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Loews Hotel Human Resource Generalist

Loews Hotels Company Review and Organizational Culture

The Human Resource Generalist is the chosen job position at Loews Hotels in Chicago, IL (Loews, 2023). The Loews Hotel & Company runs 26 high-end hotels in the United States and Canada. Most of these hotels are located in cities and resorts throughout the United States and Canada (HospitalityNet, 2023). Jonathan Tisch serves as the corporation’s chairman and Lowes Corporation owns its headquarters in New York City. The service at Loew Hotels is of the highest possible quality (Tisch, 2022). It provides opulent lodging options in significant United States and Canadian tourist locations. The firm has grown to encompass significant venues for families, businesses, and leisure activities (HospitalityNet, 2023). Dedication, service, and creating value for customers, workers, and business partners are at the forefront of the organization’s priorities.

Moreover, Loews Hotels tries to employ and work with staff members who are nice toward customers. Training and employing new employees are both given high priority by the company. The company offers its employees professional growth and training opportunities. The company places high importance on diversity and treats all its employees equally. People are selected for employment based on their abilities, not their demographics. Everyone at Loews Hotels is encouraged to achieve their professional goals. The company places a strong emphasis on its social responsibilities. It has a concern for the community (HospitalityNet, 2023). The company is committed to fostering a diverse and welcoming environment at work, and it offers competitive pay and benefits in each market.

Job Posting, Strategic Analysis, and Role Purpose

The Human Resource Generalist is the current job posting by Loews Hotels (Loews, 2023). An HRG should have an HR Bachelor’s Degree or business administration. They should also have a plus SHRM-CP and experience of at least twelve months in the HR department (SHRM, 2020). HRG plays a strategic role in the business entity as they run daily HR functions, such as interviewing, hiring, benefits administration, pay, and planning staff leave and policy enforcement for a company. The HRG is vital in ensuring the study is updated on policy changes and will assist the company in achieving set goals and maintenance of the organizational culture (Bika, 2022). A Human Resource Generalist can also assist with deciding on perks/employee benefits and keeping data on employee benefits in the company’s system. The HRG assists in interviewing hotel employees and coordinating communication and open-enrolment meetings every twelve months (Workable, 2022). The HRG should also educate the employees in the hotel and be present in all training sessions of employees. According to Zippia (2021), an HRG should assist with onboarding to resolve human-resource-related issues on benefits, promote a conflict-free work setting, and leave and other activities.

Feedback from Past Employees

There have been positive and negative feedback from the hotel’s past employees. For instance, the past staff sees the hotel as a family with supportive management that protects its employees, thus making it a healthy working place. One factor that contradicts the firm being a healthy working setting is its staffing shortage which thus forces long-working hours. Some positive comments include employees labeling the hotel as a beautiful workplace with a supportive work setting, per a former line cook. They believe the company promotes diversity without discrimination regarding disability, race, sexual orientation, or gender. A past employee (pool attendant) believes the hotel pays well and offers perks/benefits but has toxic management. Lastly, a former cook response sees the hotel as an excellent firm with fair recruitment policies with equal chances for all employees (Indeed, 2023).

Thus, most former workers believe Loews Hotels provides a good working environment for staff members since the company can deliver job satisfaction. It appreciates employees and can assist them in growing their careers and goal attainment. A former supervisor at the hotel also accuses the first of offering mediocre pay and crud benefits. The supervisor acknowledges perks from the company and free food, which he says is not always good. There are also areas the hotel needs to adjust or improve, such as supervisor behavior towards their subordinates (Indeed, 2023). Another issue is to eliminate favoritism in cases of a chosen number of staff enjoying perks, as per feedback from a former security guard officer. Lastly, the Loews hotel should focus on improving its open-door policy and reduce bias from the leaders, such as the supervisors and managers.

