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Expectations of Achieving a Degree


Generally speaking, every person has the desire to achieve something in life. In the academic world, obtaining a degree is one of the most outstanding achievements for students. In our society, getting a degree is one of the most outstanding achievements for students. This is because through obtaining this credential, not only does the student have a higher chance of making more money, but also because the student proves to themselves that they are capable of learning and understanding new things, this is a dream come through for me, having been guaranteed a good job hence quality life. However, to get the job of my dreams (a software engineer for one of the big companies), I need to spend time self-learning and enhancing my coding skills through online courses, for example. The issue I face is how to sharpen my coding skills to get into my dream job.


My expectation of achieving a degree is to have the skills, knowledge, and experience necessary to succeed in my chosen field. In order to meet these expectations of achieving a degree, I must be capable of completing major milestones such as participating in required coursework; and demonstrating mastery through research projects. As a software engineer degree holder, I should also be able to show the skills and knowledge obtained through hands-on experience. I like learning about the computer field because it helps me develop my skills. For example, I can easily make a website or blog by mixing and matching different pieces of software. Also, there is always something new to learn, which allows me to stay up-to-date on how things are changing in the IT world.

When learning about the computer field, one has to study subjects like programming languages, networking, and database design. These subjects make up the computer field, and some have been around for many years, such as database design. I like studying these subjects because they involve math and logic, which are two disciplines that I enjoy. The computer field is exciting because there is always something new to learn. For example, when I first started learning about computers, there was no Internet. Nowadays, it has become necessary to have Internet access to stay connected with friends and family back home. Moreover, what motivates me is how the computer field has allowed me to become familiar with new software, hardware, and networking. It helps me keep my skills up-to-date and learn more about math logic. I recommend studying computer science to others because it is easy to learn and very interesting!

Problem description

I am a software engineer degree holder, and I believe I should also be able to show the skills that come with this degree. In fact, I have a fair amount of experience with software design, development, and testing. I am especially good at object-oriented programming, PHP, and JavaScript. Furthermore, I have experience with Version Control Systems like Git and Team Foundation Server. However, I find the process of putting together a portfolio quite tricky because I need to figure out what skills to show. A good example is a project that had me set up an API for my company’s site. The functionality and use of tools like Postman and Protractor have been helping me out, but there are some skills they didn’t help with, and I haven’t found anything online that helps you in those situations. That is why I found myself stuck on what to include in my portfolio, and as a result, I feel like I lack the skills required for the open positions. I will not be able to demonstrate these skills well enough for a recruiter to see that I am the right candidate for the position. Because of this, I am pessimistic about my chances of getting hired by a company known for exceptional software engineers.


As a future engineer who wants to join an engineering company, I need more than I have learned in college to understand the whole engineering field better and meet the requirements for my dream job. For me to do this, I have created a plan to improve myself with what I learned in the courses I took in college, as they do not cover everything for me. Therefore, the objective of writing this report is to come up with measures on how I can improve myself with what I learned in the courses I took in college, as they do not cover everything for me to join my dream job. In order to complete my research, it is essential that I ask a lot of questions and observe people’s demeanor which would tell me if there could be a way for me to make more improvements.


Presentation of evidence and findings

The companies we work for require us to know specific skills and abilities. These include Computer literacy and knowledge of computers, software, and hardware; management skills; communication skills; teamwork skills; presentation, interpersonal, interactional, and leadership skills. However, what I learned in the courses I took in college only covers some things for me to join my dream job. It is essential that we prepare ourselves for new things that are happening today because technology advances so fast, and knowledge becomes obsolete quickly (3). Additionally, many people are leaving their jobs and doing something else. The future is uncertain, and we will never know what it holds. We all want to be successful, but there is no such thing as a perfect job. That’s why we need to improve every day and try our best.

I found out that employers want their employees to have skills differ from job to job. Some employers want their employees to know how to work with computer programs, which are almost necessary for a high-tech job (1). Others want their employees to be good at working as part of a team because teamwork is essential for many businesses. One employer may want their employees to know how to write reports. In contrast, another employer may want their employees to be able to present their ideas clearly and professionally. Every single job requires the ability to work with different kinds of people. The skills you learn from college and university are fundamental, but courses people in college don’t cover everything for me to join my dream job. If you are new to the workforce, your future is uncertain, so you need to be flexible and adaptable.


Interpretations of the findings

Many people have a dream job and want to work for their company. However, colleges only cover some things for people to join their dream job (2). This is a huge problem because the higher education system does not help young adults pick what jobs they would like to get in the future. They only teach the basic knowledge and skills to get a “job”. Colleges do not prepare their students for what they really need to know because they think that all students are going to choose their major based on jobs available and the income they can generate out of it. This is very wrong because some people do not want an income generating job. They actually want a job where they can work with their passion and use the knowledge that they have learned in school for years. This is a very big mistake because some students end up getting low-paying jobs they do not like or they end up working at jobs they hate.

My observations

I have observed that most of the colleges in this world do not work to provide their students with all the knowledge they need to become part of their dream job. This is not to say that they are not spending money on the education process. They are. But in contrast, what they aren’t doing is investing enough time, energy, and money into this vital achievement. It’s the same old problem: They take care of good education for students but they too busy planning who gets a seat at our table to worry about where you go after college.


Convictions based on the findings of the study

After completing their college education, many people are eager to successfully enter the workforce and start their careers. And while students have a good understanding of what they should know before pursuing a career in their field of choice, the content covered in school may only cover some of what is needed for that particular job.


In order to have a successful career, one needs to have knowledge from a wide range of fields. Why wouldn’t you want the courses you take in college to cover all the information you need for your dream job? This would allow companies to know precisely what skills and knowledge they can get from each candidate and make it easier for them to find the right person. Moreover, In order to find a new position while preparing for the role and future career, one might want to consider adding some flexible study. Many employers will even give you paid time off if you need it.


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