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Job Search for Graduates

Technological advancements have infiltrated every area of human life. Hence it has made each human process easier to handle. Most of the processes have been simplified, making it easier for companies and the whole human life. One of the heavy processes that have been simplified by technology is the job search for graduate students. Before, students had to buy newspapers and magazines to check for job advertisement, meaning they had to wait for well-known companies to advertise for them to make a job application.

The process was tiresome since they had to travel to the company premises and drop off their applications. This process was tiresome, and the cost was so high. However, technology has enabled potential employers to post job vacancies on job application websites. These websites have been developing targeting employers and employees. The employer should post a job vacancy and make the post public. Additionally, the employer should indicate the opening date and closing date when they allow employees to send their applications.

On the other hand, when the job is posted based on the employee’s resume and career interest, the website can send an email notification to notify the employee of the available jobs that suit them. In the following paragraphs, we will look at three most popular jobsites that graduate students can utilize and apply for jobs. Note that these three jobsites are popular in Canada and hence we are targeting to create awareness for Canadian graduate students. The three job sites include LinkedIn, and CareerBuilder.


Being one of the most suitable job sites worldwide, LinkedIn finds itself ranked among the top three Jobsite in Canada. It is a professional platform where companies and professional employees fill in their profiles. A company in LinkedIn provides the potential employee with information about the company, the years it has been operating and what they deal with. When a job post or vacancy arises, such a company can post on LinkedIn about the job vacancy, including all the job requirements and the optional salary range. On the other, an employee on LinkedIn will view the job vacancy based on their resume. Note that when an employee is filling in their profile, they are asked to upload their resume and update their skills and achievement in their field of specialization. LinkedIn is an automated job site that will pick a potential employer’s job specifications, match the job specifications with those of an employee’s resume, and notify the employee via email and LinkedIn profile. Currently, LinkedIn owns a mobile application compatible with available mobile phone operating systems. Hence making it easier for employees to access notifications on their mobile phones without visiting the site. Once the employee is matched with a potential employer, they can move to apply for the job either through LinkedIn, email or by visiting the employer’s company website. Once their application is successfully sent to the employer, the employee is notified of the next steps. LinkedIn also has an advanced job search where users can subscribe to the premium LinkedIn subscriptions. They are proposed to potential employers. Through the subscription, they are advised to make their resume stand out. Note LinkedIn operated with referrals where employees were recommended and verified to be competent by their colleagues or employers. Based on search referrals on the employee’s profile, a potential employer could build trust that the employee they are about to hire is competent. However, many employees used to fetch such referrals from their colleagues even if they were not competent enough. Hence, LinkedIn recently upgraded the competency level by asking employees to complete a skill test to be verified and potential employers to be notified that they can be competent based on their score in the skill test conducted.

This is another top job site where student can complete their profile and specify skills and what they are most competent in. is one of the sites that uses search engines and queries multiple credible sites, and notifies its users(potential employees) of the available jobs, job requirements, and salary range. Based on the employee’s profile, it also sends notifications to the potential employee of the available jobs, and then the employee can take an action step from there. searches for the job available in an individual local country and internationally. Additionally, your location shows your available potential employers looking for an employee who matches your skillset. It also provides an employer with a resume builder tool that they advise it can help boost an employee’s capability to be hired. They also provide a career blog where employees can view trending skillsets that an employee can acquire and boost their capability to be hired (Half, 2022).


Being one of the longest-lived job sites on the internet, CareerBuilder is also one of the top three job sites; Canadian students can look up to and build their profile and make job searches. This job site gives the employee the ability to filter jobs based on location, salary range and job title. CareerBuilder uses google Artificial Intelligence to match the employees with available job opportunities, resources for job candidates and career advice.

Based on the above-described job sites, I recommend that Canadian students build their resumes on LinkedIn. Install the LinkedIn mobile application on their mobile phones and ensure that they build a standing out resume that can attract the recruiter. Additionally, they should also consider having their resumes available on the other two platforms since this will help them enhance their job search and even optimize the chances of being hired as soon as possible. Also, the students should ensure that they are verified as potential employees by taking skill tests on LinkedIn since this will help them stand out and increase their chances of being hired. Ensure that they indicate the achievement they have made in their career and provide their social media links to show their work’s credibility (Beasley, 2022).

In conclusion, Job search is one of the most straightforward tasks in today’s society since both employers and employees have platforms where they can communicate. Hence it is the employee to play their role smart and ensure that they build credible resumes and make credible job achievements that they can submit to potential employees and increase their ability to get hired. Additionally, employees should ensure that they are continuously updated on the necessary skillset in their job field and indicate them on their resume to increase their chances of getting hired. Hence, an employee resume should include employee personal information, employee personal contacts, employee skillset or qualifications, employee career, and personal achievements. This will enable the employee to increase their chances of getting hired. Lastly, graduate students should also ensure that they join career platforms since they also help indicate available jobs and advise on the current trends on qualifications and what skillset an employee needs to equip themselves with to achieve a particular employment position.


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