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Mental Illness Challenges Professionalism and Society

In recent times, the mental well-being requirements of healthcare professionals have drawn attention as a significant public health issue and a danger to the provision of high-quality treatment. Healthcare workers are subjected to various stressors during work, some of which may severely impact their bodily, psychological, and emotional health status. The professional community and society commonly face severe obstacles due to mental illness, which may harm the healthcare sector. Since it is a severe problem that is having an impact on people’s families, social networks, and communities, in addition to themselves, various senior leaders have taken the initiative to deal with the situation by introducing various healthcare forums. The prevalence of mental illness has increased recently. Its effects on society and the workplace cannot be disregarded since the outcome affects most individuals and the country. Whenever Police Violence Meets Psychiatric Disorder, Addressing the state of Psychological Disorder in New York City has raised the bar by introducing a forum to deal with the psychiatric disorder within the state.

Article 1 of “Whenever Police Violence Meets Mental Illness investigates the link between mental illness and excessive use of force”. When individuals with mental illnesses are involved, the police are frequently called upon, and their response could also result in more significant destruction and violence. Numerous individuals with mental disorders are not aggressive, but their behaviour or failure to comply with police commands could create the appearance that they are. The article emphasizes the importance of providing police with enhanced specialized training to manage psychological health issues more efficiently (Fairweather et al., 2017).

The Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) strategy educates police officers to recognize and de-escalate incidents involving persons suffering from mental problems and is an example of this training. CIT has successfully reduced the application of force and arrests while increasing the usage of mental health therapies. According to one study, CIT reduces the likelihood of getting detained by 58% and the likelihood of employing force by 70%. Sellers and colleagues (2018).

Article 2, “Treating Mental Illness in New York”, emphasizes the challenge of managing mental illness”, particularly in New York. The article focuses on the impediments to care that individuals with psychological illnesses face, which include long wait times, insurance issues, and stigma, which has facilitated more turn up on those affected failing to uptake the mental healthcare treatment. Failing accessibility to mental health care might have significant consequences, such as increased hospitalization and homelessness.

Telemedicine is one method of addressing the issue of accessing mental health treatment. Telemedicine provides a practical and cost-effective way to assist those in need, particularly in distant areas with limited medical access. According to one study, telepsychiatry has a high patient satisfaction rate and effectively treats PTSD, anxiety, and depression (Hubley et al., 2016).

Article 3, “A Separate and Unequal System,” discusses how minorities, particularly African Americans, face uneven access to mental health care. According to the research, African Americans are less likely to seek therapy while yet being more likely to suffer from a psychological disease. The article also points out that persons suffering from mental diseases are more likely to be imprisoned by law enforcement, mainly if they are African Americans.

One option for overcoming disparities in mental health treatment is to provide culturally appropriate care. Care sensitive to patients’ needs while considering the patient’s cultural and linguistic variety. A study found that cultural competence therapy increases client satisfaction and better health results.

To manage mental health emergencies more effectively, police personnel require specific training. Telemedicine could offer convenient and affordable treatment for mental disorders. Culturally competent care could alleviate the inequities in treating psychological disorders for minority populations. We can guarantee that individuals who are mentally ill get medical attention and assistance they require by addressing these issues and putting effective solutions into place (Fairweather et al., 2017). To encourage good mental health outcomes for people and society, it is crucial to establish a professional, moral, and legally responsible scheme.

In conclusion, world leaders and other decision-makers must fully comprehend the crucial significance and value of investing in the psychological health and well-being of the medical workforce on an individual, organizational, and community level. Moreover, doing so has social, economic, and interpersonal benefits. Let us use what we have learned in the past to advocate for meaningful reforms in our healthcare systems and express our gratitude to the crucial healthcare workers. We cannot afford the cost of failing to meet our objective (Fairweather et al., 2017).


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Fairweather, G. W., Sanders, D. H., Cressler, D. L., & Maynard, H. (2017). Community life for the mentally ill: An alternative to institutional care. Routledge.


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