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Essay on Relationship

The Sternberg triangular theory was coined by Robert Sternberg in 1988, proposing intimacy, passion and commitment as components of love (Coleman, 2019). According to Sternberg, a relationship is characterized by an element or a combination of these components. Intimacy is the safe feeling that people feel in relationships. It makes people trust their partners with deep secrets or offer emotional support. Besides, when someone shares genuine feelings with others (Coleman, 2019). Mainly, people consider passion as sexual feelings of desire. However, it involves more than sexual desire and is regarded as a person’s desire to share a future with them, the excitement one has when one sees them. It is the intense desire to be with or there for another individual in any way. Commitment embodies two choices where a person loves and cares for another and chooses to continue loving the person over time. This is the difference between dating and marriage in relationships. These three components of love make up consummate love (Coleman, 2019). Mainly, a relationship grounded in one component has a low probability of survival. In other words, relationships should be based on at least two of these components.

Aggressive behavior includes actions targeted at harming animals and people or destroying property. The main causes of aggressive behavior in couple relationships include mental problems, poverty and unemployment, relationship retention behavior and cultural factors (Taquette & Monteiro, 2019). Mental illnesses such as ADHD and PTSD can prompt one to engage in aggressive behavior towards their partners. Poverty and unemployment may cause aggressive behaviors in couple relationships as a lack of economic means to meet their basic needs causes strain in their interactions. In line with relationship retention behavior people assume that violence can aid in maintaining a relationship. As such, a person may seek aggressive behavior such as hitting or verbal abuse to their partner as a reaction to keep them from leaving. Cultural factors are also associated with aggressive behavior since two people from diverse backgrounds may engage in a romantic relationship (Taquette & Monteiro, 2019). However, their cultural differences, such as religious beliefs, moral values and practices, may result in conflicts since what may seem normal for one partner may be considered unacceptable by the other one. Therefore, causing strain in their relationship since they do not understand one another. Ultimately prompting the couple to engage in aggressive behaviors such as verbal abuse and hitting, which, if not addressed, may result in domestic violence.

Children are a blessing as they bring joy and satisfaction to people’s lives. However, people must prepare physically, mentally and financially before bringing a child into this world. Besides, one has to comprehend the advantages and disadvantages of having children. Some of the positive benefits of having children are that it causes excitement, brings satisfaction and fulfilment, the process is fun and joyful and one gets a chance to boost their self-esteem. It is true that watching a child grow from conception to infancy and take her first steps is fun and exciting. However, having kids has its negative sides because one has to think more about them and meet their daily needs, which may prompt one to forget one’s needs. For instance, one may have limited sleep, lose their freedom, take a break from their career, lose privacy and financial constraints. Although having children has its negative side, these aspects can be managed by employing various strategies to ease parenting and raising kids.


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