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Essay on Geophysicist/Geoscientist Career

A geophysicist or geoscientist is a person who applies the principle of physics to the study of the earth. Different geophysicists may specialize in various aspects of study such as movement of the earth’s crust, temperatures of its interior, geomagnetic field, the deposit of ores or petroleum, earthquakes, or even study of the waters beneath the earth’s surface. These individuals try to develop scientific theories to pinpoint the sources of certain occurrences as witnessed beneath the earth’s surface. The occurrences such as volcano eruptions and landslides are among the happenings that attract geoscientists into this field intending to find the mystery behind those occurrences.

Bychkov, S. [2021] “entertaining Geophysics5” records geophysics as a study built on mythical ideas about the earth’s crust and mantle structure. Bychkov, in this article, further records that there are pseudo-scientific fantasies of modern geophysicists due to a lack of rigorous scientific disciplines that explains the process of earthquakes and another catastrophic earth movement. The contemporary thinking of geophysicists is said to have developed down to the idea that the earth stands on three turtles and earthquake is a result of the movement of these animals.

Despite unclear findings and the critics directed at geoscientists, we cannot fail to note the positive impact they brought along. Responsible interaction of people with the earth system calls for deep engagement with ethical considerations (Peppoloni, Bilham & Capue 2019). In adherence to geoethics, geophysicists offer a framework for operationalizing and orienting other professions and society with responsible interactions with the earth system.

Geophysics is a career field pursued by several individuals primarily out of curiosity or desire to unfold the mystery beneath our planet. Geophysics, like any other career field, had three different positions chains, which include entry-level, mid-level, and senior-level. These levels are determined by your level of expertise and contribution in this field. Entry levels are for the juniors/fresh graduates whose impacts are yet to be felt. Mid-level is for the individuals who have favorably good knowledge and experience in this field, whereas senior is for the individuals who are considered to be founders/pillars of this field and have shaped it through developing theories and offering scientific to back up their findings.

Geophysicists, just like any other personnel in other fields of careers, are individuals who possess specific qualifications as required in this field. In most cases, a Geoscience degree or environmental science or engineering is needed in this field. Geoscience is specialized into categories such as crystallographers, development geologists, environmental geologists, exploration geologists, geochemists, and mine geologists, among others.

Demographic factors such as gender, age, race, and level of education, among others play a more significant in the development of a career in this field. For example, regarding gender, geoscience is considered to possess some dangerous activities and thus traditionally not suitable for women. Throughout history, when women were even able to enter scientific space, they have long had to navigate restrictions that weren’t placed on men (Nicholas 2021). Elderly and young individuals in society are also considered not suitable for this, for it sometimes requires extreme energy and perseverance.

There is different salary range due to various reasons, and thus it is difficult to determine the average salary for jobs in this field. Salary varies depending on the job sector (private and public sector), the level of your degree (BSc/MSc/Ph.D.), degree of flexibility, and the chain of position, among other factors.

In conclusion, geophysicists have offered and will continue to offer very important limelight of things that, if were left unstudied, the life of humankind would have taken a different shape from what it is today. For example, if crude oil were never discovered, the world would never be what it is today. The unearthing volcano eruptions ad how they occur have helped humankind to precautions when such events are expected. In as much as we want to prove some geoscience theories as weak due to lack of scientific proof, we must also give them credit for the enlightenment they have despite challenges they face in their endeavor


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