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Explanation of the Value and Function of Appropriate Communication in Professional Contexts

Communication is integral in the workplace, especially in the policing job. The Public Information Officer (PIO) has to manage communication at the crime scene by ensuring the information is aired on media to the police departments, victims, and their families. Accurate information allows for positive outcomes in the de-escalation of emergencies. The case study presented in this context will help develop training for the Caller, audience, the press, and the Public Information Office. Communication in this scenario will assist create a rapport with the accused, liaising with the police officers to choose a course of action, and also getting accurate information via the press without causing panic (“Communication | College of Policing,” 2022).

The Caller

The Caller makes an emergency call regarding an incident with his neighbor. He brushes through the information based on what he knows about the neighbor, especially the male neighbor with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). The Caller needs to be assertive in their communication to give the correct details. The Caller needs to use factual communication_ in that he has to give the calendar of events in a structured manner for the officer to prep the dispatch team. However, the Caller is conscious of the suspect’s medical condition, which informs the need for a medical team. In this case, callers should use simple language, remain assertive, and pay attention to details for positive outcomes. The information received in the police station will be subjective since it is tied to what the Caller was able to visualize and communicate directly.

The Male Subject

The male subject is experiencing some mental breakdown, so to de-escalate the situation, there is a need to involve mental health professional in negotiations to calm down and open the door for the team to assist him. This mode of communication will mostly be assertive, where there will be reassurance of the male that he is not in danger which will allow him to calm down; however, in the process, the officer will use a bit of manipulation for purposes of time-saving and for the safety of the victim. This type of communication will be simple and precise for the victim to understand. This communication style aligns with the role of medical professionals to preserve the dignity of life and listen to their patient’s needs, thereby saving lives and achieving positive outcomes in the case scenario.

The Press

The press will get analytical information filtered by the Public Information Officer. While at the crime scene, the PO will brief the media team on protocols around the victim’s privacy. Each victim is entitled to privacy; in this case, the male victim requires privacy regarding his mental disability. The information will be brief to accommodate the intended purpose. This information could be used to raise mental health awareness through the media. This will create a working relationship between the media, police, and other stakeholders present at the scene of the crime. The press has a history of airing dirty laundry to the audience, leading to panic in the case scenario that could lead to the loss of real estate due to neighbors feeling insecure. The press must deal with each case intentionally (“Understanding Your Communication Style,” 2022).

Public Information Department

The Public Information department receives information in different forms; the department does due diligence to pick important information for purposes of de-escalation. The PIO will use the department’s respective jargon to give a detailed report on the case scenario. The information will enable them to send an officer or a team to collaborate with the team on the ground. The information will be detailed for the choice of action. Information will be passed through mobile phones, voice Aids, and one-on-one communication at the crime scene. The information in the case study, as the Caller issued, assisted the police in requesting backup while the medical professionals evacuated the male suspect.


Proper communication in the workplace allows for actioning of events, meeting deadlines, and assisting the intended party. Communication in policing must be accurate to avoid bias while de-escalating situations or making wrong arrests. The PIOs have an integral role in passing information, such as during the Covid-19 Pandemic. The officers must understand the consequences of the information they let out to the public and the media (Hughes & Palen, 2012).


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