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Pharmacy Rotation at Albertson Savon Pharmacy


Pharmacy rotations are periods to showcase a student’s didactic coursework while preparing them for a career as a pharmacist. For most students, rotations might be the only form of real-life education they attain in pharmacy school. Providing quality and well-planned pharmacy rotations is essential in stimulating students’ interest in the pharmaceutical practice area and, at the same time, training those with goals of becoming pharmacists. It is also vital to ensure that graduating pharmacists are exposed to fundamental pharmaceutical concepts and operations. This paper will provide a reflection describing my pharmacy rotation goals and objective at Albertson Savon Pharmacy and how I satisfied them.

Goals and Objectives

The overall goal for pharmaceutical rotations is to equip students with the necessary skills to succeed in the industry. Similarly, my specific pharmacy rotation goals and objective at Albertson Savon Pharmacy revolve around the overall goal. My first goal at Alberton Savon Pharmacy was to effectively use the pharmacy’s prescription software for various activities like filling prescriptions, checking for drug interactions, retrieving patient profiles and their drug information. Secondly, I sought to understand the general and common types of medication-related problems and their potential solutions, forming the basis for my third goal: to take personal accountability for the patient’s outcomes, particularly those related to drug therapy. Fourthly, by the end of the rotation, I sought to be in a position where I could communicate clearly and effectively, both orally and in writing, to patients, fellow staff and community members. My last goal, displaying professionalism both in actions and appearance, sums up how I would professionally achieve my set goals.

Satisfying the Goals and Objectives

Setting ideal goals and objectives was not enough for the success of the rotation program without proper planning on how I would achieve the goals. Indeed according to, (Eiland, Fenn, & Ellis, 2020), the satisfaction of rotational goals and objectives is highly dependent on the student input and interest. To satisfy my first goal of effectively using Alberton Savon pharmacy’s prescription software, I first had to seek guidance from my colleague with expertise in using the software for exposure in its operations, utilization and maintenance. Assessing patients’ profiles by interviewing them on their previous prescriptions and medication helped me verify the necessary prescriptions and medication orders accurately.

Secondly, to understand the various types of medication-related problems, I actively participated in Alberton Savon pharmacy’s medical use evaluation, engaging the staff in researching the common medication-related problems and their specific solutions. Patients’ feedback on how the medication affected them helped form the basis for my third goal of taking personal accountability for the patient’s outcomes. The (American Society of Consultant Pharmacists , 2017)asserts that taking personal accountability requires pharmacists to develop and implement pharmaceutical care plans for their customers. I assessed, monitored and documented various patients’ drug therapies and their adherence to the therapies and used the findings to develop and implement the appropriate care plans.

To communicate clearly and effectively both in writing or when speaking within the clinical environment, I addressed all communications at levels appropriate for the audience through choosing words, terms and language appropriate to my audience. Further, the length and depth of communication were directly proportional to the situation. I used persuasive communication techniques like creating an atmosphere of openness and trustworthiness where my patients would openly share their medical conditions without the fear of being judged. In addition, my communication displayed a caring attitude towards clients in all my job responsibilities aspects. Lastly, I displayed my professionalism through my appearance and behaviour. For instance, I maintained patient and site confidentiality, prepared for the pharmacy’s daily activities on time and displayed respect and courtesy to the patient’s staff and others.

Owing to the successful rotation at Alberton Savon pharmacy, I am now more motivated than ever to join the pharmaceutical industry and use my skills to make positive changes in my society.


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