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SDGs and Laudato Si

The people living in poverty undergo a lot of suffering and sadness as they can barely meet their needs. In most cases, they are exposed to environmental disaster, including air pollution from the emissions. Thus, they are at risk of contracting diseases because of the contaminated environment and lack of money to obtain proper meals, including tuberculosis (Carter et al.,2018). The United Nations came up with Sustainable development goals that aim to end poverty, protect the environment, and ensure that by 2020 all people can enjoy living in peace and prosperity. One of the most significant challenges in the globe is eradicating poverty. Laudato Si SDG 1 and Laudato Si all have a similar goal of lowering poverty cases and reducing the gap between the poor and the rich. This paper will compare Laudato Si and SDG 1. It will explain how relevant the comparison is to the nursing v]career, community, and human dignity.

Comparison of Laudato Si and SDG 1

Laudato Si and the first sustainable development goal, ‘No poverty,’ have a similar goal of ending poverty and leaving no one behind. They were both published in the year 2015 (Sachs, 2020). They both care for and respect human dignity and aim to ensure that people can live well and work towards ensuring that they are comfortable (Schmieg et al.,2018). Due to the Cobvid-19 pandemic, several individuals were affected due to getting sick, losing their jobs and income, and increased hunger issues. Due to the people losing their jobs, getting money became a problem which led to poor living conditions of the people. The pandemic led to high poverty rates, and the inequalities worsened, thus worsening the condition of the people living in poverty. The gap between the poor and the rich significantly increased. Both publications agree that the global economic model can now be considered the old iron.

Despite the Laudato Si and the SDGs have a similar roles, they differ in the main aspects of their messages and the approaches to achieving their common goals(Schmieg et al.,2018). . While Agenda 2030 aims to make essential repairs to the existing global economic paradigm, the encyclical asks for a rollback of economic hegemony and more ethical responsibility on all levels of society. The encyclical foresees a post-capitalist future built on a cultural mind shift toward eco-solidarity. Whereas Agenda 2030 envisions a green economy with social democratic hues, the encyclical foresees a post-capitalist era. The SDGs are based on the principles of collaboration and realism, with the goal of ensuring that the right choices are made in the present and the future to improve the quality of life for future generations in a way that is environmentally responsible. They establish clear ideas and objectives that all nations should embrace following their aspirations and the global environmental concerns expressed. The Sustainable Development Goals represent an agenda that is open to everyone. They tackle the underlying problems that lead to poverty and bring people together to achieve a good change that benefits both people and the environment. Eradicating poverty, especially extreme poverty, can be challenging, but through all the stakeholders and countries acting together, the plan can be implemented, thus leading to eradicating poverty. It also aims to support the people affected by environmental, economic, and social disasters.

Laudato Si, the encyclical of Pope Francis, focuses on caring for the natural environment and all the people. The main theme of Laudato Si on eradicating poverty is making efforts to reduce climate change and assist the people living in poverty (Cahill, 2018). Their plan is pursued as a unified project rather than pitting it against each other. They ensure that the people living in poverty do not get exposed to more harm. For instance, according to Laudato Si, cutting emissions to harm the marginalized society is considered wrong. The poor, in most cases, are exposed to more harm, including more exposure to environmental degradation. Laudato Si, therefore, calls upon promoting eco-justice and fighting for human ; life from the time of conception to death. The people living in poverty experience a lot of pain, sadness, and suffering; thus, all they need is sympathy and relief to live a better life. Laudato Si calls us to consider the environmental crisis as a question of social justice (Klein and Laczniak, 2021). This encourages us to protect the interests of our brothers and sisters, both those closest to us and those who are farthest away, thus enabling us to defend the earth’s future.In order to address the cry of the poor, Pope Francis uses various principles of the church’s doctrine to promote a culture of care. Laudato SI emphasizes the incorporation of ethical values in the system while the SDG tries to repair the global economic model.

Relevance of Comparison on Human Dignity

Each person in the community has the right to live in dignity and to be able to participate fully in the community. However, people living in poverty are sometimes denied these rights. Poverty significantly affects individuals’ social and economic rights, including access to food, housing, education, water, care, and health (Cooney et al.,2022). The main goal of SDG 1 and Laudato Si is to end poverty. Ending poverty will ensure that all individuals’ human dignity is respected and they can access their needs easily. SDG one aims to ensure that people living in poverty will have equal rights to economic resources and could be able to access basic services with ease (Marzouki et al.,2021). Pope Francis campaigns for the respect of human dignity and requires nurses to care for the patients well without any discrimination. Respect for the human dignity leads to lowered cases of mental health issues.

Relevance of Comparison on Nursing

Poverty is a risk factor for various health conditions. Therefore, the similar aim of the SDG 1 and Laudato Si of eradicating poverty will help to improve the general health of the individuals. The nurses have the role of taking care of the patients. Patients have rights that need to be respected when providing care to them. The right to human dignity needs to be respected when providing care to people, where all people need to be treated equally without discrimination and marginalization. People living in poverty are at a high risk of developing malnutrition, mental illnesses, and other disorders. Poverty limits people from accessing proper nutrition, healthy foods, clean water and air, and shelter. It significantly increases the chances of poor health. SDG 1, which is no poverty, helps to ensure that people can access proper nutrition and work towards reducing poverty and the rich gap. The reduction of the levels of poverty, in turn, contributes to the excellent health of the general population. Laudato Si encourages nurses to care for all patients equally and resp[ect their human dignity while caring for them. Pope Francis urges people to develop a culture of care to promote each person’s rights and dignity. Additionally, he calls for the respect of the human dignity

Relevance of Comparison on Canberra Community

Australia works towards giving all its citizens equal opportunity and full access to social, economic, and cultural activities. In the community of Canberra, approximately 38000 people live in poverty. The Canberrans are more likely to fall under the poverty line if they are unemployed, unskilled, or have a mental or physical disability. Moreover, with Covid-19, the number has increased to more than 38000 people living with poverty. In Canberra, people living in poverty are mostly exposed to environmental hazards, including the emissions from the industries which significantly affects their health. The encyclical Laudato Si educates the people in the community to treat each other well (Randalls et al.,2019). It also advocates for the removal of the environmental ha. Therefore, the government and the community sector working together can significantly contribute to the reduction of poverty rates and the general improvement of the health of the whole population. Laudato Si comes up with a fully integrated package of programs which aims at strengthening the community of Canberra. With the goal of ending poverty, the government provides a n appropriate social protection of the vulnerable people and creates opportunities both economic, social, and cultural opportunities (Calii et al.,2021). Through Laudato Si a just and an equitable community can be created through the assistance from the government, not for profit agents, and faith based groups. To ensure no poverty SDG is achieved, basic services and resources need to be increased to the most vulnerable people in the community and be able to support them from the environmental hazards (Lawton, 2019).


Both the sustainable development goals and Laudato Si were written in in 2015. The gap between the poor and the rich is widening and the aim of the United Nations Agenda 2030 and the Laudato Si is to be able to reduce the gap and eradicate poverty. People living with poverty are at risk of several health disorders including mental issues. Sdgs and Laudato Si work towards ensuring that the human rights and human dignity are respected. Therefore, various stakeholders, including the government, non-profit making agencies, and the faith based agencies should work towards eradicating poverty and promoting equality. Throught the programs, the nurses are able to care for the patients well, thus promoting good healthcare outcomes.


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