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Response to a Case Study Learning Activity: Hotel Extraordinaire

Hotel Extraordinaire has employed a robust and aggressive marketing strategy across its operations ranging from products to consumer needs. The Company’s strategy is to employ information technology to cut across all its operations. It has sought the extensive capabilities of Information technology (IT) and embedded it in its daily operations and also running of the business empire. It has been used in operations streamlining, revenue increase, guest attraction and retention to create a substantial competitive advantage in the hospitality industry. Real-time decision-making is a vital tool in business success since it arrests situations before getting out of control. Hotel extraordinaire has sought the use of information technology (IT) infrastructure in real-time decision-making by top management, which has contributed alto its great success. It has also been used to capture consumer data, enabling the business to meet every customer’s needs across the market.

Hotel Extraordinaire has employed a wide range of technologies in its operations. Some of the technologies are PMSs, Roomsnet, and Remax. Property management systems (PMS) give centrality to property control and management. The technology has been widely used in hotel industries over time. Still, hotel extraordinaire mastered the art by embedding it with third-party technologies to customize their operations and achieve the desired results. It encompasses holistic management systems ensuring that guests choose their interaction with a facility. (Sheldon 270). Rooms net is technology applied by hotel extraordinaire facilitated for a two-way interface between the customer and the company staff. It has facilitated functionality and easy booking). Rooms technology has facilitated revenue management, a core function in any business operation. It helps to fast-track the business segments performing exemplary well and the struggling segments for effective decision-making. The technologies employed have provided advancement in customer interactions where customization of end-use needs can be tailor-made to fit the customers’ individual needs.

If I was working for a competing hotel, hotel Extraordinaire human resource management systems using information technology which helps in recruitment and retention of employees. Career tracking and progression of employees to determine the employees are ready for promotion, training and staff development. This ensures a cross-functional workforce that has been empowered and familiar with the work structure. The organization’s most admirable traits of hotel extraordinaire are workforce specialization, where employees work where they do their best. This allows the consumers to enjoy top-notch specialized services from specialized employees. As an employee in a competing company, I would insist on workforce development through training and exposure to compete favourably with ordinary, well-informed employees. Specialized services are another factor I would look into to ensure the customers enjoy only the best from the best employees (Mota Veiga, et al. 9-25). The Company’s competitiveness would significantly increase in the market through implementing the strategies.

The critical teaching in the hotel’s extraordinary case is that change is the only constant factor. Change is the only key factor that will keep any career person or business entity competitive prices over time. The work market in recent times has been very volatile, calling for regular improvements and training in one’s career life. The changing markets make change an inevitable undertaking for one to remain relevant in the workplace. Technological inventions and advancements must also keep changing to accommodate the time factor. The technological needs of the 21st century are very different from the needs of the 20th century. Aligning with the external environment needs of any business enterprise is an important factor since it provides important information on the end user needs. In my professional career, the case study teaches how one may use technology to remain competitive in the market. According to Adlwarth (101-109), “this is by ensuring that you embrace the new technologies and inventing how to embed the same in your career life .”

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