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Reflection on Emotional Intelligence Test

Explain Whether You Agree With It and Why

I agree with the emotional IQ test results since they are accurate and reflect clearly on my emotional intelligence. I do not hold back on information, and I have always maintained a positive mindset. The test was able to reflect these traits clearly, and they are a massive point of accuracy in the test conducted. The test also reflected on me as a strong person that, has been my primary selling point. I have had experiences to maintain solid relations and friendships due to my garner internal strength. I agree with the result, and they have noted areas where I might need to improve or change in future to make myself a better person. So far, these traits have brought me happiness, made me establish strong social networks and even managed to ensure good health.

Describe what you’ve learned from it, such as your strengths and weaknesses

I have learned that I have significant emotional control and intelligence strengths from this test. I know how to appreciate and recognize major strong and weak points and do the same for others. This has made me empathetic towards the challenges that other people face. As a result, I can deal with, motivate, listen to others’ concerns, and help them improve and learn from them. However, this trait is also a significant flaw.

I have found myself foregoing my concerns to deal with other people’s challenges or help them in many cases. This effect has made me vulnerable to people who may not have good intentions and helping them only turns me into a victim. I need to develop and seek a mechanism that will allow me to become more careful in dealing with such people and empathize with them while maintaining a safer distance to avoid harm.

SMART Goals to Improve Emotional Intelligence Skills

One goal that I seek to achieve in my emotional Intelligence development is regarding improving and controlling the way I interact with other people. I need to develop myself to confront people I feel might not harbour good intentions or even avoid them. In many cases, trying to help such people leads to more problems that could have been avoided by avoiding them. I need to summon the courage and confront such people without fearing that they may not be pleased or that they may not like me at the end (Mindtools, 2019). I will have to commit myself so that within one month, I will devise a better way to deal with such people and, from then, be able to maintain a distance from them.

Another goal that I seek to attain is to disconnect easily. I have been in circumstances where I cannot shake off a stressful event or encounter. This has led to me being exposed to many stressors that limit my daily dealing with many issues. My goal is to disconnect from such stressors and focus on the positive side of my encounters or other things taking place around me. Relaxing and being able to distract oneself from an issue helps to generate better thinking and properly strategizing before going back to solving it rather than thinking about it all the time.

Describe the Strategies You Will Use to Reach These Goals

To reach these goals that I have set for myself, I need to develop self-awareness and regulation. I need to control my impulses and emotions when I feel that I am putting myself in a vulnerable position. This self-regulation will be achieved by carefully evaluating the other person’s position before solving their problem or helping those (Kotsou et al., 2019). This strategy will help avoid careless, poorly planned decisions responsible for significant challenges. This will require that I focus more on thoughtfulness, being comfortable with changes, and being willing to say no when I am not pleased with a decision.

I would also have to conduct a self-evaluation daily, note my weaknesses, and measure my improvements. This step will be an effective strategy to note where stressors negatively influence me or where I need to improve. This will be done by examining my reactions and dealing with people I perceive as not willing to take responsibility for their actions appropriately.

Overly, this emotional intelligence test has helped me open up. It has helped me understand myself better, examine relations with the people around me, and seek to become a better person. From this point, my action plan aims to develop myself and my character to become the best version of myself and attain better relations and associations with other people.


Kotsou, I., Mikolajczak, M., Heeren, A., Grégoire, J., & Leys, C. (2019). Improving emotional intelligence: A systematic review of existing work and future challenges. Emotion Review11(2), 151-165.

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