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Russia-Ukraine War Essays

Critical Evaluation of News Coverage

A Russian attack on a maternity hospital in Mariupol, Ukraine, made headlines on March 9th, 2022 (Harding et al.). Numerous media sites throughout the world instantly reported the incident. However, reporters had difficulties regarding accessibility, impartiality, and context, as there would be rapid news events. Reporting on controversial topics like war and warfare is difficult ... Read More
Pages: 8       Words: 2066

The Global Effect of the Russia-Ukraine War

The world is subjected to change by many factors, war being one of the agents of change. The Ukrainian-Russian war has become a public issue globally that has split the world into two, with countries that are allied to the USA and Russia having conflicting opinions regarding the war. This has sparked controversial debate about ... Read More
Pages: 6       Words: 1516
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Contemporary Issues in Management

Section 1 – Introduction Horizon scanning refers to the timely and systemic detection of changes and developments that can affect an entity. In this regard, horizon scanning can encompass doing a single or periodic scan relying on the insights of top leaders in an entity. Horizon scanning can also be continuous, more common in the ... Read More
Pages: 10       Words: 2651

Group of Ukrainian Refugees

Introduction This presentation will help me prepare to talk on mental health awareness to a group of Ukrainian refugees fleeing the Russia/Ukraine war. I understand the need to communicate suitably and sympathetically with their culture. One of support and admiration. I am aware that they have endured horrible events and may, as a result, be ... Read More
Pages: 5       Words: 1364

Russia – Ukraine War: Assessing United Nations Communication

Background and Introduction The conflict between Russia and Ukraine has been ongoing since Ukraine declared its sovereignty from the Soviet Union in August 1991 (Ukraine com, n. d). As a critical geopolitical flashpoint and home to the second-largest population and military power in the former Soviet republics, tensions between Ukraine and Russia have been high ... Read More
Pages: 19       Words: 5150

Analysis of the Photograph

IMAGE ONE FP (Foreign Policy) is an online magazine. Photographer: EMRE CAYLAK PHOTOS FOR FOREIGN POLICY PHOTO ESSAY: “UKRAINE’S WAR IN PHOTOS” The above picture is a scene of a military cemetery in Dnipro, Ukraine; on August 20, the father and fiancée of a soldier slain three weeks before his wedding and the conclusion of ... Read More
Pages: 4       Words: 914

Military Conflict Between Russia and Ukraine

The Military disagreement between Ukraine and Russia has changed the whole world’s history. The awareness of a paramount war breaking in Europe after eight years of a tumbling dispute caused a political group of three divergent nations. According to a study by (Heath et al., 2020), There were those groups that promised to support Ukraine, ... Read More
Pages: 8       Words: 2070

News Stories Related to Anthropology

News Story 1 Ukraine War: Three Dead as Russia Launches New Attack on Cities The conflict between Ukraine and Russia in the Donbass region is highlighted in the BBC News article “Ukraine War: Three Dead as Russia Launches New Attack on Cities.” The recent events of February 2021, when Russia launched a new attack on ... Read More
Pages: 14       Words: 3601

Effects of Russia-Ukraine Conflict on UK Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing

ABSTRACT An intentional and unintentional explosion of ammunition in both countries is compared. There are 2-3 explosions per day, which show a significant statistical trend for this region vs. all the world statistics. Ukrainian people have depended highly on Russian oil supplies (black and brown coal and natural gas). The fuel supply by rail car ... Read More
Pages: 11       Words: 2871

In-Depth Analysis of the Film “La Grande”

Several news coverages nowadays discuss the issues of war in several parts of the globe. For an instant, the most common war discussed today is between Ukraine and Russia. The war between Ukraine and Russia has many aspects that are seen in history and documented in books. However, the film La Grande Illusion portrays war ... Read More
Pages: 6       Words: 1575

Essay on Current Events

Log 1; Economic Impact of Russia – Ukraine War The conflict between Ukraine and Russia began in 2014 and has been a source of significant suffering for the people of both countries and has had a significant economic impact. The war has claimed thousands of lives, caused massive displacement, and caused extensive destruction of infrastructure. ... Read More
Pages: 6       Words: 1430

Russia’s Cyberattacks towards Ukraine

Introduction The Russian invasion of Crimea and Ukraine and the U.S. and E.U. response to it has changed the political landscape of Eastern Europe for at least a generation. The Russian invasion of Ukraine gave Russia a substantial strategic advantage in the region and disrupted the Western World’s attempts to contain Russia. Russia used cyberspace ... Read More
Pages: 4       Words: 958

The Effects of Cyber Capabilities on Future Strategy

The pervasive nature of information and technological advancement is changing warfare and the political scene. Data has become a powerful component; those with quality information wield strategic power through improved decision-making and mission effectiveness. Strategy is a subsequential idea. It represents a pursuit of objectives set against scarce resources at the disposal. According to Clausewitz, ... Read More
Pages: 12       Words: 3189

Can Corporations Solve the Global Food Crisis?

Introduction Individuals are over-farming the planet, and more than half of the planet’s habitable land has already been settled. Extinction rates are roughly 1000 times higher than the natural background rate, owing primarily to the conversion of wild land to agriculture, the pollution that outcomes, and the conflicts. Despite everything, there are almost 800 million ... Read More
Pages: 15       Words: 3973

The Impact Of The Western Sanctions On The Russian Economy

The US and EU member countries have imposed and are considering more sanctions that are targeted at the Russian economy. They are aimed at limiting the country’s ability to fund the existing war with Ukraine, where the Russian administration is considering annexing some of the regions in Ukraine. Western nations have prevented Russian oligarchs from ... Read More
Pages: 6       Words: 1551
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