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Societal Influences of the Advanced Practice Nurse


An advanced practice nurse’s mandate goes beyond traditional healthcare delivery. The role of such healthcare providers continues to expand, and they tend to assume new administrative responsibilities. In today’s society, the new phenomenon for APNs is to develop innovative ideas through study while engaging in policy advocacy. Advanced practice role highlights the need to foster collaboration in addressing health challenges. This paper shall examine the societal influence of an advanced nursing role. Part of the study will be dedicated to examining my experience as a registered nurse and my impact on society. Finally, we shall explore the future of advanced nursing roles. APNs shape the future of healthcare and positively impact individuals.

What drove you to Progress into the Advanced Practice Role

The desire for change in our facility motivated me to pursue advanced practice nurse accreditation. It is evident that APNs hold administrative roles; hence they can significantly contribute to effectively managing healthcare organizations (Heinen et al., 2019). Their clinical knowledge and leadership abilities enable them to comprehend the intricacies of patient care while also maintaining a strategic approach to handling resources, budgets and operational processes (Mackavey et al., 2019). By acting as a bridge between clinical practice and administrative decision-making, APNs guarantee that healthcare delivery is more efficient and focused towards providing better patient outcomes. These circumstances motivated me since I desired an overall understanding of the functionality of healthcare in my organizations, enabling junior and senior staff to provide effective patient-centric care.

The safety of staff working in the care of patients within our facility is needed. It was my understanding that as an APN, I would be able to promote patient safety and improve service quality. The societal need for interdisciplinary teams will help me develop and implement evidence-backed practices, streamline workflow systems, and ensure regulatory compliance (Mackavey et al., 2019). APNs work tirelessly with data analysis to pinpoint areas that need modification to implement best practices that will ultimately improve the overall quality of care, resulting in better patient outcomes.

Society is mainly concerned with the prudential management of public resources. My desire for transparency and accountability prompted me to become an advanced practice nurse. Resource utilization and cost-effectiveness is a major factor for success in hospital management. My advanced Practice Nursing study in administrative positions will be crucial in managing healthcare resources (Grace et al., 2022). It would allow me to be part of the budgeting and cost analysis team. Resource utilization will be maximized by deeply understanding the clinical requirements and financial considerations. The public need for efficient resource management will contribute to sustainable healthcare.

Presenting A Societal Influence Relating to Advanced Practice Role

Advanced Practice Nurses’ influence on patient outcomes cannot be understated. Countless studies demonstrate that when APNs participate in primary care, patients become more satisfied, are more likely to follow their treatment plans and exhibit improved overall health results. This is largely due to the unique way that APNs approach patient care. Education allows a holistic view of each individual’s situation (Grace et al., 2022). Moreover, it emphasizes promoting good health habits and stopping diseases before they begin. The ability of APNs to manage complex healthcare needs further contributes to positive experiences for patients by improving the effectiveness of their treatments.

Advanced Practice role enables one to be highly qualified. Such primary care providers can proficiently provide many services ranging from health promotion and disease prevention to acute condition diagnosis, management, and overall treatment (Wakefield et al., 2021). Their wide-ranging expertise makes them more than capable of taking on complex cases and providing comprehensive care to individuals from all walks of life. Through collaborations with other healthcare professionals, provision of their services in under-served areas and the advantageous use of telehealth technologies (Heinen et al., 2019). In general, the advanced primary role primarily increases access to sound healthcare options, especially for remote populations.

The advanced practice role has a broad impact on society regarding population health. The chance enables nurses to promote good health, prevent diseases, and reach out to communities (Wakefield et al., 2021). Their efforts are influential in improving the overall well-being of populations by addressing factors that affect health outcomes. APNs work towards reducing disparities in healthcare and enhancing the health of entire communities.

Present Role as an RN and Societal Influence

In my present role as a nurse, I have encountered situations where too many patients have impaired the level of care I can deliver. This discrepancy not only impacts the outcomes for those under our care but also strains nurses’ mental and emotional health. Reflecting on my experiences, I strongly believe that more can be done by enacting laws and policies prioritizing appropriate staffing ratios (Moran et al., 2023). Nonetheless, we have worked tirelessly to mitigate failure due to staff challenges without compromising patient safety. I believe that by advocating for manageable nurse-to-patient proportions, we can ensure that each individual receives the attention and support they require while alleviating the stress and exhaustion healthcare professionals feel.

