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International Relations Essays

Prompt: Israel-Hamas War

Introduction This prompt addresses the Israel-Hamas war. It is a crucial international matter since it is part of the current global event responsible for developing policies and making decisions on military and diplomatic relations. Therefore, this report will address the global conflict between Israel and Hamas as it demonstrates the entire conflict process crucial for ... Read More
Pages: 6       Words: 1555

The Nuclear Menace Mitigation

Introduction The energy released by nuclear atomic reactions is colossal, beyond one’s imagination. According to Kaitlin (2023), the weapons are based on a concept known as nuclear fission, where the nuclei of atoms split, leading to a nuclear chain reaction. It results in a huge blow, releasing massive force, causing extreme temperature and shockwaves that ... Read More
Pages: 6       Words: 1519
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Writing for International Affairs

The need to consider cultural differences and sensitivities while working as a journalist or trainer overseas is emphasized in John Bare’s piece “Advice and Guidance for International Journalism Trainers”. The article highlights the difficulties journalists face participating in the Knight International Press Fellowship Program and offers suggestions for efficient overseas training (Bare, n.d.). To define ... Read More
Pages: 3       Words: 654

Navigating the Global Political Economy: An In-Depth Analysis and Policy Recommendations

Executive Summary This comprehensive report analyses a crucial issue at the foundation of the global political economy by examining the complex relationships among political systems, economic policies, and their far-reaching effects. The primary focus is on the variety of issues brought about by the degradation of the environment, geopolitical conflicts, and economic inequality. The paper ... Read More
Pages: 9       Words: 2403

The Role of Gender in Peacebuilding: A Comparative Analysis of Rwanda and Mali

Introduction Peacebuilding is vital in societies emerging from the aftermath of conflict, aiming to establish sustainable peace and promote reconciliation. It is a long-term process that focuses on ensuring long-lasting peace in societies post-conflict. Conflicts cause tremendous effects on diverse groups in a society. These diverse groups need to be involved in peacekeeping efforts for ... Read More
Pages: 12       Words: 3103

Feasibility Report: Establishing a Satellite Campus for a UK Business School in the Republic of Korea

Task 1: Analysis of Business Environment in the Republic of Korea Introduction South Korea is a desirable destination for a UK school to create a branch because of its rich cultural heritage and vibrant economy (Beecher, Streitwieser and Zhou 2020). As a result, the report will critically examine essential political, economic, sociocultural, technological, environmental, and ... Read More
Pages: 13       Words: 3474

The WTO Dispute Settlement Mechanism Analysis: With the Help of Cases

Abstract Trade is vital for the growth and stability of a nation’s economy, and it extends beyond a country’s borders. Sometimes, the trading process moves smoothly, while at other times, multiple disputes arise between nations on their counterparts’ trading practices. The WTO works at the helm of international trade conflicts, resolving them to achieve successful ... Read More
Pages: 12       Words: 3253

Counterterrorism: Target Assessment and Response to Al-Qaeda Threats

Al-Qaeda (AQ) is popular for attacks that have significantly impacted the globe. Founded by Osama bin Laden in 1988, it has been accountable for several acts of terror, most famously the September 11, 2001 attacks on the US (Stanford University, 2019). This piece explores AQ’s potential threat to specific targets within the local environment, focusing ... Read More
Pages: 11       Words: 2850

Fostering Global Citizenship Beyond Nationalism and Patriotism

Global citizenship encapsulates a mindset that transcends the confines of national borders and encompasses a more profound sense of having a place with a more extensive human community (Pashby et al., 2020). It is established in an understanding that our actions and decisions are interconnected and have implications far past our immediate environment. At its ... Read More
Pages: 4       Words: 946

International Institutions and the Legacies of Colonialism

Introduction International institutions such as the United Nations (UN), World Bank, and International Monetary Fund (IMF) were established after World War II to promote global cooperation, economic development, and peace. However, despite their stated goals, these organizations reflect and perpetuate the imbalances of colonialism in fundamental ways through their governance structures, policies, and ideological frameworks ... Read More
Pages: 7       Words: 1706

Realism Critique of Classical Liberal

Realism in international relations is a theoretical perspective that provides a framework for comprehending and analyzing how different nations interact with one another in the global context. From a realist point of view, international relations are anarchic, insinuating that the international system does not have a body of authority concerned with maintaining order and ensuring ... Read More
Pages: 4       Words: 1045

American Arms Trade and Aid to Countries

Stronger nations led by the United States have an outstanding obligation to lend their helping hand to countries facing geopolitics problems, given today’s rapidly developing world, which is highly connected (Erickson 131). In the same spirit, the situations of Ukraine and Afghanistan become glaring instances that should provoke the United States administration into giving assistance ... Read More
Pages: 8       Words: 2114

Significance of the United Nations to Today’s Global Economy and International Business System

In the complex global business world, the UN guides businesses through the constantly changing international terrain. It reduces geopolitical risks, promotes ethical business practices, aligns firms with the SDGs, and empowers SMEs. Businesses thrive amid global uncertainty with the aid of the UN’s peace and stability efforts. Through UN projects, Global Compact promotes ethical behavior ... Read More
Pages: 6       Words: 1440

Comprehensive Analysis of Cross-Border Services and Economic Indicators: A Holistic Overview

ABSTRACT This detailed report analyzes the complex nexus between the UK’s cross-border services and several critical economic indicators between 2017 and 2021. This case study aims to provide insight into complex links between GDP, exchange rates, lending, income, and critical world events in that era. This analytical journey derives ideas from monumental writings, scientific research, ... Read More
Pages: 16       Words: 4375

Social and Technological Differences Between China and Turkey

Social / Cultural Traditions and lifestyles Both Turkey and China have rich cultural traditions and diverse lifestyles. You will find a blend of Eastern and Western influences in Turkey, with rules that date back centuries. Turkish people value family and hospitality, and their daily lives are often centered on social interactions. In China, there is ... Read More
Pages: 5       Words: 1132
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