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How Social Media Can Help the Organization Improve and Reach Its Goal


The success of an organization is not solely dependent on economic factors. Other trends, such as social media, influence an organization’s success positively or negatively (Tam et al., 2020). Technology advisement and global economic growth led to a boom in social media usage. People use mostly social media platforms for socialization and fun moments, but lately, organizations are utilizing these platforms in ways that benefit the organization.

Profit generation and generating revenue are the driving force for the success of organizations. The organization management team receives with open arms any opportunity to help an organization generate extra revenue. Organizations spend heavily on market research to identify points of potential growth. Recently, social media has become a business trend that most organizations utilize and realize many benefits from the same (Momany & Alshboul, 2019). Currently, social media use in several ways to helps an organization reach its goal at a potentially low cost. This presentation aims at presenting ways in which an organization can use social media to reach its goal best.

Use of social media to help an organization reach their goal

Increasing sales

All business organizations aim to make a profit and generate sustainable revenue continuously. Increasing sales of the business organization’s product are one of the basic means for generating revenues and extensive margins of profits (Momany & Alshboul, 2019). In 2021, about 4.26 billion people were using social media. The prominent usage of the platform presents a potential growth for organizations that will best utilize the platform. Organizations can use social media to increase their sales through:

Influencers marketing

Social media influencers have many followers on their social media handles, such as Instagram, Facebook, and others. Utilizing this influencer to market the organization will increase the organization’s awareness among target groups. Social media influencers can also positively influence their followers to use the organization’s products, thus boosting the organization sales (Momany & Alshboul, 2019). Increased sales translate to more revenue and financial sustainability.

LinkedIn page

Linked in is a professional social media platform that allows an organization to post its organization, products, and services they offer. The platform is strictly professional, with the users only using it to seek employment and advertise vacant posts in the organization. Utilizing such a platform will help the organization reach out to more target group at a low cost and increases sales volume.

Social media advertisement

Social media handles such as Facebook and YouTube run ads advertisement businesses. Organization information pops up on the social media user screen, creating more awareness. Organizations can also create their social media page, such as on Instagram, and post their products and services as advertisements (Smits & Mogos, 2020). A social media page also allows for quick consumer feedback, helping the organization make improvements where necessary. Advertising through social media increases the chance of reaching more consumers as the platform continues to attract more users.

Increase business performance

Market research

Social media platforms allow the organization to conduct market research at a significantly low cost. An organization can do market research online using ratings compared to physical research, where people must collect data physically. Social media also allows organizations to monitor their competitors and implement sustainable strategies to help them remain relevant to the market (Smits & Mogos, 2020). Social media page such as Facebook allows an organization to receive feedback from their consumer, which help them assess their consumer satisfaction and point out the place that requires improvements.

Recruitment of qualified staff

Advertising through social media creates more awareness of the organization and its product and helps the organization build its brand. A strong brand attracts highly skilled, qualified staff since the organization brand has set the standards. Qualified staffs maintain the organization’s performance at its optimum; hence the organization will be able to sustain its brand (Momany & Alshboul, 2019). In addition, social media handle such as linked in allows the organization to have access to qualified staff.

Expanding network

Utilizing social media help the organization expand its market grip. An organization can expand its network to the international level through social media. Posting the organization and its products and services can attract customers from other countries. Globalization allows organizations to ship products to customers in other countries (Smits & Mogos, 2020). An extensive market network will help an organization increase its sales volume and growth.

Maintaining positive image

Social medial platforms can help an organization maintain a positive image to the public in several ways.

Reputation management

On average, more than half of the organization’s consumers are using social media. Any positive or negative aspect of the organization will likely drag to social media platforms. Organizations can use social media platforms to highlight the positive things in the company for the public to see. It is also crucial for organizations to address any negative aspect of the organization before the public makes it go out of hand (Smits & Mogos, 2020). Addressing positive and negative things will help the organization maintain its reputation with the public.

Maintaining website traffic

Regularly posting relevant content on social media helps organizations create and sustain website traffic. Consistent updating of customers enables them to develop trust with the organization, which is beneficial to the company as customers spread a good name for the organization in social media. Customer trust helps in customer retention and also aids in sustaining a good image for the organization.

Building organization culture

There is more to social media than just advertisement and consumer feedback. Social media can also be used to build an organization’s culture that best reflects the organization’s values, goals, and mission. Organizations can build organization culture through:

 Transparent communication

There are several social medial platforms that organizations can utilize to communicate transparently. Platforms such as WhatsApp and WeChat allow an organization to communicate transparently and without delay with every staff. Building transparent communication with the staff allows employees to feel involved in the organization’s matters and compels them to act responsibly (Smits & Mogos, 2020).

Use of staff content for advertisement

Creative employees not working in the advertisement department can also generate content for organization advertisements. Organizations can also offer incentives to employees to generate creative advertisement content. Using such content for social media advertisement boost employees’ morale and sense of responsibility in the organization. Using employee-generated content on the organization page can also help the organization monitor the interaction of employees with the organization virtually. Employees are likely to leave positive comments when their peer content is used on the organization page compared to when content is from a foreign individual (Momany & Alshboul, 2019). Positive employee interaction with the organization improves customer satisfaction as employees deal with customers firsthand.


Social media usage is fast increasing, with about 49% of the global population using social media as of 2021. There is much more to social media than just social interactions and fun.

A large number of social media usage globally present an opportunity for an organization to grow and expand its market networks. When best used, social media can help organizations enhance their performance, build ideal organization culture, maintain the organization’s positive image, and boost their sales. These positive usages will help the organization remain relevant in the industry, maintain healthy competition, and sustain a healthy internal environment which all contribute to the organization’s ultimate goal.


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