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Health and Safety

Health and Safety at health and social care settings Act 1974, which was passed the year 1974. To help in promoting and supporting good standards in health and social care workplace, under the work act, law offered a comprehensive approach to worker health and safety and public safety from the dangers of construction work (De Cieri, H., & Lazarova, M. 2021). To ensure that the law protects everyone at work, duties are placed on employers and employees. To protect the health, safety, and welfare of employees, an employer must ensure all the legislative policies, requirements and practices are in place. As well as supervising a positive working conditions and environment for both health and social care workers (De Cieri, H., & Lazarova, M. 2021).

Employees are entitled to expect their employers to provide a safe workplace. By ensuring the safety of their workers and the environment in which they work. Employers and employees are equally responsible for fostering a safety culture that enhances employee conduct and productivity. Sharing responsibility for promoting safe work practices and safety initiatives in a reasonable, proactive manner is also part of their role. It is possible to create a safe work environment by including both employers and employees. Employees are expected to take reasonable care of themselves, as they may not be closely monitored at all times during the workday (Geller, E. S. 2017).

According to Geller, E. S. (2017).Organizations and individuals face substantial consequences if they don’t meet these standards. If health and social care facilities cannot remain operating, a legal necessity, time, finances, production, and public perception all play a crucial role. For example, on social media, accusations of inadequate health and safety management are made as soon as an employee dies in an accident. This has an impact on the company’s legal liability and its operational reputation. The public’s impression can lead to the closure of health or social organization, which raises the number of people without work.

Implementing the necessary measures becomes simpler once a clear vision of a compliant working environment and concrete objectives to gauge success is established. It is essential to maintain accurate records to improve patient care and communication. To improve healthcare and reinforce professionalism in nursing, good record keeping is a product of solid teamwork (Berzins, K., et al 2018). Practitioners who need to defend their acts in court have a way to do so by keeping meticulous records. In addition to ensuring professionalism and proof of practice progress, documentation also serves as a kind of documentation (Berzins, K., et al 2018).

The roles, responsibilities, and reporting linkages of an organization’s structure are organizational structures. Structures and how they present themselves are likely to be reflected in them. Organizations use various formal and informal methods to keep an eye on and support their employees. These methods tend to focus on what the organization considers most important. In addition to metrics and reward systems, they are included. Reimbursement programs are a powerful tool for ensuring compliance (Geller, E. S. 2017).


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