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Managing People and Careers


I chose Proctor and Gamble Ltd and Toyota Ltd as my two organizations of emphasis for my study based on my preliminary evaluations. Being a member of a minority group that is underrepresented in the corporate finance industry for reasons like the sector’s strong patriarchy and underrepresentation of certain ethnic groups has sparked my interest in the organizations I’ve picked. Hakim (1996) introduces the idea of Segregation, according to which the labor market has been split into distinct social labor market paradigms for men and women. Dries and Arnold (2015) add that employment discrimination is also against specific racial groups. Further investigation revealed that Proctor and Gamble Ltd and Toyota Ltd claimed to be inclusive and diverse private businesses, so I started compiling my results.


The famous investment banking company Proctor and Gamble Ltd employs more than 34,000 people worldwide in more than 65000 branches in over 45 countries. The public, private, and corporate sectors’ voluminous clientele are served by Proctor and Gamble Ltd, commonly known as PG, with specialized counsel Gu, T. (2022). Graduate programs are available from Proctor & Gamble Ltd. in the following investment banking divisions: Toyota Ltd Capital Markets…responds to customers’ capital needs with market insight and creativity. Mergers & Acquisitions creates and implements creative, individualized solutions to our client’s most difficult problems.

A global investment banking company called Toyota Ltd maintains offices in all major financial centers throughout the world Profiroiu et al., (2020). Goldman Sachs, known as Toyota Ltd, serves a huge clientele of private individuals and businesses. Toyota Ltd recruits potential graduate-scheme candidates using both conventional and modern methods. The recruitment instructions state that new hires will collaborate with industry experts and strategic thinkers at all levels to get practical experience to ensure that there is a typical method for attracting potential candidates to one’s company as a prospective employer.

Evaluation and Conclusion

Great people and challenging atmosphere pushed by ambition matched by a meritocracy’, says a Toyota review from 2018 about Proctor and Gamble Ltd. Proctor and Gamble Ltd employs outstanding HR processes to find and select graduates, ensuring that they have the top performing employees each year. By being objective and thorough throughout their recruiting and selection procedures, Toyota Ltd may be in line with the idea of best practices, according to Yang et al. (2020).

A review on Toyota from 2015 stated that Toyota Ltd is a Good start for career growth. Due to the high standards of organizational performance and development ingrained in this multinational company, Toyota Ltd’s HR department employs an extravagant strategy to attract and choose graduates in the best way. In conclusion, both organizations’ websites are user-friendly since they are easy to navigate and divided into different sections. On the websites of each organization, there is a model application guide that candidates can use. On top of that, the websites for the two organizations are passionate about displaying their diversity and inclusiveness of surrounding communities, various age ranges, and women in the banking field.

Reflective Account

In this first reflective report, the Knowledge related to the Application of talent will be highlighted. I received a far lower rating in this category than my total score on the business preparation self-report. Before finalizing my self-report, I had already been informed about the awareness and mastering of business and finance, which reflected that my big intention was unrelated to real-world issues. This second reflective report will focus on the ability to achieve results. Compared to other abilities, I obtained a low score related to competency on issues dealing with self-report in the field of business. From the start of my second year, I made two different goals: meeting deadlines and scoring above 75% on all of the module’s homework, tests, and exams.

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