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Montana Mountain Biking

MMB five phases of Customer Loyalty

We will learn that customer loyalty results from personal interactions between the customer and the firm as we examine the five stages of customer loyalty. The first of the five phases, awareness, is considered the most fragile. At this stage, the consumer has not had a chance to know the firm or acquaint himself with its offerings. Learn more about the company’s products and services at this stage. Customer interest may have been indicated, but they have not yet purchased the company’s products or services.

This is the third level of relationships: the customer has done business with the company, maybe more than once, but they still prefer to do business with rivals. The fourth stage is called engagement. You will find your customers here, so they will keep coming back. These customers’ testimonials make for the finest advertising for any business. Unfortunately, many firms require separation at this point. As a result, your customers may no longer need your products or services (Aaker, 2009). Bad customer service, poor product quality, product performance issues, and even new competitors in the market may all contribute to this. In my opinion, about 5% of prospective clients are thinking about the MMB case study. The MMB logo is well-known in the mountain biking community, so it does not need a lot of promotion to spread the word. A further ten percent of prospective clients are likely to be familiar with MMB based on the massive rise in email requests for information that they have received from their website. About 80% of MMB customers are repeat customers, suggesting that 80% of MMB’s consumers are actively involved. At least 5% of MMB’s clients will be lost once their demands are satisfied and the services supplied by MMB are no longer considered, with 95% of consumers in the first four stages of customer loyalty.

The suggestion of MMB Email Marketing methodology

Though they have worked out how to maintain a high level of customer service, Montana Mountain Biking has to be more attentive to their organization to attract new customers. Before, the group used print advertising in publications like Outside and Sports Illustrated to burn through $80,000 in print promotion costs. The company is now working with an advertising professional to obtain a list of locations and send out limited-time mailings.

The cost for each name rental is $0.10, while the cost per mailer is $4. A total overhaul will cost roughly $246,000, which is astronomical. There are 60,000 names on the list. Email showcasing is a more cost-effective option for MMB than sending limited-time letters and traditional magazine advertising. Email marketing is a powerful e-business tool that can help MMB build brand awareness and keep in touch with current customers. Sending out promotional emails through email should be available as irregular advertising and authorized promotion. Randomly sending emails to a large number of different email addresses will likely have less impact on the effectiveness of irregularly showing your email. However, unexpected messages may be deemed spam, and recipients may block or delete them, nullifying MMB’s goal of promoting organization awareness; hence, it is not the ideal option to pursue.

How MMB could use social media

Consequently, I would suggest Permission Marketing, which is more successful since messages are sent to prospective consumers who desire the firm’s goods and services. Even if the posting list is obtained from a corporation, it will be less expensive. Because an MMB employee can handle the email, the corporation will not have to pay $4 for every letter because it will cost $0.10 per name. Displaying consent emails will save MMB money while also aiding the organization in meeting its awareness and marketing objectives. Viral Marketing may recruit new clients and build relationships with existing ones. Viral Marketing enlists existing consumers to spread the word about a company’s goods and services to potential customers.

Since one of the project directors started publishing images of trails from the previous year on the sites, the number of email inquiries from MMB customers has increased dramatically in the last month. Many of these emails asked about MMB projects, but a handful asked for permission to use the photos or whether the photos could be bought directly from the photographer. I believe that using photos is a great way to go viral with your marketing. MMB might provide a free discretionary advanced snapshot of its customers on their campaigns as an element of their package Griffin & Herres, 2002). For example, these images may be placed on the website and provided to customers. As a result, customers may now invite their loved ones to see their images on MMB sites, which is a huge step forward for the company! There may also be a link to greetings and information about upcoming campaigns and trails on the picture page. Potential customers will be drawn in by the quality of the images and trails. Current clienteles will also be satisfied since they have been provided an additional “free” package. They also have a different way of passing on their knowledge to loved ones and friends.

MMB Affiliate Marketing Strategy

To make money from click-through purchases, an affiliate website promotes another company’s product(s). Because Mountain Biking Expeditions is the primary product MMB sells, it might serve as an affiliate site for other products of a similar kind. Products associated with MMB include mountain bike gear, apparel, and accessories.

To start an affiliate program with MMB, you must first sign up for their program and submit product images to MMB’s website. MMB might potentially include goods that have earned favorable assessments to promote click-through sales (Griffin & Herres, 2002). An MMB mail with a monthly product selection would be a good idea, in my view. Consequently, in addition to the usual website traffic, MMB may market directly to prospective customers.

My top five affiliates are REI, Sports Authority, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Jenson USA, and Great Outdoors. These firms sell similar goods, and many of them encourage outdoor events where their goods might be used. While the organization can make money via affiliate sales, they also establish a partnership advertising approach, which is beneficial to MMB.

I extremely acclaim that MMB links up with either REI or Great Outdoors with the affiliate options. In my opinion, collaborating with a well-known outdoor products company such as REI can help MMB grow in popularity (Griffin & Herres,2002). Aside from that, REI’s extensive cycling-related product line gives customers various options.

Due to The Great Outdoors’ television program, they benefit from promoting MMB to their audience, even if they are not as well-known as REI. Aside from being a supplier of outdoor goods, Great Outdoors is still a supplier of outdoor information and news. In addition, they provide a central hub for information about bike tours, including calendars of events, photos, and suggestions for where to go and what to see. Finally, great Outdoors might help promote MMB by allowing us to link back to their site with photographs and tales from our upcoming trips.


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