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Leadership Philosophy – How Can I Be a More Effective Leader?

Leadership and management are important topics that everyone should be aware of, especially if they aspire to lead or manage; this paper will provide managers with a basic understanding of these concepts, as well as some helpful tips for becoming better at both. The first step is to understand the basics of leadership. A leader can inspire others and help them reach their goals; they must have a firm conviction in what they believe and embody those beliefs by leading from the front while setting an example for others to follow. To be successful as a leader, leaders must have empathy and understand people; Leaders need not only intelligence but also emotional intelligence because followers always look up to leaders when making decisions (psychologists). Managers are responsible for carrying out tasks effectively within a team or organization environment. Managers need good problem-solving, decisiveness, and organizational skills to get things done efficiently.

Coach McKeever is an unconventional leadership coach and speaker who believes that being a good leader is not about following the rules but finding their path. In his new book, Unorthodox Leadership Lessons from the Pool: How to Surpass Your Limits and Accomplish What You Never Dreamed Possible, he shares his insights on how to lead successfully and sustainably. One of the main themes that Coach McKeever stresses throughout the book is its authenticity (McKeever & Brown, 2019). Leaders must always be themselves to connect with their employees, whether yelling or smiling. Leaders must also be flexible as managers and individuals for everyone involved to feel appreciated and engaged. Ultimately, Coach McKeever teaches readers that leading one rather than following someone else’s footsteps can lead you down a more fulfilling path, one where managers achieve their goals effortlessly.

Unorthodox leadership is shared these days, and for a good reason. It seems that the traditional approach to leading and managing is no longer practical – or at least not as effective as it used to be. Plenty of books on management theory out there, but few discuss leadership in any meaningful way. That is where Coach McKeever: Unorthodox Leadership Lessons from the Pool comes in; this book provides readers with unconventional insights into how to lead and manage effectively without following traditional methods (Gudmundsdottir & Gudmundsdottir, 2021). For example, many leaders traditionally rely on authority figures (e.g., bosses, directors) when making decisions; however, this often leads to conflictual environments that don’t work well for either party involved. Instead of relying on someone else to make all the calls, especially if they are not exceptionally qualified–McKeever suggests breaking down decision-making processes into smaller tasks that can be accomplished by everyone involved (or even delegated). Additionally, he advocates for giving subordinates more responsibility rather than limiting their interaction with upper management so as not to overwhelm them or receive too much feedback.

Leadership and management philosophy is one of the essential aspects of running a successful business. With a clear vision for how leaders want their company to run and what kind of leader wants in charge, everything else falls into place. Of course, this does not mean that being a fantastic leader is easy; far from it. If executed correctly, leadership can lead to great success on the personal and professional front. Here are some critical tips for becoming a successful leader: Be accountable: Leaders must be willing and able to take full responsibility for their actions and decisions; they must also be open about their mistakes so those under them can learn from them (and move on). Encourage creativity: A good leader understands that different people approach problems differently; they encourage creative thinking among their team members to not get stifled by tradition or conservatism.


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