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Operations Management for Managers


Quality has always proven to be a mandatory requirement for any product and service provision. Any organization that does not comply and emphasize much more quality delivery of its products or services is on the verge of failing. Therefore, organizations need to develop a clear framework that is much more in support of quality delivery of services. Thus, I focused on the previous model’s hotel and restaurant business management process. The name of the Hotel is Carrington Hotel, having been located in Hawaii. This sector is much more considerate of quality in terms of services and merchandise that they offer their clients.

Quality Management in Hotel and Restaurant Industry

Total quality management has to be implemented in the hotel and restaurant industry, and more enhancements placed on it. The sector should incorporate this strategy as an essential principle that aligns with their corporate strategy to ensure that they get higher quality services and meet the customers’ needs. A company failing to meet the customers’ requirements and demands can be put at significant risk of losing customers to competitors (Kumar, Banga, & Thapar, 2011). The industry has become so intense the competition that every company should fight to maintain its customers.

Quality in the hotel industry is majorly focused on the food production processes, improvement of the product design as well as the advancement of technology to help the sector stay much more competitive. In that manner, any hotel that sticks to these principles and applies them in its strategy is better positioned to meet the minimum requirements. Through this, there will be an improvement in the production processes. Also, the industry should focus on employing the industry employees who have the proper skills and experience to work in this sector, for this will help far much to maintain the highest standards in the industry. This differentiates the Hotel’s products from competitors, enabling the industry to achieve its set goals and objectives.

Additionally, with the application of modern technology, the hotel industry should focus its efforts on implementing an Automated Statistical Process control system that will ensure that the value of food is delivered and reduce any defects and wastes of food. This software enables the teams to monitor the food processing operations and identifies any risks that might occur at their initial stages. By adopting this technology, the industry will meet its goal and objective of continuous food improvement. Additionally, the improvement in product design ensures that safety measures are met. The food safety program will always ensure that food is free from dangers, such as poisoning, that might make the customers ill.

Similarly, maintaining quality will ensure that the industry focuses much more on improving sustainability. This is because the demand for consumers is that they get served meals that are healthier and get their services in an environment conducive to be in. this is a collective responsibility to the teams in the industry. Achieving this sustainability is through water conservation, sustainable food distribution, and pests being controlled from getting in contact with food. Through this practice, the industry will be marketing itself in terms of sustainable practices, and customers are more likely to reward for this behavior. Therefore, the industry will achieve the desired goals, objectives, and targets.

Measurement Tools

Today, many hotels have introduced measurement standards in their strategy for conducting their business. These standards are directly evaluated to monitor if the Hotel is in a better position to achieve its goals and objectives. Additionally, the measurement ensures the maintenance of high-quality standards in the industry. The two approaches that help measure these standards are the customer-oriented approach and the technical and product approach. Every manager always focuses on working hard and ensuring that the Hotel and its team abide by the standards and that the customers’ needs are met. A customer’s intention in visiting a hotel is always to get high service delivery (Adil, Al Ghaswyneh, & Albkour, 2013). To evaluate if the service delivery to customers is satisfactory, a SERVPERF Scale is a tool used to assess this.

SERVPERF scale is a performance-only measurement that is used to measure service quality. Since this type of scale is performance-based, it is most suitable since it helps to provide a much more discriminant and valid convergent explanation of service quality. The tool helps much more to give a more significant reason to the effects of technology, product design as well as improvement in the food manufacturing process on service quality in a much more efficient and effective way. Additionally, it places the Hotel in a position it can explain the variances ordinarily present in the general service quality, which is achieved through a single-item scale.

The SERVPERF Scale comes with an advantage for it gives the Hotel and the management team an alternative in coming up with solutions to problems that arise in the day-to-day activities with much comfort. Additionally, the tool lets the teams know their areas of strengths and weaknesses and the adjustments they can make to meet the competitive business environment. The embedded quality culture is also created within the Hotel, so managing growth within the organization becomes much more accessible. This tool also makes a better and more detailed understanding of the customers’ needs, and therefore it is most likely to increase the customers’ satisfaction levels.

Quality management

There are fundamental strategies that are aimed toward guiding quality management. These tools are essential for the hotel and restaurant industry (Marković & Raspor Janković, 2013). The two programs, that is, Six Sigma and the TQM, are widely used to help this industry achieve its set goals and objectives.

  • Six Sigma

This is the most used process in project management, for it has a lot of supporting facts. It is a way to understand and evaluate the significant causes of quality and the effects of the quality breakdown (Shofia, Bakhtiar, & Prastawa, 2020, April). With the introduction of Lean Six Sigma in its strategy, a hotel can boost its efficiency, for this strategy ensures the complete elimination of waste products through the end of the food processing cycle. This model ensures that quality is attained and customer satisfaction is always the order of the day by guaranteeing tight operational efficiency.

Integrating the lean Sigma six in their strategy, the hotel industry is in a better position for this technology will always ensure that the staff across the whole organization enjoys clarity in communication and better prioritization. The strategy makes the hotel industry work smart in fastening its processes. Similarly, it lowers the cost of running the whole organization for it eliminates the wasted efforts that always are present in such an environment. The staff relationship stays healthier, and they stay happier. Therefore, the teams are in a position to determine the defective processes and fix them accordingly, and the chances of doing more with less are increased.

  • TQM

Total Quality Management also helps the hotel industry achieve its excellence since it is focused on the improvement of customer satisfaction, competitive advantage, and cost-effectiveness. a hotel that adopts this program in its strategy and abides by it to achieve its goals and objectives both horizontally and vertically throughout all the levels in the organization meets success with it (Bouranta, Psomas, & Pantouvakis, 2017). To integrate this strategy, the hotel industry should always familiarize customers with the products that they sell.

They should also ensure that their cooperative structure is cohesive and systematically set their rates. Additionally, the hotel properties’ last impression should be as favorable as possible. The hotel areas should also be worked on and maintained correctly and following the set standards. An organization that adopts this strategy is on the verge of winning its competitive advantage since properly implementing it ensures that costs are reduced, efficiency increases, and profitability. Thus, this ensures that the general organization’s goals and objectives are met.


Quality in the hotel industry is an essential matter. It has helped many large organizations to meet their targets because of the characteristic nature of determining the demand for a product. Additionally, it has allowed for the image building and reputation of the hotel industry, and the consumers’ concerns have often been dealt with accordingly. Quality being an international concern, the products, therefore, must meet quality and the expectations in price and therefore can put an organization at a global level.


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