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Strategic Expansion of Leonardo Hotels Into Key European Markets

Executive Summary

This report discusses Leonardo Hotels’ plan to extend to Norway, the Netherlands, and Switzerland. It concisely explains the project, significant revelations, and suggestions for 2024-2029. The report sees how prepared the organization is to extend universally. It does this by concentrating on the organization’s assets, assets, and how well it’s doing. We must go worldwide because our ongoing business sectors are excessively packed, and we see valuable open doors in different nations.

The report says that Norway, the Netherlands, and Switzerland are great spots to extend because they have solid economies and heaps of sightseers and match the objectives of Leonardo Hotels. A graph contrasting various nations and investigating their variables like governmental issues, economy, society, innovation, lawful issues, and climate for figuring out their market patterns shows great possibilities and tough spots. The report additionally looks at the opposition, who the potential clients are, and if Leonardo Hotels’ administrations can be utilized in these new business sectors.

Finally, the report recommends ways of entering another market, such as selling items there, working with a neighborhood organization, joining forces with another organization, or purchasing an organization. Vital execution implies making the right strides, getting what we want, and building our capacities to ensure we succeed and fill these business sectors. This synopsis clarifies our plan for Leonardo Hotels to grow globally and how we figure it will follow.

1.0 Introduction

This report shows a plan for Leonardo Hotels to develop into Norway, the Netherlands, and Switzerland from 2024 to 2029. Leonardo Hotels is a significant piece of the Fattal Hotel Gathering. They have numerous hotels in Europe and different spots. They care very much about their clients and offer various spaces for individuals going for no particular reason or work. This plan extends the organization into business sectors that are developing financially, have severe areas of strength for industry, and coordinate well with Leonardo Hotels’ qualities and administrations.

Leonardo Hotels is entering new markets in Norway, the Netherlands, and Switzerland to take advantage of the opportunities for growth in these countries. They want to expand their business by tapping into Norway’s natural beauty and growing business sector, the rich culture and robust economy in the Netherlands, and the global significance of finance and diplomacy in Switzerland. The report will look at how Leonardo Hotels works inside, study each country carefully, and make a plan for how to enter and be successful in those markets. The aim is to match the company’s skills and abilities with the opportunities in the market so that the company can grow steadily and become a strong competitor in the international hospitality industry.

2.0 National Strategic Plan Review

The Leonardo Hotels’ Public Smart course of action survey unites thoughts and ideas to assist the organization in choosing what to do straight away. The principal study showed how significant it is that Leonardo Hotels offers different administrations, similar to spots to remain, food, and spots to hold occasions. The arrangement says we ought to concoct groundbreaking thoughts and make the administrations quite different. It is vital to alter items to find a place with the traditions and inclinations of individuals in various nations, particularly while entering new global business sectors. This approach to doing things fulfills clients and demonstrates how Leonardo Hotels can comprehend and change multiple societies.

Moreover, the arrangement features that utilize explicit showcasing strategies is so significant. “Since Leonardo Hotels has various clients, including individuals who are going for the sake of entertainment and individuals who are going for work, it means quite a bit to think of different ways of promoting each gathering and furnishing them with extraordinary help. ” This implies utilizing information examination to comprehend what clients like and giving them customized encounters they will genuinely like. These techniques will intrigue and keep more clients faithful.

The organization needs to extend its business globally by zeroing in on adjusting to the neighborhood societies and customs. This implies changing administrations to fit each new region’s unique standards, market, and culture. Cooperating with neighboring organizations and associations could significantly investigate these new regions.

Overseeing cash is a critical piece of the arrangement for what’s to come. Utilizing explicit monetary data, the agreement recommends continuing to zero in on bringing in money, saving expenses, and making brilliant speculations. This implies burning through cash on computerized changes and eco-accommodating approaches to getting things done. It’s significant for maintaining the business well and staying aware of the rising craving for harmless ecosystem strategic approaches.

