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Evidence-Based Practices

Quality of care to patients in a healthcare facility depend entirely on the practices adopted by nurses. In the modern society, nursing practices are changing and also the needs of patients are diverse. The diversity in the patient needs calls for nursing research and evidence-based practices. To fully comprehend the dynamics of nursing practices the essay would comprehensively look at the definition of evidence-based practices and how it relates to nursing research.

Evidence-based practice is the application of clinical evidence in the decision-making process by nurses regarding the treatment of patients and their decisions are informed by evidence which is generated from research undertaken by nurses together with other health care experts. The evidence aids nurses in making decisions because, it offers them firsthand information for making decisions (Polit & Beck 2022). The evidence utilized by EBP is generated from various sources but other scholars argue that the best evidence for informing nurses decisions on patient care and treatment comes from comprehensive research conducted by nurses. Nursing practitioners believe that the use of evidence in decision making is an appropriate action since the decisions and actions will be based on evidence collected and they will be cost-effective and will generate positive outcome in patient care. Evidence-based practices are transforming the nursing profession given that decisions made by nurses are based on the evidence collected from research. Adopting evidence-based practices in a healthcare facility forms the first step that the organization is taking in making sure that patients receive bets healthcare services that improve the quality of their life.

Nursing research is an organized and systematically designed inquiry aimed at coming up with comprehensive data on the best nursing practices that would improve the quality of health care offered by nurses (Labrague et al., 2020). Clinical nursing research involved looking at the case that nurses have experienced in their line of duty and offering the best course of action to solve such issues. Nursing research in the modern world forms the best part of care delivery in facilities given that any decision that nurses make is backed up by certain evidence which makes service delivery easy and it improves the quality of life of patients.

Evidence-based practices relate to nursing research in many ways. First nursing research involves gathering evidence about care delivery which relates to EBP as nurses are required to utilize evidence-base practices generated from research evidence in coming up with best practices. When nurses are preparing evidence-based practices to implement in their care delivery they consider the data from research which helps to add more knowledge into their choices. Therefore, the two terms relate to one another through their dependence on one another for effective practices that improve the quality of care delivered (Li et al., 2018). The two terms relate in that EBP requires the integration of research findings with patient values and clinical expertise in coming up with best practices that improve the quality of life for of patients. Another relationship between evidence-based practice and nursing research is that both of them change as time elapses. Evidence-based practices tend to change according to the new inventions in the nursing profession which are informed by research conducted by nurses on regular basis. The nursing profession undertakes constant research into best practices that would meet the eve changing needs of patients. The collected data is adopted by the evidence-based professionals in coming up with best EBP practices for patients.

Indeed, nursing practices are dynamic as seen in the definition of evidence-based practice and how it relates to nursing research. Adopting evidence-based practices in a healthcare facility forms the basis of rendering quality care services to patients and improving the quality of patient’s life. The relationship between evidence-based practices and nursing research makes the two facets dependent on one another for quality healthcare service delivery.


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