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New Product and Services Development


Enthusiastic home chefs point out that the organization of kitchen utensils and tools are highly significant for quick accessibility of utensils kept for use. Major issues that arise in households’ kitchens are the accumulation of too many tools and utensils to fit in kitchen drawers. The organization of kitchen tools and utensils is based on utensil holders, which is the primary function of using certain cooking types. The new idea of stainless utensil holders began to evolve and seems to change the kitchen condition and easy accessibility of tools and utensils. Therefore, introducing a new product in the home kitchen will minimize disorganization and ease accessing tools and utensils required for a particular type of cooking.

Definition of the New Concept of Future Utensil Holder

The new product integrates three different materials: stainless steel, plastic, and rubber. Stainless steel material is commonly used in households as they are more durable and are not easily deformed or rusted. The plastic base is primarily used to safeguard utensil tools and tall bodies to maintain the tools upright. The rubber feet material maintains the holder steady on wet grounds. I purchased these materials in one common surface ground.

The utensil holder has four compartments to separate and organize kitchen utensils and tools. It does not occupy most of the kitchen counter. Soft rubber feet are fixed under the base to maintain steady wet ground. The plastic compartment is separated into two parts. If fixed at the bottom, the detachable plastic is full of drain holes to ensure no leakages. Notably, the plastic base is used to protect the end of kitchen utensils organized in the holder. For convenience, stainless steel is made to hold small utensils such as spoons, forks, and knives.

The picture of utensil holderThe picture of utensil holderThe picture of utensil holder

Figure.1                                                     Figure. 2                                  Figure.3

Taking into account the innovation process as illustrated in figures 4 and 5, this new design of utensil holder integrates other current development in the stainless steel industry, an incremental adjustment, and disruptive innovation since we are committed to creating a new market and value network and finally go on to disrupt an existing market and value network of the product.


Figure. 4                                                                                                 Figure. 5

Today, households kitchens are hubs filled with families and friends cooking together, celebrating traditions that make it busiest. Clean open spaces without clutter, well-defined workspaces, and well placed cabinets provide modern families an opportunity to relax. Thus, selecting a suitable utensil holder for organizing kitchen utensils is essential in creating delectable dishes and keeping a spotless, clean kitchen. In addition, some of the reasons home chefs should be cautious when organizing everything on utensil holder;

  • Utensils prone to rusting
  • Poor drying conditions of the holder
  • Bacteria transfer from unclean surfaces

In order to avoid such complications, all utensil holders should be made of stainless steel material, have proper draining holes, and adequately clean surfaces. Also, in order to maintain the time factor, kitchen utensils and tools should be organized based on the type of cooking for easier accessibility.

How New Concept Better Fit Current Markets

This new product focuses on changing the market condition for kitchen tools and utensils. This new utensil holder provides a beautiful and intuitive design to add to the aesthetic value of a home kitchen. The stainless steel part is of the holder is durable for use in a home kitchen for the long term and robust against deformation. The plastic material on the base is easier to fix at a reduced cost. Therefore linking all the materials would offer a solution to sustainability and the environment since plastic materials are reusable and have a definite purpose.

Stainless steel utensil holders are not only resistant to rust, but they also have several other advantages, such as their non-reactive nature towards both alkalis and acids, which makes them ideal for use in the kitchen (Eugene, 2022). These characteristics of stainless-steel utensil holders lead to the widespread kitchen use of stainless-steel items, which has resulted in an increase in the demand for stainless utensil holders.

Following identifying the existing difficulties in kitchen organization, we believe that by buying this new idea of utensil holder, the target customers will have easy access, save space, organize the kitchen and add to the décor. We commit to bringing significant benefits stated below.

  • Creation of sustainable and environmentally friendly products for long term use and easy cleaning
  • Enhance industry standards with higher productivity and quick accessibility
  • Organizing accumulated kitchen utensils and tools in one utensil holder

Market Potential for the New Concept of Product

New product demand is a substantial factor in determining the existing and current market customers’ requirements. Various home chefs are commonly looking for organizing kitchen utensils to look more convenient to adapt. Stainless steel material has become common material from which utensils are made. This is the primary reason for new products for significant demand for stainless utensil holders. The elegant appearance of stainless steel, combined with its incredible durability, hygienic properties, and non-reactive properties, is the primary reason for its dominance in kitchen appliances and perhaps the most critical characteristics that customers are looking for in kitchen equipment. Moreover, it is the key reason why the demand for stainless steel utensil holders is expected to continue to increase in the future.

The new idea of products made of stainless steel is in high demand because it prevents the reaction of utensils and tools with acids, and as a result, the food being cooked or stored in the utensil does not alter in color, smell, or flavor (“The Successful Development of Stainless Steel Utensils Business.,” 2021). This new idea initiates a new vision and establishes demand for the product quickly.

Global stainless steel market share, by application, 2019

Figure. 6

The most important aspects that contribute to the continuous growth and development of the stainless-steel utensil sector include increased demand for utensil holders, durable cookware, tableware, and other kitchen equipment. According to the International Business Times, the stainless-steel utensil sector had a market size of USD 119.3 billion in the year 2020. According to industry estimates, stainless steel utensils are expected to reach a market value of 182.1 billion by the end of the year 2027. Additionally, a 6.3 percent compound annual growth rate is predicted to expand stainless steel tools and kitchen utensils.

In summary, stainless utensil markets can offer higher revenues and significantly diversify our new utensil holder idea. Based on the nature of families and households, it is possible to experience difficulties from home chefs. Furthermore, the main objectives are achievable with practical marketing action plans and project planning.


Eugene, P. (2022). How Do I Choose the Best Kitchen Utensil Holder? Retrieved 2 February 2022, from

The Successful Development of Stainless Steel Utensils Business. (2021). Retrieved 2 February 2022, from


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