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Social Media Policy in Organizations

Social media has affected governance in organizations because it provides a platform for sharing negative information about organizations. Some individuals with bad intentions may share inappropriate content or false accusations. People are not restricted on what they write in commonly used social media software applications. They may therefore use the platforms in gossiping about organizations or companies. Shared information reaches many people quickly and may run the company’s reputation. For instance, an organization may be falsely accused of lousy culture such as racism and, therefore, lose customers and consequently fail to achieve their goals.

Additionally, social media has affected employees by decreasing employee relations. Even though many people value charity and that adults should be more upright in their behavior, most of them are known for being jealous of the success of their work colleagues. They may extend their envy to social media platforms. With such wrong actions, their relationships become broken, and because they can no longer work together, performance decreases and brings down company projects (Centikaya & Rashid, 2018). Additionally, harassments and bullying are common in many organizations. Some employees post negative remarks on social media platforms and put others into embarrassing situations by sharing false information about their colleagues.

Concerning the conference, I feel the impacts of social media in business have led to the firing of several employees. We may write things in social media thinking has no effect, some other people shall have different perceptions and therefore may lead to bad instances, for example, lowering your reputation. Since many people can access social media, workers need to be keen and not post anything that might trigger bad attributes. As an employee, customers and other stakeholders view your social media profiles and judge you wrongly. I, therefore, think that the conference was excellent in teaching employees about the impacts of social media platforms.

My team has social media policies. For instance, it has set out a list of prohibited behaviors. Firstly, my team does not allow sharing of inflammatory content on social media platforms that may discourage other employees or demean the organization’s position. Secondly, offensive images such as sexual harassment messages and other images that may stimulate tension in the organization are highly discouraged. Additionally, sharing inappropriate jokes is not allowed because it makes other people question the conduct of our members. My team has set out a plan of checking what our members are posting and commenting online to ensure that we are safe in terms of character and improve our reputation.

Another social media policy in my team is creating the organization’s official account and encouraging employees to follow. Creating such an account lets our members know the kind of brand our team would wish to have. Disclosure and transparency is another policy in my team that states that a member should use the right and official account to disclose information about the company. The account is supposed to b used be used appropriately, and members avoid any posts that may negatively affect the company and their conduct. Team members are also prohibited from sharing private information about the organization, for instance, information about teammates, financial disclosures, private communications, and other sensitive information.


Cetinkaya, A. S., & Rashid, M. (2018). The effect of use of social media on employee job performance. Journal of Internet Applications and Management9(2), 5-20.


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