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“The Lady or Tiger?”

The movie “The Lady or the Tiger?” was produced by Frank Stockton in 1942, which presents its important message to the audience about the justice system. According to the movie, a king imposes justice in a kingdom by placing the accused people in a public arena before the whole kingdom and directing them to choose one door out of two. One door holds a tiger, and the other holds a beautiful lady they will marry. At this juncture, the princess gets engaged with a courtier, and when the king discovers this, he puts the courtier into the state of his fate. The king stares at the princess to tell him which door to choose, and she prefers the right. Therefore, the essay will provide a persuasive argument for which door I could be the princess.

Consequently, being the princess in the movie filled with the daunting decision of choosing one of the doors that hold a lady or a tiger, my heart could have raced with anticipation and possibilities. I, the princess, could choose the door with the tiger because of the jealous and love I have for my partner because it is stated in the movie that the person in the door with a lady could be a woman with my fiancée (Stockton 5:09- 5:14) . I do believe that if you love somebody neither could you want to see him with another person. As the princess, if I choose the door with a lady, this decision could keep on haunting me, and it will cause so much pain throughout my life. The love and compassion drive me as a princess to choose the door with a tiger. If I had made the mistake of choosing the door that a lady was behind, I could have been psychologically disturbed because I could have known the truthfulness that my partner was with another woman.

Secondly, being the princess, I could go for the door with a tiger to significantly unwrap bravery and courage. However, courage and boldness are paramount for me to be a palace princess (Stockton 5:20-5:27). I, the princess, have been natured throughout my life to be a role model to people in the kingdom. The scenario is meant to present and confirm that I am fearless despite my circumstances. This indicates that I have chosen to be bold and ready to face and confront any danger throughout my life. Through my bravery, I, the princess, significantly employ the best leader or role model characteristics. In addition, my courageousness is a confirmation to the people in the kingdom that everything is possible and I can rule without fear.

In addition, as the princess, I chose the door with the tiger simply because of the principles of justice and equality cultivated in my life. In reference to the movie, it is reinstated that the person in another door is a potential suitor (Stockton 5:30-5:34). If I go for the door with a lady, I may be forced to choose one of the suitors. It will be unfortunate if I will go for my partner. This decision could affect the other suitor, depicting inequality and injustice. Being natural in upholding justice and fairness, I go for the door with a tiger purposely for all suitors in that particular door to feel equal and recognized.

To sum up, being the princess in the movie, it is significant to make wise decisions that cannot haunt or cause pain for the rest of your life. I prefer the door with a tiger for the love and compassion I have for my partner, to demonstrate my bravery and courage as a princess and to uncover the principles of justice and fairness I uphold. The effective decision-making I made illuminates my bright future, which I anticipate. I am determined to have my destiny which cannot be driven by vices that prevail in the community. Choosing the door with a tiger makes me ready for anything that could happen, but I do not go for the door with a lady since it could haunt me all my life.

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