At long last, the arrangement discusses having the option to change and adjust when things unchangeable as far as we might be concerned occur. The lodging business, impacted by various elements all over the planet and nearby, should be cautious and make a move to oversee gambles. Leonardo Hotels needs to continue to make arrangements that assist them with remaining solid and versatile. This will assist them with managing changes in the economy, legislative issues, and different difficulties in the inn business. This plan will help Leonardo Hotels develop and contend better in the changing worldwide friendliness industry.

2.1 Internal analysis of your chosen company

2.1.1 Resources & core competencies

. Leonardo Hotels has a strong set of skills and abilities. One big reason is that it has many different properties in different parts of Europe, showing that it can manage many hotels and other places to stay. The brand is known for its excellent customer service and for taking good care of guests, which is valuable. Also, Leonardo Hotels has invested money into digital technologies to improve its work and connect with customers. Nevertheless, the company needs help keeping all its properties updated with the latest technologies and ensuring its staff are well-trained to use them properly.

2.1.2 Organisational performance

The organization did well in many areas, especially in keeping many people in its places and making guests happy. In terms of money, Leonardo Hotels has shown a strong balance sheet with consistent income increases. However, the company needs help adjusting to the quickly changing market, such as when the number of tourists increases and when the economy is uncertain. We need to make decisions faster and adapt to changes in the market more quickly, but we could be better at it.

2.1.3 Product/Service Evaluation

Leonardo Hotels provides many services like places to stay, food, and hosting events. The variety of services it offers is good because it can meet the needs of many different people, from those traveling for work to those traveling for fun. The brand is famous for its exemplary service and cozy rooms. However, there are ways to improve the products and stand out in the competitive hospitality market. Adapting experiences to each area and making each property special could make it do even better in the market.

3.0 Key drivers to move to an international strategy.

We want to make Leonardo Hotels more international. This is because we have many reasons to do so, from different strategic business ideas. These things show how Leonardo Hotels has grown beyond its own country.

Push Factors

Market Saturation: When a company cannot sell more products in its own country, it may start selling in other countries. Leonardo Hotels is already big in its markets, so growing may take a lot of work in those areas, which might be challenging. The company is looking for new markets to keep growing, as Ansoff’s Matrix Market Development theory suggests.

Competition: More companies competing in the same market can provide solid reasons to move. As more companies try harder to beat each other, it can be a good idea to start selling your products in other countries. This way, you can find new places to sell your stuff with less rivalry. This fits with a framework called Porter’s Five Forces, which looks at how competitive the market is.

Looking for Resources: Companies may need to find new people, materials, or technology, which can make them want to do business in other countries. Leonardo Hotels could find more great employees or new technology for hotels to be significant, as shown in the company’s Resource-Based View (RBV).

Pull Factors:

Market opportunities in other countries are good chances for business. They can make companies want to go there. For example, Leonardo Hotels can make a lot of money by opening in countries with lots of tourists or places without many hotels. This matches the Market Opportunity theory. Expanding to other countries can make things cheaper because you are making and selling more of the same thing. This is important in hotels and restaurants where extensive operations help use resources better, as explained in the theory of economies of scale.

Spreading out risk: Going global helps companies spread the risk of doing business in one place. Leonardo Hotels can reduce risks by working in many countries. This allows them to determine if one country has economic problems or changes in the market. This idea is based on Portfolio Theory.

Strategic Asset Seeking: Companies try to find essential things like a good reputation or unique ways of doing business in other countries because they need help finding them in their own country.

Learning and Innovation: Going international helps us learn and develop new ideas by being around different ideas, business ways, and cultures. This supports the idea that a company’s success comes from gaining and using knowledge. It’s essential to stay ahead of the competition.

Leonardo Hotels wants to expand internationally because of too much competition in their current market and because there are new opportunities and ways to save money in other countries. Based on business strategies, these factors give a complete course to understand and help the company grow internationally.

