education system. Popular culture has many shifts, or rather what makes individuals think otherwise about this phenomenon. In this case, this changes how individuals hold beliefs and customs, their way of viewing things, and, more so, how individuals think of different phenomena at any given time. To understand more about the shift basis of popular culture, we will take one of the examples (Marwick, 2017). This will help us work out most of the daily shifts in popular culture. Throughout this research paper, we will major our point of focus on various ways in which social media have changed the individual’s beliefs of private and public. Remember, in most cases, some beliefs are held by individuals concerning how social media should operate at any given time. When it comes to the idea of social media changing individuals’ beliefs based on any given phenomenon, then, in this case, we will say that social media have changed the public culture or, instead, will account for the shifting of the public culture.

Social media forms one of the primary ways information is passed from one given region to the next. As it has been covered throughout the course, social media is the only way individuals worldwide can get updates on what is happening at any given time and a specific place in the world. In most cases, social media uses the social media devices mainly used to display the news at any given time. Social media deals with displaying news, political updates, advertisements, and other forms of updates. In most cases, social media outputs are categorized as public and, in other cases, private (Gross, 2020). There is a belief held up by most individuals worldwide according to how social media should operate, especially when releasing the news about any given phenomenon at any given time. This helps the individuals to understand that there is the news that should be private, and more so, there are others that should be public. For example, we have political updates. When it comes to social media realizing the political news, this must be done as public. This is because, in most cases, every person across the global world wants to get updates about the political field across the global world. This is the news that should be released publicly to notify everyone.

In most cases, this belief that social media makes political news to be more public has therefore changed per given time. This is because social media considers some of the political news to be so private. In this case, there is no exposure to political news running at any given time. This makes the majority of individuals not to be aware of some of the cases that are happening in the political field. This idea has caused a change in individuals’ beliefs about social media based on publicity. For example, here in Canada, most citizens need to be made aware of what is happening in different political parties. This is because social media considers the release of some political news as private. This makes the individuals fail to release this news, making the majority unaware of what is happening under different political parties. In this case, social media has shifted the individual’s beliefs of what should be included in the public by the social media system (Lewis, 2018).

In most cases, Canadian individuals always hold a public culture that dictates that most political updates are public. This is because the political journey involves getting feedback from the citizens. Therefore, social media has changed this belief, from which most social media devices have turned political updates to private.

On the other hand, some beliefs are held by most Canadian individuals concerning private updates. Some of the news that is released by social media is private. Some examples dictated by the majority of individuals include the news that involves the personal details or lives of the individuals. This involves the idea of social media being unable to expose some of the private lives or stories that concern anyone. For example, when social media gathers information based on the personal journey of life or any individual’s details, social media is, therefore, only supposed to release this information in some places (Strater, 2018). This is because there should be some privacy that should be maintained. Nowadays, this belief or culture has therefore changed. In most cases, social media exposes some of an individual’s personal stories or progress. This commonly happens, especially when social media gathers information based on any person’s personal story or details.

This is one of the most common errors that appear on social media in the current date. According to the individual’s beliefs and customs, some Privacy should be maintained based on the individual’s personal story and details. In most cases, social media may find some interest in adventure in some of the personal stories and details of various Canadian individuals. This could be because of understanding and educating some individuals on how they can handle different situations. When it comes to the idea of the release of this particular news, they are therefore required to consider the target audience. This involves the fact that social media should focus more on the individuals from whom the lessons must be taken (Yuan, 2019).

In most cases, this has not been the idea in the social media system. In most cases, once social media fids this kind of information at any given time, the idea of social media shifts to pose the news to the public system. This exposes the wholly personal story and, more so, any individual’s personal details. When it comes to these cases, a number of cases are raised per unit area between the social media and the individuals. This raises several endless conflicts across the global world. In this case, social media breaks down the idea of maintaining some privacy. This is one of the ways that social media has changed our view of Privacy. The individual’s public culture is interfered with if social media cannot maintain privacy. This forms one of the fundamental shifts that occur in the public culture.


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