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Nursing Philosophy Scholarly Paper

Nursing metaparadigm are the foundation of nursing practice. A nursing metaparadigm thus provides a structure of how nursing should function (Wills, 2018). The nursing metaparadigm plays a vital process in providing quality patient care that address the patient’s needs holistically and the nursing responsibilities. Therefore, medical care is connected to the four interactive components. The four metaparadigms of nursing are Person, Environment, Health, and Nursing (Wills, 2018). This paper will discuss the four domains of the nursing metaparadigm and how they fit in my nursing philosophy.

Definition of the Four Domains

First, is the domain of person which focuses on the patient who receives care. Some theorists have expanded the person to include family and community. For instance, Henderson believes that knowing the patient values, culture, and family is paramount for providing the patient with high-quality services (Alligood, 2017). The second domain is the environment; this includes the internal and external surroundings of the patient (Alligood, 2017). When providing care to the patient, their environment also plays a vital role in their recovery process. Thus, nurses should ensure that the environment is conducive for patient recovery. Health refers to the ability of the patient to function independently. Health is an important aspect for the well-being of an individual to achieve their full potential. The fourth domain is nursing. Nursing is a practice that involves caring for the patient (Meleis, 2017). The purpose of nursing is to restore the patient’s health and adapt to a healthy lifestyle. In Henderson theory, she identifies the role of patient care where the nurses assume these roles to effectively take care of the patient (Wills, 2018). By assuming these different roles, the nurses can identify the needs of the patient they are taking care of.

Personalized Definitions of Domains

Nurses should ensure that the patients’ needs are met through careful analysis. Health, in my definition, is the physical, spiritual, and mental wellness of an individual. This wellness is achieved through the provision of high quality and easily accessible services. The environment is an integral part of the patient wellness; and can be categorized as the immediate surroundings of the patient, therefore an individual can change or modify their environment to improve their health. My definition of nursing is how nurses apply their knowledge when caring for the patients to ensure their recovery. Nursing plays a vital role in the speedy recovery of patients, and nurses should keep current with the knowledge and skills essential for patient care. These domains fit in my nursing philosophy of providing high quality and patient-centered care. I have the responsibility of staying informed with current nursing practices, health care services, and surroundings that promote patients’ quick recovery.

Analysis of Two Institutions

The Mission of the Miami Dade College Benjamin Leon School of Nursing and Jackson Health System have some similarities as they aim to provide accessible and high-quality health care services and education programs to their students (Jackson Health System, 2021; Miami Dade College, 2021). Additionally, both institution’s missions are community centered, with both organizations’ missions aiming to provide quality care to the people within their communities.

There are some differences in the vision as Miami Dade College Benjamin Leon School of Nursing aims to be a nationally recognized leader in nursing education. On the other hand, Jackson Health System aims to be a world-class medical system globally(Jackson Health System, 2021; Miami Dade College, 2021). Additionally, Jackson is a nonprofit organization that provides health care services to the community and education programs for students while Miami Dade College Benjamin Leon School of Nursing is an education institution that offers associate and baccalaureate programs.

Summary and Reflection

Because I believe that a patient’s surrounding has an impact on their general wellbeing. My philosophy as a nurse is to deliver the best care to my patients by understanding their needs in order to improve their general wellness and healthcare access a patient receives. Through learning the different philosophy in nursing, nurses can provide care that respects patients and improve their health conditions. My nursing philosophy is to provide high quality and patient-centered care healthcare services. In delivering the care, I must ensure that the patients’ needs are met, which aligns with the MDC School of Nursing philosophy, which promotes high-quality services to patients through providing high-quality education to students. Through the experience at school, I have learnt the importance of delivering high-quality health care services, and by doing this, we are assured of the patient’s recovery. Through nursing school and working at the hospital, I have learnt that nurses do not only follow physicians’ instructions as I had previously assumed. I have learnt that nurses are an integral part of patient recovery and play various roles in patient care. They educate the patients about their health and provide the needed support to their patients. Choosing to pursue nursing was the best decision I ever made, and nursing was my true calling. I have developed a great desire to help people, and to me, not only is nursing a profession that allows me to care for my patients, but also advocate for them. I want to provide high-quality care to my patients and ensure that they can return to their daily lives more informed about their health. My nursing philosophy guides my practices as every day is a learning day for me to ensure that I provide patient-centric high-quality services. I believe that both nursing school and clinical rotations at the hospital has helped me connect more with my nursing philosophy. The mission of these institutions are similar, and they aim to provide high-quality health care services which is the goal of my nursing philosophy.


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