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Freedom and Playability of Simulation Construction in Games, City Skyline and Avorion – Outline

The freedom and playability of simulation construction games have been an issue of much consideration in the gaming world. The reason behind the concern aligns itself with the factors brought about by the two aspects. The two elements relate differently but impact the efficiency of various games unitedly as far as City Skylines and Avorion games are concerned. The term freedom of simulation construction in the gaming world entails the ability to create a vague environment. An environment to accomplish the exact motive of the game and the expected deliverable of the game as far as the games City Skyline and the Avorion are concerned.

On the other hand, the playability of simulation construction entails the ease and the efficient playing of the games within a simulation construct. Thus, the two aspects are critical in comparing the two games, City Skyline and the Avorion. The City Skyline is a game that was published by paradox interactive and developed with Colossal Order (Putra, 2019). The game is a single-player ended game that entails the building of a city simulation. The game majorly associates the engagement of players in simulated urban planning through controlling various aspects.

The Avorion, on the other hand, is a simulation video game that associates shooting as well as adventure. The game is related to adopting sandbox aspects from various games such as X or the Freelancer, lets it in within a Co-op multiplayer, and allows the players to build their ship. The ship’s building is entirely in a simulated environment, just as in the case of City Skyline (Xu,2021). Thus, the two games compare and differ at various levels based on the two aspects, playability and freedom of the simulation construction. The story of comparison and difference between the two games comes in based on the two’s setting and operational ability.

City Skyline is equipped with a simulation-supported environment that allows for the freedom and playability of the game. The game entails the construction of the fantasized building as well as urban planning. Thus, the freedom to construct a simulation while playing the game is provided for. In addition, considering the nature of the game, simulation construction is a build-in feature that has been incorporated to ensure higher playability of the game. Based on the reviews of the game, simulation is associated with the better performance of the game. On occasion, a review mentioned, ‘this game is so amazing and can’t imagine it without the simulation feature.”

On the other side of Avorion, simulation has as well been incorporated. However, the playability is where the comparison line is drawn. Compared to the City Skyline game, the playability of Avorion is considerably lower than that of the City skyline. In the case of Avorion, it entails a procedural galaxy-generated principle where the players start the mission at the edge and should consider finding their way out through the galaxy (Lyngstad,2017). Based on the game, the freedom of simulation construction is necessary and incorporated. However, opposite to City Skyline, the playability becomes relatively low. The reason behind the lower playability may be associated with the constructs of the game.

In setting up gaming simulations, there is a need to copy various activities from real life. Other measures affect the playability based on simulation construction, as in the case of Avorion. The setting of the game differs in reality creation as far as the simulation is concerned. The Avorion game, as opposed to the City Skyline, is more complex due to the emulated simulation within the constructs. However, on the side of City Skyline, the simulation constructed based on freedom is positive. Whatever creates a difference between these two games is the level of playability based on the players. In addition, the simulation constructed in each game significantly differs (Murwonugroho, and Tyasrinestu,2019. Pg. 3697-3700). The galaxy pathway in the Avorion game is exceptionally unrealistic or unimaginable as compared to the City Skyline.

Freedom of simulation construction is a common factor in most games that supports simulation. However, playability, as in the two games, significantly differ. The Avorion game setting is a complex environment that slightly differs from the positive attributes of a simulation game. On the other hand, the City Skyline demonstrates higher levels of playability (Mandl, H., 2017. Pg. 371-380). The story of the playability of simulation construction in City Skyline relates to the reality in the built simulation. Thus, the two games depict the concern behind the two aspects, freedom and playability. Most so, in the case that the two elements are associated with games that require simulation construction.


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