3.1 Why an international option is suitable for the company.

Planning to open Leonardo Hotels in other countries can help the company build on what it’s already good at and fix any problems. As mentioned earlier, the reasons for starting this international project are connected to the company’s strengths and the things it needs to work on.

Leonardo Hotels is booming in many European countries because they can do well in different cultures and laws.

This experience is vital for the organization’s extension to different nations, showing that they are great at changing various business sectors and what clients need. The brand is known for offering excellent support and various choices like remaining spots, food, and holding occasions, making it a solid match for venturing into new regions (Hill 2022). These capacities are vital for beginning a business in different nations where individuals need to be aware and trust the brand for it to find lasting success.

In addition, the organization’s emphasis on computerized advances and giving extraordinary client care are significant worldwide qualities. Today, utilizing innovation to work better and give clients a remarkable encounter is vital for contending universally. Leonardo Hotels’ ongoing computerized frameworks can be changed and acclimated to address the issues of various nations, making them more effective and drawing in clients.

The organization must fix a few issues to extend globally effectively. In global business, it’s vital to have the option to make speedy choices and adjust to changes in the market because various areas of the planet have different market patterns. Leonardo Hotels should be more adaptable in their arrangements to respond well to rapidly changing worldwide business sectors. This implies understanding what various business sectors need and having the option to change structures and how things are quickly done.

Something else to stress over is ensuring that every one of our properties has a very high level of innovation and that our staff are prepared appropriately. As the organization fills various nations, ensuring that all stores have the most current creation and that representatives know how to utilize it well is vital. Being predictable is significant for saving the brand’s excellent standing for extraordinary help and greatness from one side of the planet to the other.

Likewise, even though the organization has a considerable cash load, it needs to design cautiously regarding burning through cash to grow to different nations. This incorporates purchasing new structures, promoting new regions, and managing other financial circumstances. The arrangement for taking care of money should be sufficiently able to assist the business with developing while diminishing the dangers of entering new business sectors.

Leonardo Hotels is good at being in many places, offering different types of services, using technology well, and taking care of customers. This makes them ready to grow around the world. But the company needs to work on being more flexible in its plans, using better technology, ensuring its staff are all on the same page, and managing its money better in other countries to succeed. Using its strengths and handling its weaknesses well will be necessary for Leonardo Hotels to grow internationally and be successful in the global hospitality industry.

4.0 Choosing an International Destination?

Targeting Norway, the Netherlands, and Switzerland for Leonardo Hotels’ development is vital and complex, considering different monetary, social, and travel industry-related factors that align with the organization’s development goals and functional qualities.


Regular The travel industry Allure: Norway’s beautiful scenes, including fjords, mountains, and Aurora Borealis, draw in many sightseers. The nation’s emphasis on practicality in the travel industry lines up with Leonardo Inns’ obligation to supportability. This exciting mix of everyday excellence and eco-cognizance offers an unmistakable market portion for the inn network.

Developing Business Area: Urban communities like Oslo and Bergen are traveler objections and blossoming business focuses. The presence of different enterprises and facilitating global gatherings drive interest in business facilities, which Leonardo Lodgings is exceptional to give.

Exclusive expectation of Living: Norway’s elevated requirement of living areas of strength for and convert into a market with significant spending power. This monetary steadiness diminishes the financial dangers of worldwide development and recommends a client base fit for supporting premium cordiality administrations.


Social and Verifiable Extravagance: The Netherlands, known for its rich colonial legacy and authentic milestones, draws a different gathering of travelers. Urban communities like Amsterdam are famous for their historical centers, artistry exhibitions, and energetic city life. Leonardo Lodgings can gain from this social allure by offering topical stays and nearby encounters.

Key European Center: The Netherlands is a vast European travel point, with Amsterdam’s Schiphol Air terminal being one of the most active in the district. This essential area offers a constant progression of global explorers, giving a reliable client base for lodgings.

