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Essay on Obesity

It is a multifaceted disease having an excessive amount of overweight. Obesity is a medical problem in the human body that needs precise attention before it grows. It is known to have appeared relatively suddenly. It highly manifests in most industrialized areas and then spreads to the rest of the world. It applies due to the interaction between human biology and human cultures over a long period.

Obesity is a disease with some signs and symptoms observable by almost all human beings. It also has some preventive measures that effectively control its spread. The following discussion gives precise information about the signs and symptoms of obesity, preventative measures, and how it has affected the health of human beings (Cerdó, 2019). They are some of the common symptoms of obesity, snoring, unusual body sweating, trouble sleeping, breath shortness, and problems with the skin where moisture accumulates in the folds of skin.

Snoring can be expressed as the severe sound which may occur as a result of flowing air through someone’s throat tissues, causing tissue vibration. One cannot move air freely through the nose and the throat when sleeping. Thus, causing the pulse of the surrounding tissues. For instance, some people may breathe heavily at night, which does not necessarily mean that one has obese. For that reason, one should check medication early in advance to avoid complications. However, various proven techniques can be used to eliminate the rate of snoring; therefore, not every solution can apply to every person. To stop the patient from snoring, they are advised to change their lifestyle and be willing to face different remedies. Various remedies can be used to alter snoring; for example, bedtime remedies include changing sleeping positions for the patient. Therefore, uplifting your head at a level of four inches may comfort the patient’s breathing and enhance the forward movement of the tongue and jaw. In addition, well-designed pillows can help one prevent snoring to ensure one’s neck muscles are not curly. Furthermore, the best way to avoid snoring is to sleep on your side instead of your back.

The following are some preventive measures that can be used to prevent obesity. For better prevention, one should be able to consume less sugary foods and take a lot of vegetables and fruits. In addition, it is advisable to take food rich in dietary fiber. Where it has occurred in a community, there should be efforts made to support healthy eating and a variety of settings.

For young children, gradual work should be done to check one’s weight and ensure that they child does not grow obese. If one is found to have obesity, they should take the recommended curative medicines, like the ones shown below, orlistat, liraglutide, bupropion, phentermine-top ermine. Common treatments for obesity and overweight are healthy eating, leading to weight loss, being more active physically, and making other body changes.

It has some economic effects whereby some countries spend a lot of money to purchase drugs used to reduce the spread of obesity. It has a considerable impact on countries with high medical costs at high prices. This may have some effects and problems for families that are not financially stable and may be affected by obesity issues.

In conclusion, obesity is one of the common diseases in the modern world, and it can be prevented using the measures discussed above. Being a disease, it can be fatal to the health of a human being if not controlled early enough. I can also give advice to adults so as to pay attention on hygiene to keep off from obesity and take care of their young children who are prone to the disease. It is thus rising in today’s life and it may continue. It should be control early before spreads to all people.


Cerdó, T., García-Santos, J. A., G Bermúdez, M., & Campoy, C. (2019). The role of probiotics and prebiotics in the prevention and treatment of obesity. Nutrients11(3), 635.


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