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Reaction Essay: The House I Live In

“The house I live in” documentary explores the war against drugs in the United States well. Eugene Jarecki convinces the audience that the war on drugs is one of the failed ideas in the nation. Thousands of people have been sent to jail, but drugs are still available in the nation. The US is the highest jailer, but the war is not even half won. As described in the following paragraphs, I agree with the documentary that the war on drugs is a public health issue, and financial corruption has played a role in the increased drug business.

Jarecki insists that drugs are a public health issue other than a law enforcement concept. I agree with the statement because when alcohol and drugs are easily accessible, peoples’ general well-being is affected. First, people abusing drugs are more likely to become sick. They could contract HIV/AIDS, STDS, and other diseases because drugs alter one’s judgment. Also, they could develop drug-related illnesses like liver cirrhosis and cardiovascular conditions. When they become sick, they do not report to work. As a result, their productivity is low, the society lacks a workforce, and they are more likely to be hospitalized. Since drugs alter one’s judgment and reasoning, mental illnesses are more likely to develop. Chances of suicide are high as they try to resolve the issues with the drugs, but since this is an unhealthy coping mechanism, their health deteriorates.

They also affect their loved ones and those around them. Domestic violence would happen since the drug users do not meet the roles at home. For example, when they lose jobs, they put the family burden on their partners, leading to violence. Physical fights, child abuse, and motor vehicle crashes would also happen. These elements prove that drugs are a health issue instead of law enforcement. In my opinion, health care providers should collaborate with the government to spread this message. Community members should understand that when they abuse drugs, they affect their lives and those around them. When people are informed and assisted in preventing drugs, such as employing them instead of punishing them, the battle will be won.

I also agree that financial corruption has heightened the issue, and instead of punishing the users, the police officers and other parties allowing it should be punished. The global drug market is worth billions of money, meaning that some people earn huge profits from this illegal business. The drug traffickers are enabled by police officers who accept bribes other than taking legal measures. They also bribe some politicians allowing them to enter the boundaries to do their business. If police officers and politicians were determined to fight the battle, drug traffickers would not thrive. In my opinion, the government and citizens’ goal should not be tracing and punishing drug users. Instead, they should look for the traffickers, police officers, and politicians enabling the practice. The distribution would be limited when the source is cut, thus winning the battle.

Therefore, I concur with the documentary that drug is a public health issue, and financial corruption has enabled the business. As discussed, drugs affect the users’ health and those around them. The battle will be worn if they are educated and empowered by employing instead of punishing them. The traffickers, police officers, and politicians involved should be severely punished since they are responsible for the situation.

Work Cited

Jarecki Eugene. The House I Live in.


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