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Networking in Public Health

Use of networking in the public health field

The significance of stating “no man is an island” is continuously proven to be why people need to make a collective effort to achieve success. While networking and knowing the right individuals provides a gateway or access to career opportunities, there are considerable gains from successful networking than finding a job opportunity. I could use networking in the public health field as an avenue to identify and exchange ideas. Networking could be an excellent source of new perspectives on evidence-based interventions, challenges, and experiences, allowing access to new and valuable data. The opportunity to gain new insight is a benefit that could offer career development and progression. Similarly, I could use networking for strategic purposes, such as professional collaboration for extensive common goals concerning the promotion of human health (Gatewood et al., 2020). On the other hand, I could also use networking to establish a strong foundation for valuable suggestions and advice. Networking could also be an avenue or stepping stone for newer opportunities. Furthermore, networking could also assist me in personal growth by providing a platform to gain skills on ways to network, build confidence and attain a different perspective of the public health sector. Therefore, it is vital in the public health field to maintain personal and professional relationships with people in the field.

Addressing public health issues using networking

Two possible strategies include utilizing social media platforms and using conventions /conferences. Conferences and conventions often happen throughout the year. They provide opportunities for professionals within the health industry to attend talks and make connections. The meetings and conventions would respond to the general public health issues; therefore, the participants would discuss diverse factors associated with societal well-being.

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, etc., are cost-effective communication instruments that can address several issues. The platforms available offer diverse possibilities for enacting multidirectional communication alongside monitoring public sentiment. Public health professionals can use these platforms to encourage citizen participation alongside optimizing health systems (Gatewood et al., 2020) . Similarly, the platforms can be an interactive space for supporting health policies and promoting health behaviors within communities. Again, professionals can use the platforms to post updates from conferences and share articles related to public health issues.

Public health organizations that post on social media

Social media use by public health organizations is diverse. Two agencies in public health that regularly use social media platforms for health promotion are WHO and United Nations Children’s Fund. These organizations use their social media accounts to educate and empower the public about health issues. Also, to enhance communication speed during public health emergencies, understand public perception on issues, and mobilize public partnerships (Mendoza-Herrera et al., 2020). The information posted by the two organizations is adapted to cultural backgrounds, local and international issues, and regional contexts. Therefore, following the organizations may be beneficial because the information posted is accurate, informative, and evidence-based. This eliminates the possibility of gathering un-true information. Similarly, following the accounts ensure access to timely information, especially during a crisis, as witnessed throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. People turned to these reliable platforms for information.


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