The Process for Selection Plan

The section in recruitment involves pinpointing, shortlisting, and selecting fitting individuals with the skillset and qualifications to fill a given position in a company (Muduli et al., 2021). As a human resource generalist, an individual should fully comprehend their role at Loew Hotels and employees’ issues on educating new employees, onboarding, and issues to do with policies or procedures. Thus, the initial action for the selection process plan is developing criteria that should include job analysis and specification. The primary aim of criteria development is to promote fairness and just during recruitment (Muduli et al., 2021). Another vital requirement for the criteria is the cultural and personality fit of the job applicant. The criteria development also entails discussing skills, features, characteristics, qualifications, and personal abilities the applicant must possess to be the HR Generalist. Criteria development requires fully educated or trained hiring process officers with leadership, HRG, and recruitment skills (Fathmath et al., 2021). The hiring panel members should be able to determine information sources and understand how to apply them in the job interview.

Analyzing or reviewing the sent resumes and application is the second stage, whereby the panel can use computer programs to check for keywords, thus enabling easy shortlisting of the applicants. The first and the second interviews are separated by the resume reviewing stage. Applicants are screened, and those that are not qualified are eliminated, with the first interview being staged by executives with lower ranks (Fathmath et al., 2021). It is a stage that enables the firm to recruit fitting, qualified staff, thus reducing the chances of turnovers due to job dissatisfaction.

Test administration is the third step, where assessment tests towards gathering data on the candidate’s real knowledge for the HR Generalist role (Li, 2022). Test administration includes achievement, cognitive ability, and aptitude tests that are essential in assisting the panel in recruiting fitting staff to the firm. The fourth step is the selection interview, whereby the shortlisted individuals go through the main panel interview (Tiwary et al., 2019). The selection interview step enables the organization to understand the candidate’s skills or abilities, how they can tackle issues or challenges, and find solutions toward promoting organizational goals and mission (Potočnik et al., 2021). The final offer involves the executives choosing the most fitting and qualified candidate as the human resource generalist for Loews Hotel.

Interview Questions

In the panel, there will be multiple interview questions for the applicants for the job opportunity. The interview questions will aim at assessing the ability to fit in as the HR Generalist for the company. The interview questions include:

What is the primary for applying for the HR Generalist position for the company?

It will assist in understanding if the individual understands the position, company, and goals and if they fit the HRG position.

What abilities and skills do you possess that fit you to be the company’s HR Generalist?

It makes it possible to understand if the individual knows the roles of an HRG and if their skills fit the position.

What would your past manager say about you and your work ethic?

This question will assist the panel in gauging the interviewee’s level of honesty on how the individual thinks their past employer thinks about their performance

Do you have experience in the HR Generalist field?

It is vital to understand if the individual is ready to play a role in a diverse working environment.

Which process will you use to comply with laws and procedures as an HR Generalist?

It is a question that will gauge the individual’s ability to protect the company, and the staff, manage disputes and stay aware of changes or new laws that might affect the staff or the company (Singh et al., 2020).

How will you address a team dysfunction or disagreement as an HR Generalist?

This question is vital to understanding if the individual can be creative when finding solutions that might arise.

As an HR Generalist, what are your recruiting approaches?

This question will assist the panel in understanding the approaches that the interviewee uses in his/her duties as the human resource manager, which include recruiting new staff (Dhanpat et al., 2020). The individual’s chosen approach will enable the panel to know if they fit the company culture.

Since this company would like to offer perks and benefits, as an HR Generalist, I state some that should be implemented.

This interview question will enable the panel to understand if the individual fully understands their roles as an HRG, such as ensuring employee satisfaction, taking staff through additional perks or benefits, and how to promote efficiency (Dhanpat et al., 2020).

As an HR Generalist, which are your high-priority employment policies? Why are they essential, and what role would you play in promoting and enhancing them?

The panel will be able to understand if the interviewee understands the firm’s goals and fully comprehends HR Generalist roles. HR Generalists should mostly implement policies promoting employee interactions with the firm (Albats et al., 2020).

This company has a strong corporate culture; which strategies will you use to foster the current culture?

Most company cultures are centered on goals, laws, rules, and values that must be respected (Dhanpat et al., 2020). The question will help the panel understand the individual’s value outlooks if they are familiar with the firm’s culture and are ready to promote its growth.

Appendix A

Appendix A

Appendix B

Appendix B

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Appendix C

Appendix C

Appendix C 2

Appendix C 3


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