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Business Plan of the Green Kitchen (TGK)-Vegan Restaurant


The ongoing lobbying for vegetarianism and its growing acceptance provides a phenomenal open door for TGK. To be able to keep up with reasonable costs and at the same time remain ruthless, TGK’s standard menus are prepared simply but creatively with varying arrangements. Food sources are purchased from local, in-demand suppliers, and local suppliers will add value to regular local food as needed, but in all cases, quality control ensures that staple foods are developed and maintained in a completely natural, healthy way. Way. There are graceful styling themes with well-spaced counters of freshly reheated bread, fresh bruises, and fine juice-free drinks (Kho and Ahn, 2019).

The Green Kitchen (TGK) is a brand new bistro serving vegan food in a cool, well-appointed and quiet location in South Central Edinburgh on the Royal Mile, 80 High St, Edinburgh EH1 1TH, UK. New and affordable vegan dinners will be organized and sold on the premises of the THC. The company will appreciate a highly qualified staff who will bring new skills from universities and other organizations with decisive stakes in many of them with comparative restrictions elsewhere.

Market Analysis.

Edinburgh is the third largest and most populous state in the UK with a population of over 35 million. Most of the population is between the ages of 18 and 30. Recent studies show that this crowd constitutes the bulk of the majority of food consumers in restaurants. Other studies show a growing acceptance of vegetarianism and a greater interest in natural foods. The real area of commercial guarantees is a busy road, therefore vital (Krupina, 2019). Its member organizations will ensure the stability of TGC’s clients. Another important part of the business is connecting the two schools quickly. This will be another source of a fairly reliable customer base. There will be many more open days on weekends with swing exercises and another occasional university event.


The competition is an exceptional component that must be considered in an open climate. However, there are many other cafes in the famous TGK area, the vegetarian managers are crazy. Most cafes have cheap food. Developed natural food applications will be an open door and have incredible qualities for TGK. In addition, the interest in semi-formal restaurants will put TGK slightly ahead of its competitors in the food industry. The staff is trained with competence and relevance in customer service. Our advantage is based on fast and quality customer service. To attract customers, the sophisticated style theme, great nursery and open curtains will bring customer comfort (Souto and Rodríguez-López, 2021). The thought behind TGK intensity is reality. The most effective way to show yourself is through quality customer support. The TGK pricing model will also be its main asset. Proven food and labour costs ensure that the food sources supplied are of dignified and serious value. Adaptable personnel are deployed at the main workplaces in licensed premises.

Ethical and Socially Responsible Business.

TGK will try to adhere to moral standards in its activities. Following business guidelines, the company will make every effort to ensure that its waste is properly managed or reused. Your fear of illness will manifest itself in improving your well-being by consuming life forms. At the local level, the company will play a key role in the implementation of trash cans in the city and beyond, which are marked with the TGK logo. This will help showcase the business as well as help protect the city from debris (Malinda, 2019). Family meal programs will be introduced from time to time. In this campaign, the TGK will use its assets and distribute food free of charge to street families and networks living in urban ghettos.

Formation of the Business.

Most importantly, the restaurant will have 35 seats, but its capacity is expected to double in the first six months. There are neon signs on the street that greet future customers and guide them to the motel. The reason it is currently being renovated is on the ground floor and will give a royal look to the tiles on the floor, it will have stalls and outdoor terraces. There will be additional access to flights of stairs for people who are appreciated. To prevent the company from making an effort to complete its tasks, it will first serve its customers by confirming the meter. This will limit the club’s operating expenses (Botha and Robertson, 2014). The over-the-counter service also allows customers to manage themselves so they don’t have to tip. Monetary Advisors are committed to committing company resources to appropriate renewal programs. This includes the acquisition of large office space and the opening of additional branches in the city.

Management of Human Capital.

TGK recognizes the commitment and needs of its human resources to provide quality customer support. A human resources department, formally established from the outset, will ensure the availability of certified and trained personnel. This ensures that business operations are never thwarted by staff shortages or unavailability. Departing employees are quickly replaced. The HR department will also foster degenerative tendencies among employees.


Inspiration will be the tool used by the HR department to enhance the utility and imagination of employees. There are motivational forces for persistent and motivated employees. Motivating forces will also reduce employee turnover. Since there will be no tip at the café, exceptional customer service will be offset in monetary terms. Representatives can choose who, in their opinion, has demonstrated interesting business qualities.

The strategy of the Green Kitchen.

TGK will start promoting programs that will increase its awareness. At the beginning of the quarter, advertising costs are estimated at 5-8% of transactions. While radio and print media are not convincing enough, the organization will complement its advertising with other innovative media. These include supported local businesses and events with a large number of notable TGK representatives and downtown menu distribution. Other campaigns will include offers of T-shirts and mugs with the TGK logo and images of all-vegan people. Along the walkways in both directions, there will be signs with a variety of vegan dishes for the shopping area (Fichter and Tiemann, 2020).

The Marketing Mix.

TGK’s aspiration to attract and win customers is supported by our advertising complex. The business will promote smart diets, and that will be our image character.


The TGK logo is intended to represent the link between vegetarianism and health. All commercial offices, as well as packaging and service materials, are marked in this way.


As noted above, our ideal operating expenses will enhance commercial offerings at reasonably attractive prices to our customers. Each of our meals will be completely vegetarian. This is one of the key components of our advertising complex, which TGC distinguishes from other companies in the industry.


There will be awesome time-limited exercises every day, including commercials, loyalty gift cards, and great days of exceptional deals. Local governments are also fully engaged to expand TGK’s commitments.


The essential scope of the TGK will provide access to targeted customers. The place will be accessible to both pedestrians and customers in cars.

Bookkeeping and Financial Projection.

The company is registered as The Green Kitchen. The starting capital is reported to be £ 1 million. The owner intends to increase capital by making a bank advance of £ 500,000 and a comparable amount from his mutual funds. The bank loan must be repaid in 2.5 years. The company is expected to achieve a net income of at least 247% by the end of the third year since its inception. A rigorous accounting methodology will be introduced to ensure maximum income diversity and cost limitation (Mason and Stark, 2004). The company employs qualified employees and internal specialists. Firms rely on comparative business valuation in Edinburgh for this market strategy. A quick summary of the forecast is as follows: Inventory purchases are forecast to account for 40% of transactions, but gradually increase to 30% by the end of the first year. Cost: Labour costs are not fully fixed by total compensation given the importance and responsibilities of the employee. The tax assessment is applied according to the needs of the government. The company forecasts growth rates of 19-28% in the first three years, with variations of 20%, 29% and 32%, respectively.

Estimated Projections (in ‘000)
Year 2022 2023 2024 2025
Food Sales 700 1200 2500 4000
Beverages Sales 600 800 1500 2000
Total Sales 1300 2000 4000 6000
Cost of Goods Sold 240 500 1200 2150
Gross Profit 1060 1500 2800 3850
Fixed Overhead 560 628 880 1044
Marketing Expenses 260 400 630 1290
Variable Expenses 98 150 350 451
Total Expenses 918 1178 1860 2785
Net Profit 142 322 940 1065


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