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Recommendation for Future Strategy for Cyclone


After studying Cyclone’s product portfolio using the GE/McKinsey Matrix, it is clear that the business battles in a highly competitive sector with a client base that comprises primarily mountain bike riders. It is highly suggested that Cyclone implements a strategy of digital transformation to improve the likelihood of its organization successfully implementing a dynamic marketing strategy in the future. The plan will make utilization of digital technologies and capabilities to enhance interactions with consumers, make simpler business processes, and drive growth (Hunsaker and Knowles, 2020). The suggestions that follow provide an overview of the “what,” “why,” and “how” elements involved in putting the digital transformation strategy into practice.

Recommendation 1: Implement a “Try Before You Buy” Strategy


Cyclone Corporation ought to invest in digital platforms and technology that enable shoppers to virtually test-ride their motorcycles before purchasing. Such could motivate a greater number of individuals to buy Cyclone bikes. This might be attained via simulations in virtual reality (VR) or experiences in augmented reality (AR), both of which offer a thrilling and realistic experience of riding a bike (Hunsaker and Knowles, 2020).


Cyclone company may solve the typical hurdle of clients being incapable of physically testing motorcycles by giving a “try before you buy” choice. This method boosts the buyer’s experience, fosters trust, and improves the chances of conversion. It additionally fits in with the increasing popularity of online buying and the demand for individualized experiences (Azcoitia and Laoutaris, 2022).


Cyclone can develop a smartphone application or a platform on the internet that permits buyers to virtually test ride, numerous bike models. The software may simulate various terrains, amend bike settings, and present real-time feedback on effectiveness. Cyclone may monitor KPIs like client interaction, conversion rate, and client satisfaction ratings to gauge success (Ngoc and Nogalski, 2022).

Recommendation 2: Repurpose Sales Staff for Digital Sales Channels


Cyclone ought to retrain and empower its sales team with the digital capabilities essential for successful operation in online sales platforms. This involves directives in digital marketing, e-commerce sites, and customer relationship management (CRM) software.


As the organization welcomes digital transformation, sales representatives’ responsibilities could shift from conventional face-to-face contacts to online sales and support. Repurposing salespeople for online platforms guarantee they continue to make a difference to the business’s success while keeping up with shifting client preferences and market realities.


Cyclone can set up workshops to educate salespeople on digital marketing techniques, social media management, and online customer involvement. The business should also provide them with access to crucial digital tools and information. Success may be judged by the repurposed sales personnel’s success in digital avenues, client feedback on their service quality, and their capacity to adjust to the online environment (Azcoitia and Laoutaris, 2022).

Recommendation 3: Enhance Digital Systems and Capabilities


Cyclone has to put money into updating its digital infrastructure to help the business’s digital transformation efforts thrive. Integrating customer relationship management (CRM) systems, boosting the accessibility and performance of internet pages, and creating effective e-commerce sites all fall under this classification (Ngoc and Nogalski, 2022).


A solid digital infrastructure is a necessity for a productive digital evolution. It makes it easy to do business via the Internet without any hitches, offers excellent service to buyers, and makes intelligent choices according to collected data. Cyclone may better satisfy the requirements of its clients and acquire an edge in the market by broadening its digital infrastructure and capabilities (Hunsaker and Knowles, 2020).


Cyclone may collaborate with e-commerce platform vendors to set up an easy-to-use and safe online shop. The website for the business must additionally be optimized for speed, mobile friendliness, and straightforward navigation. Integrating a CRM system can consolidate client information, facilitate tailored marketing efforts, and stronger customer relationship management. Metrics, including online sales expansion, conversion rates, website traffic, and customer feedback, might be utilized for evaluating success (Azcoitia and Laoutaris, 2022).

Recommendation 4: Optimize Distribution and Warehousing Processes


Cyclone would benefit significantly from integrating digital technology into its distribution and storage activities. This involves the application of data analytics for demand forecasting and supply chain efficiency, as well as the launching inventory control systems and warehouse automation technological advances (Ngoc and Nogalski, 2022).


Implementing digital technology in distribution and storage can greatly enhance both processes. Cyclone might lower inventory holding expenses, boost inventory visibility, and guarantee on-time order fulfillment by introducing an inventory control system. Robotics and additional automated picking systems could significantly enhance effectiveness and precision in the warehouse setting. Cyclone might gain from maximizing inventory levels and making well-informed supply chain choices by using the information presented by data analytics (Jelonek et al., 2022).


Cyclone should invest in inventory control software that interfaces with its website for e-commerce and other technological advances. This enables real-time inventory surveillance, automated reorder points and swift order processing. To put solutions relevant to its specifications, a company may investigate collaborations with logistics firms that excel in warehouse automation technology (Ngoc and Nogalski, 2022). Moreover, employing data analytics technologies and hiring data analysts might help Cyclone assess past sales data, trends in the market, and consumer tastes to predict demand while controlling inventory levels (Jelonek et al., 2022). This recommendation’s key success measures are quicker order fulfillment, reduced stock holding expenses, and enhanced demand forecasting reliability.

Implementation Timetable

1-2 – Comprehensively analyze client preferences, market trends, and competition initiatives.

– Design a thorough digital transformation tactics plan containing objectives and milestones.

3-4 -Commence work on the “Try Before You Buy” mobile app or web-based site.

-Discover and collaborate with platforms for e-commerce vendors to create an online shop.

-Launch digital marketing, social media management, and online interaction with clients training courses for sales personnel.

5-6 -Test and enhance the “Try Before You Buy” system based on consumer feedback.

-Establish the online shop while maintaining client experience, mobile responsiveness, and security in mind.

-Establish a client relationship management (CRM) system to consolidate client data and facilitate tailored marketing efforts.

7-8 -Regularly track and evaluate KPIs for the “Try Before You Buy” platforms, like consumer engagement, conversion rates, and client satisfaction ratings.

-From sales results and client feedback, analyze the success of the repurposed sales force in online platforms.

-Enhance the accessibility and effectiveness of the website according to user data and comments.

9-10 – Check out collaborations with logistics firms for warehouse automation approaches.

-Integrate inventory control software with the e-commerce system.

-Implement data analytics innovations for demand forecasting and supply chain enhancement by hiring data analysts or collaborating with data analytics enterprises.

11-12 -Conduct periodic assessments of the efficiency of the digital transformation plan.

-Make changes and enhancements in response to market shifts, consumer input, and technological advancements.

-Track crucial success indicators: online sales expansion, inventory holding expenses conversion rates, website traffic, order fulfillment pace, and demand forecasting consistency.

Ongoing -Keep ahead of the rivals by exploring new technological advances and trends.

-Evaluate and revise the plan for digital transformation to adjust to changing customer demands and market realities.

-Establish a digital innovation and cooperation culture inside the firm to generate continuous growth.


By embracing digital transformation into Cyclone’s future marketing plans, the organization might enhance client experiences, boost its operational effectiveness, and obtain a competitive advantage in the market. Adopting a “try before you buy” technique, repurposing sales personnel for digital channels, upgrading digital systems and resources, and simplifying distribution and warehouse processes are all key components of this change. Regular assessment of vital measures and regular review of the strategy’s performance guarantee long-term success and flexibility to market shifts.


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