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Prepare an Executive Business Plan

Company Information

The name of the company is “Zincite Innovations.” The company is a small global firm aimed at ensuring that small companies are helped to grow. “Zincite Innovations” was founded four years ago to become a global competitor in digitalizing other firms. Seven of the company’s founders were drawn from diverse places in the world, and their educational backgrounds were also different. Moreover, the members employed in this small but global company are 15 of them. The number of employees indicates that “Zincite Innovations” has been growing. The location of the business is in Texas.

Mission Statement

The mission of “Zincite Innovations” is to provide effective, innovative solutions to small organizations by helping them grow globally. The company was created to achieve this mission by improving the marketing for these small organizations.

Product or Service

The services that “Zincite Innovations” offers are mainly aimed at improving the online presence of small organizations. For “Zincite Innovations,” to achieve this, we create website designs for these small organizations to improve their global reach. Furthermore, “Zincite Innovations” offers SEO to clients to help reach the global market. The other remaining services “Zincite Innovations” provide are paid advertising for small companies and social media management. The benefits are mainly aimed at ensuring that these companies.

Company Logo

Company Logo


Our company’s target market includes small businesses across Europe, America, and other continents. The aim would be to familiarize these small companies with the global market. Introducing the online presence for the intended companies would ensure that these companies gain global connections. For instance, the website development for these companies would ensure that they gain international recognition from their target customers. In this target customer for our services, there is a range of revenue for them to enter into our list. The targeted customer companies in Europe and America have annual revenues of $200000 to $4 million. In this case, it would be easy for “Zincite Innovations” to gain enough customers to market its products. With this targeted audience, it would be easy for the company to gain enough customers. Most of the targeted customers are those whose companies need online marketing features and would need one. Therefore, it would be easy to get such markets worldwide by advertising our services like website development and SEO. Our primary competitors in the market are companies offering such services as Ignite Digital. With the company offering similar services as ours, it would be a competition for the customers.


For “Zincite Innovations” to showcase its services to the targeted customers, there is a need to introduce strong advertising. First, there is a need to create strong marketing. First, there is an ad requirement to ensure customers understand the essence of digital marketing services. In this ad, there would be a video featuring one of the small organizations seeking to gain customers and growth. Moreover, the ad video would also feature the same company partnering with “Zincite Innovations” and gaining more customers and revenues. Furthermore, the video would be posted on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Moreover, the message could target many companies in Europe and America. Social media marketing is helpful to ensure that organizations market their services and products (Melović et al., 2020). In this case, our company would have been marketed across all the media platforms.


For “Zincite Innovations” to establish itself as a great business, there is a need to implement the necessary financial measures. First, there would be a need for $1m as the starting capital. As the chairwoman supports, “Zincite Innovations” starting capital will be catered for in this advertisement video. The amount offered as a startup would be for catering “Zincite Innovations” salaries and equipment. Moreover, the payment for the office space would also come from this startup capital offered by the chairwoman. As the years go on, “Zincite Innovations” would consider adding more investment to ensure that it attains the first position ahead of the competitors in the globe.

Growth Potential

“Zincite Innovations” projects the growing revenues to increase over the next three years. The company’s expected growth would depend on how effectively we market the products. Growth is essential when there is an increment in demand for the company’s services (Ranta, Aarikka-Stenroos, & Väisänen, 2021). The need for our digital marketing services by our clients would be the primary determinant for the growth expectations. The exact revenue growth from the growth would be 30% for the estimated three years. We also anticipate employing 100 people in the next three years to help our company develop other small companies to gain an online presence. “Zincite Innovations” plan is to continuously grow in its duty of improving the services for its customers. Moreover, we also plan to reach our set target in innovation. “Zincite Innovations” also aims to collaborate with other companies on different continents to reach its global aim.


Melović, B., Jocović, M., Dabić, M., Vulić, T. B., & Dudic, B. (2020). The impact of digital transformation and digital marketing on the brand promotion, positioning, and electronic business in Montenegro. Technology in Society63, 101425.

Ranta, V., Aarikka-Stenroos, L., & Väisänen, J. M. (2021). Digital technologies are catalyzing business model innovation for circular economy—Multiple case study. Resources, Conservation and Recycling164, 105155.


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