Financial and Business Essentialness: The solid monetary and business climate, set apart by the presence of various global enterprises and worldwide exchange, presents open doors for business in the travel industry. Leonardo Inns can take special care of this section with offices intended for business explorers, for example, gathering rooms and company focuses.


Extravagance Travel Location: Switzerland’s worldwide standing as an extravagance travel objective aligns with Leonardo Inns’ expectation to venture into the excellent quality market section. Urban communities like Zurich and Geneva are inseparable from extravagance, drawing in wealthy sightseers and business explorers, a segment that Leonardo Lodgings can take special care of with premium administrations.

Monetary and Strategic Center point: Switzerland’s status as a money and conciliatory focus, especially in urban communities like Geneva, which has various worldwide associations, encourages an interest in top-notch cordiality administrations. Leonardo Lodgings can use this by offering custom-fitted administrations for representatives and business leaders.

Political Strength and Security: Switzerland’s political soundness and wellbeing are appealing characteristics for global lodging networks. These elements give a solid speculation climate and appeal to voyagers focusing on security and dependability in their convenience decisions.

By venturing into Norway, the Netherlands, and Switzerland, Leonardo Inns takes advantage of business sectors described as areas of strength for basics, different travel industry attractions, and a high potential for relaxation and business travel. These nations offer learning experiences with Leonardo Inns’ essential objectives and functional qualities, promising effective global development.

4.1 Country comparison table

The following table incorporates critical metrics for each country to effectively compare the suitability of Norway, the Netherlands, and Switzerland for Leonardo Hotels’ expansion.

Metric / Country Norway Netherlands Switzerland
Population Size Around 5.4 million Approximately 17.5 million About 8.6 million
GDP per Capita (USD) Around 81,000 Approximately 58,000 Around 83,000
% of Working Population Approx. 67% (15-64 age) Approx. 69% (15-64 age) Approx. 68% (15-64 age)
Corruption Index (Rank) Very Low (High rank) Low (High level) Very Low (High level)
Value of Leisure Sector Significant (Tourism) High (Tourism & Culture) Increased (Luxury Tourism)
Average Salary (USD/year) Around 63,000 Approximately 52,000 About 85,000
Unemployment Rate Around 4% Approximately 4% Around 3%
Hospitality Sector Growth Moderate Steady High
Tourist Arrivals (Pre-COVID) Millions annually Millions annually Millions annually
Business Travel Index Moderate High Very High
Cultural and Natural Attractions Fjords, Northern Lights Canals, Museums Alps, Lakes
Ease of Doing Business Rank High High High
Stability (Political/Economic) Very Stable Stable Very Stable


Norway stands apart for its regular travel industry offer, critical Gross domestic product per capita, and high average compensation, showing a significant market strength for power. Be that as it may, its more modest populace size and moderate business travel file recommend an engaged methodology, focusing on specialty markets like eco-the travel industry and experience travel.

The Netherlands presents a fair blend of social travel industry and business travel potential, upheld by its focal European area and significant vacationer appearances (Eijgelaar 2022). Its solid relaxation area and a high working populace rate make it an alluring business sector for recreation and business neighborliness administrations.

Switzerland offers the most elevated Gross domestic product per capita and average compensation, mirroring its extravagance travel market areas of strength and soundness. With its highly high business travel record and extravagance, the travel industry area adjusts well to Leonardo Lodgings’ venture into the top-of-the-line friendliness administrations.

This relative investigation shows that every nation has remarkable qualities: Norway’s regular attractions, the Netherlands’ social wealth and focal area, and Switzerland’s extravagance in the travel industry and business travel market. These experiences will direct essential choices regarding advertising passage, designated administrations, and functional concentration for Leonardo Lodgings’ worldwide development.

