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Evaluation of Organizational Culture and Identification of Problem.

The challenges that can result from a dysfunctional organizational culture are brought to light by David Dao’s incident on United Airlines. The CEO of United Airlines rushed to support the employees rather than address the victims and the public’s concerns because the company’s teamwork brought the lack of organization as the main problem (Cho et al., 2021). The David Dao incident and the United Airlines’ organizational culture evaluation revealed several issues. The airline’s persistent overbooking, typical of all airlines, was identified as one of the issues. Furthermore, the carrier’s new Chief, Oscar Munoz, offered a hurried expression backing representatives instead of soothing the person in question and people in general, mirroring the organization’s camaraderie that the administration had everybody covered (Teo et al., 2019).

The incident was also influenced by the airline rebuild after 9/11, government regulations and oversight, and the airport security officer’s authority and standard operating procedures. Problems with technology and the mentality of the airline industry and customers were also identified as factors contributing to the incident. It took much work for airlines to find a balance between meeting the needs of their customers and their bottom line because of the airline industry’s culture of putting profit ahead of customer satisfaction and consumers’ expectations of low fares and convenience. It was also determined that using technology to monitor overbooking and guarantee customer satisfaction needed to be improved.

Implications and General Solutions for Organization

United Airlines had several implications for dealing with these repercussions. To begin, the airline should prioritize regaining the public’s trust and repairing its reputation by demonstrating a dedication to providing excellent customer service and enhancing its corporate culture. This would require an adjustment of initiative style, clear correspondence of organization values, and accentuation on representative preparation and improvement to guarantee predictable conveyance of value administration.

The FAA’s “close look” at VDB and IDB practices should be addressed in conjunction with regulatory bodies by United Airlines. The aircraft can do whatever it may take to further develop its overbooking strategy by putting resources into innovation to follow overbooking, discussing obviously with clients, and offering more liberal pay to travellers who are automatically denied boarding (Bodell, 2022). United Airlines can take measures to compensate for the incident’s financial losses. This could mean cutting costs by cutting back on expenses that are not needed and making operations run more smoothly. Given the incident’s negative impact on morale, the airline should work to boost employee engagement and morale joined. Carriers can address this by putting resources into worker health programs, growing open doors for representative criticism, and further developing representative preparation and advancement.

Change Management & Organizational Communications Strategies.

If more significant informal regulations were gotten up and positioned to address episodes like the David Dao case, Joined Airplanes would need to, as necessary, change its change load-up and progressive correspondence techniques. The aeroplane would need to study and change its security shows to ensure that the Standard Working Frameworks (SOPs) for dealing with episodes, including Transporter Security Authorities (ASOs), are bleeding edge and concur with any new rules. To guarantee a smooth change and prepare representatives on the new strategies, updating these conventions would require correspondence with workers and partners (Andiyappillai & Prakash, 2020).

Second, to manage the impacts of new guidelines on the aircraft’s activities, Joined Carriers would have to reexamine its emergency board systems. It would be important for the aircraft to be prepared to answer expeditiously to any new administrative prerequisites and to verify that its correspondence procedures with partners, clients, and different gatherings are open and instructive.

To follow any new guidelines, Joined Aircrafts would have to take an interest in spic and span frameworks and innovation. Clients should be educated regarding these progressions by the carrier, who might likewise have to make sense of any expected changes for tagging, boarding, and different methodology. The aircraft likewise has to stretch that keeping the new guidelines is so significant.


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