In my daily engagements as a registered nurse, there has been consistent collaboration across disciplines to enhance comprehensive care. This has helped in providing holistic care for patients. Through my interactions with colleagues from various fields, I have had a chance to understand the significance of cohesive collaboration in yielding positive outcomes for patients (Moran et al., 2023). Partnerships with fellow healthcare providers and auxiliary support services have led to a smooth, consistent operation flow. For instance, collaboration with the procuring department has led to optimal inventory management, thus ensuring the availability of drugs and other medical supplies.

Pursuing excellence in nursing is an ongoing journey that requires a commitment to continuous learning. My RN role requires consistently adapting to advancements in technology, research, and treatment methods. Throughout my career, I have seen the remarkable impact of staying updated with knowledge and skills in patient care. However, one common challenge I have encountered is limited access to comprehensive resources for continuing education (Mackavey et al., 2019). From my personal experiences, it is clear that prioritizing and investing in continuing education should be central for nursing institutions and healthcare organizations. Our institution enjoys financial incentives, convenient learning platforms, and support for pursuing advanced certifications (Heinen et al., 2019). Such an experience has enabled me to stay current with the latest developments in their field. Ultimately, this has benefited individual nurses and contributed towards improving patient outcomes across various healthcare settings.

Despite nursing being an extremely fulfilling career, my experience as an RN has taught me that it can take an emotional toll on one. As time has gone on, I have directly witnessed the impact it can have on nurses’ mental health. It is imperative that we give the highest priority to nurturing the well-being of nurses so they can provide exceptional care for their patients. I have remained afloat through debriefing from unsuccessful cases (Mackavey et al., 2019). My influence has been in advocating for comprehensive programs that support new nurses’ mental health within our facility. These initiatives encompass access to counselling services, efforts to reduce stress levels, and an environment that deeply values self-care and mutual support. By fostering the psychological wellness of nurses, we lay the groundwork for a resilient workforce capable of delivering compassionate care filled with empathy.

In my comprehensive experience as a registered nurse, I am acutely aware of the significance of diversity and inclusion in the nursing field. The individuals we care for exhibit various backgrounds, and our nursing workforce must reflect this assortment. While on my professional journey, I have witnessed disparities in healthcare that can be effectively tackled through increased diversity among nurses (Grace et al., 2022). To accomplish this objective, it is imperative to motivate individuals from marginalized communities to consider pursuing careers in nursing. I have tried to be as inclusive as possible in my patient interactions. Our facility has also endeavoured to recruit and offer cultural competency training for all our nurses. By embracing diversity and fostering an inclusive environment, we can anticipate improved patient outcomes and the development of a fairer healthcare system.

Now, as you progress into Advanced Practice, how will you expand this role, change this influence and or develop new societal influences that you wish to impact

It is important to implement supplementary approaches to broaden the impact of advanced practice nurses in shaping new societal influences. These may involve facilitating interdisciplinary education and mentorship programs, encouraging collaboration among healthcare professionals, and nurturing future APNs(Moran et al., 2023). We can enhance the healthcare system by actively participating in initiatives to improve quality and safety standards. Having patient-centred care and fostering health equity through cultural competency and diversity training is effective. There is a pressing need for professionals to engage in global health initiatives and take part in disaster response efforts.


There is a great deal of opportunity for new societal effects in healthcare thanks to the expanding role of advanced practice nurses (APNs). APNs may influence the future of healthcare delivery by advocating for policies, embracing technology, encouraging teamwork, and addressing global health concerns. APNs can aid in boosting patient outcomes, promoting health equity, expanding access to care, and bringing about systemic change by extending their influence beyond conventional bounds. APNs’ influence will spread to community health, policy development, research, and interprofessional cooperation as they continue to rise in their positions. By taking advantage of these chances, APNs can significantly influence the improvement of the general well-being of the people and populations they serve, as well as the transformation of healthcare systems and societal requirements. Their commitment, knowledge, and leadership will be crucial in developing the future healthcare system.


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