4.2 PESTLE analysis for the chosen country

In light of the near examination, Switzerland is an incredibly alluring objective for Leonardo Hotels’ extension. Its high Gross domestic product per capita, extravagance in the travel industry market, and areas of strength for and travel file make it an optimal decision (George 2021). The PESTLE examination further explains the open doors and dangers in the Swiss market.

4.2.1 Political environment

Political stability: Switzerland is prestigious for its political solidity, impartiality, and deep-rooted overall set of laws, establishing an ideal climate for business ventures.

Worldwide Relations: As a host to various worldwide associations, Switzerland has a worldwide standpoint that benefits global networks.

Likely Dangers: Severe guidelines and arrangements could present functional adaptability and transformation difficulties.

4.2.2 Economic environment

Wealth: High Gross domestic product per capita and average compensation show a market with colossal spending influence, ideal for extravagance and business-situated hotels.

Monetary Soundness: The Swiss economy is known for its dependability and flexibility, offering a solid venture climate.

Dangers: High functional expenses areas of strength for and in the extravagance friendliness area are possible financial difficulties.

4.2.3 Socio-cultural environment

Multilingualism and Cultural Diversity: Reflects a diverse customer base and a cosmopolitan atmosphere.

Tourism Appeal: Switzerland’s rich cultural heritage and natural beauty are significant attractions.

Adaptation Required: Tailoring services to cater to cultural nuances and preferences is necessary.

4.2.4 Technological environment

Development Center point: Switzerland is at the cutting edge of mechanical development and offers a progressed foundation.

Computerized Reception: Elevated degrees of advanced education in the populace consider cutting-edge innovation coordination in lodging administrations.

Consistency: Staying aware of mechanical progressions and information security regulations (like GDPR) is fundamental.

4.2.5 Environmental environment

Eco-Cognizant Market: There are areas of strength for manageability and eco-accommodating practices in Switzerland.

Opportunity: Using green practices can adjust Leonardo Hotels to showcase assumptions and administrative principles.

Danger: The inability to stick to ecological principles could result in reputational harm and legitimate repercussions.

4.2.6 Legal environment

Administrative Consistency: Switzerland has strict guidelines concerning business tasks, work regulations, and principles of friendship.

Work Grants and Migration Regulations: These could affect staffing, especially in obtaining global ability.

4.3 Competitor analysis for the chosen country

Main Competitors:

Worldwide Lavish Inn Networks: Brands like Four Seasons, Ritz-Carlton, and Kempinski have significant areas of strength in Switzerland. These chains are known for their excellent quality administrations, extravagance conveniences, and taking special care of an affluent customer base, like the market fragment Leonardo Hotels could target.

Neighborhood Shop Hotels: Switzerland has various store hotels with customized encounters, frequently themed around the nearby culture and climate. These hotels appeal to travelers looking for exceptional, genuine Swiss encounters.

Mid-Reach Global Chains: Brands like Hilton, Marriott, and InterContinental, which offer a scope of facilities from extravagance to mid-range, are additionally huge contenders. They have a deeply grounded presence and memorability.

Nature of Competition:

Power: The opposition in Switzerland’s accommodation area is high, particularly in urban communities like Zurich, Geneva, and Lucerne, known for their allure for extravagance and business voyagers.

Market Portions: The opposition traverses different market fragments, from extravagance to mid-range, taking special care of assorted client necessities and inclinations.

Worldwide versus Neighborhood: The opposition incorporates a blend of worldwide lodging networks with broad functional and showcasing assets and nearby foundations that offer one-of-a-kind, socially rich encounters.

Cutthroat Elements:

Worldwide Brands: Offer far-reaching administration bundles, global principles of extravagance, and brand trust that interest worldwide voyagers and business clients.

Neighborhood Hotels: Content based on customized encounters, nearby appeal, and top-to-bottom Swiss culture and attractions information.

Mid-Reach Chains: Give an equilibrium between moderateness and quality, drawing in many voyagers.

For Leonardo Hotels, entering the Swiss market implies contending with these laid-out players. To cut out a specialty, Leonardo Hotels should use its assets, for example, its different help contributions and potential for making remarkable, confined encounters. Also, understanding the particular requirements and inclinations of the Swiss market and fitting administrations similarly can assist with separating Leonardo Hotels from its rivals. The organization should likewise consider vital associations or coordinated efforts to improve its market presence and strategic advantage.

4.4 Target Market Availability

In Switzerland, the objective market for Leonardo Hotels envelops a few key portions, each offering unmistakable open doors. Given the country’s remarkable qualities, these business sectors are promptly accessible and can be successfully taken advantage of with an essential methodology.

Extravagance Voyagers: Switzerland is prestigious for drawing in princely vacationers who look for top-of-the-line encounters. These voyagers are attracted to extravagance facilities, select administrations, and premium conveniences. They ordinarily incorporate well-off people, superstars, and high-total assets business leaders. Urban communities like Zurich and Geneva, known for their extravagant shopping, top-notch food, and upscale way of life, are focal points for this portion.

Business and Corporate Voyagers: As a worldwide center for money, trade, and global tact, Switzerland sees a critical flood of business explorers. This incorporates participants for gatherings, corporate gatherings, and strategic occasions, especially in Geneva, which has various global associations, and Zurich, which has a significant monetary focus. The interest in great business convenience with offices like gathering rooms, high-velocity web, and business focuses is substantial.

Social and Relaxation Travelers: Switzerland’s rich colonial legacy, galleries, verifiable destinations, and celebrations draw in social and recreation vacationers. Urban communities like Lucerne, with its archaic engineering, and Bern, the capital city with its UNESCO legacy status, are key attractions. This section searches for agreeable and strategically placed facilities that give simple admittance to social interests.

Experience and Nature Lovers: The Swiss Alps and beautiful scenes magnetize travelers intrigued by open-air exercises like skiing, climbing, and nature investigation. Resorts and hotels in regions like Interlaken and Zermatt that take special care of these interests have a constant flow of guests, particularly during top seasons.

Wellbeing and Health Searchers: Switzerland’s standing for wellbeing and wellbeing, the travel industry, with its extravagant spas and health resorts, draws in a specialty market keen on unwinding and revival.

4.5 How Transferable is your product service to the local market?

Brand Adaptability

With its laid-out brand personality of value and various contributions, Leonardo Hotels is aligned with the Swiss market’s assumptions, particularly in extravagance and business travel. Reverberating the brand might require some restrictions more significantly with Swiss customers, and the brand might coordinate parts of Swiss culture, plan, and customs into the brand’s visual personality and client experience. The key is to work out some harmony between keeping up with the center brand values and ethos of Leonardo Hotels and embracing nearby flavors and sensibilities.

Service Offering Adaptability:

Due to its involvement with different European nations, Switzerland’s market requests exclusive expectations of neighborliness, which Leonardo Hotels is prepared to meet. Notwithstanding, the help contributions should be customized to fit the neighborhood inclinations. This could include:

  • Offering authentic Swiss cuisine in dining options.
  • Customizing room designs with Swiss aesthetics.
  • We provide services tailored to business travelers in cities like Zurich and Geneva and leisure travelers in destinations like Lucerne.
  • We are incorporating wellness and outdoor adventure packages, which are popular in Switzerland.

Leonardo Hotels’ current different help portfolio gives a solid groundwork for these transformations; however, understanding the particular inclinations of Swiss clients will be significant for fruitful confinement.

Marketing Expertise:

Leonardo Hotels has a substantial showcasing mastery, proved by its practical activities in European business sectors. This mastery will be instrumental in the Swiss market, yet it should be adjusted to neighborhood conditions. The purposes behind this certainty include:

Experience in Assorted Markets: Having worked in various European nations, Leonardo Hotels has experience adjusting showcasing systems to different social and market conditions.

Advanced Showcasing Capacities: With the rising significance of computerized advertising in the accommodation business, Leonardo Hotels’ current abilities in this space can be utilized and adjusted to the Swiss market, where advanced commitment is high.

Brand Notoriety: The current standing of Leonardo Hotels as a quality specialist organization can be a severe area of strength for showcasing efforts. However, these missions should be limited to address Swiss market points of interest.

5.0 International Strategy Overview

The International Strategy Overview for Leonardo Hotels’ expansion into Switzerland encompasses several key elements, each tailored to ensure successful entry and growth in this new market. This strategy is crafted considering the unique aspects of the Swiss hospitality sector and Leonardo Hotels’ organizational strengths and capabilities.

5.1 Mode of Entry

Growing Leonardo Hotels in Switzerland requires a painstakingly thought-about system, especially concerning the method of passage. Three essential choices are on the table: basic commodity, nearby organization joint endeavor, and assuming control over a neighborhood organization (Kern et al. 2021). Each of these methodologies accompanies its arrangement of advantages and difficulties, and their reasonableness fluctuates given Leonardo Hotels’ assets, the Swiss accommodation scene, and market elements.

1. Simple Export:

This mode includes recreating Leonardo Hotels’ current plan of action in Switzerland with minor changes. The allure of this approach lies in its straightforwardness and the potential for keeping up with brand consistency. Nonetheless, the Swiss cordiality market, known for its elevated requirements and explicit client assumptions, won’t answer well to a one-size-fits-all methodology. As per the World Financial Discussion report, Switzerland positions high in the travel industry administration framework, demonstrating a market with known clients and deep-rooted administrations (Sampaio, 2022). This recommends that a basic commodity approach, without critical confinement, may not satisfy the nuanced needs of Swiss clients, especially in the extravagance and business fragments that Leonardo Hotels could target.

2. Local Partnership Joint Venture:

A joint endeavor with a nearby Swiss cordiality substance can be essential. Leonardo Hotels would bring its image notoriety, global experience, and functional skill. This incorporates a rich history of taking special care of different client sections across Europe, which can be alluring to a Swiss accomplice hoping to take advantage of worldwide business sectors. Then again, a neighborhood accomplice would contribute profound experiences in the Swiss market, including client inclinations, administrative information, and laid-out business organizations (Cardoso et al. 2021). The Swiss lodging market is known for its variety, going from extravagance to financial plan facilities, and a nearby accomplice’s mastery would be significant in exploring this range (Leimgruber 2021)). The joint endeavor would profit from the collaboration of worldwide brand allure and nearby market insight, lessening market passage chances and upgrading the potential for progress.

3. Take Over a Local Company:

Procuring a current Swiss lodging organization offers an immediate and prompt market presence. This approach is engaging for quickly laying out traction and gaining the neighborhood organization’s existing brand value and client base. In any case, it requires critical speculation and accompanies gambles’ connections with social joining, functional arrangement, and potential heritage issues of the obtained organization. The Swiss lodging market, with incomes of over CHF 16.4 billion in 2019 (Morrison 2022), is worthwhile yet requires cautious thought of these elements to guarantee an effective takeover.

Strategic Recommendation:

Considering the intricacies of the Swiss market, a neighborhood organization joint endeavor arises as the most decisively sound method of passage for Leonardo Hotels. This approach offers a reasonable blend of neighborhood market understanding and global brand strength. Leonardo Hotels’ commitment to this association would be its hearty functional model, brand notoriety, and promoting channels that have demonstrated fruitful across Europe (Haukeland et al. 2023). The nearby accomplice’s commitment would be their top-to-bottom comprehension of the Swiss market’s administrative climate, social subtleties, and buyer conduct.

This organization empowers Leonardo Hotels to adjust its contributions to meet neighborhood inclinations while keeping up with its center image values and administration norms. For instance, the Swiss friendliness market is portrayed by a preference for top-caliber, customized administrations (Cordiality Net 2021). A joint endeavor would permit Leonardo Hotels to fit its administrations to these inclinations with the direction of a nearby accomplice who grasps these complexities. Moreover, a collaborative initiative mitigates the dangers of entering another market by sharing liabilities and utilizing the qualities of the two elements.

While essential commodity and assuming control over a neighborhood organization have their benefits, a joint endeavor is the most invaluable section method for Leonardo Hotels in Switzerland (Neto 2022). This technique gives a reasonable methodology, utilizing Leonardo Hotels’ worldwide mastery and the neighborhood accomplice’s market information, consequently improving the possibilities for an effective and economical venture into the Swiss friendliness market.

5.2 Vital Execution

To guarantee the effective execution of Leonardo Hotels’ essential venture into Switzerland, a carefully created execution plan is necessary. This plan should address prompt functional necessities and spotlight long-haul supportability and development in the new market (Fragnière et al., 2022).

In-Depth Market Research and Analysis:

For Leonardo Hotels, this implies gathering bits of knowledge into regions like Switzerland, such as the travel industry designs, monetary soundness, and social inclinations. Figuring out occasional variances in the travel industry, territorial contrasts inside Switzerland, and the assumptions for neighborhood and worldwide visitors is significant (Malhotra et al. 2020). This nitty-gritty market examination will illuminate all resulting vital choices, from lodging areas to supporting contributions.

Improvement of Neighborhood Associations:

Given the intricacies of entering another market, laying out a joint endeavor with a nearby Swiss accomplice is a reasonable methodology. This step includes recognizing potential accomplices with a comparable ethos and critical vision. The organization should expect to join Leonardo Hotels’ global skill with the neighborhood accomplice’s market information. Compelling organizations can give various benefits, including experiences in neighborhood purchaser conduct, help to explore administrative scenes, and admittance to laid-out supply chains. The most common way of shaping these associations ought to incorporate a cautious, reasonable level of effort, straightforward dealings, and the making of commonly valuable arrangements.

Brand Restriction and Transformation:

Keeping up with brand honesty while adjusting to nearby inclinations is a fragile equilibrium. Leonardo Hotels should guarantee that its central image values resonate with the Swiss market. This could include unpretentious changes in marking components, advertising materials, and significant visitor encounters to reflect Swiss culture and style. For instance, integrating Swiss plan components into lodging insides, offering privately obtained food, or offering assistance custom-fitted to Swiss occasions and customs can upgrade the brand’s allure in the new market.

Asset Securing:

Entering another market requires enormous assets. This incorporates monetary speculation for property securing or development, innovation framework to help tasks, and HR with the essential abilities and aptitude. Leonardo Hotels might have to put resources into staff preparation programs, especially zeroing in on language abilities, social awareness preparation, and comprehension of nearby neighborliness norms. Furthermore, putting resources into cutting-edge innovation for lodging the board, client assistance, and advertising will be significant for functional effectiveness and seriousness.

Capacity Improvement:

Leonardo Hotels should foster specific critical capacities to flourish in the Swiss market. This remembers aptitude for overseeing extravagance administrations, comprehension of neighborhood administrative and lawful prerequisites, and capability in manageable and eco-accommodating practices, which are profoundly esteemed in Switzerland (Sharma 2021). The capacity to rapidly adjust to advertise changes, enhance assistance contributions, and maintain elevated client care requirements will be essential for progress.

All in all, the essential execution of Leonardo Hotels’ venture into Switzerland requires a diverse methodology. It includes fastidious preparation, comprehension of the nearby market, key associations, brand variation, asset assembly, and improving explicit capacities custom-made to the Swiss accommodation area. Leonardo Hotels can lay out a fruitful and feasible presence in the cutthroat Swiss market by tending to these perspectives.


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