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Essay on International Economics

Transnational trade refers to the exchange of commodities and services between two different nation state. Taking part in the global trade offers customers and countries the chance to be visible to goods and services which are not produced or available in their states or more expensive domestically. The global economy attributes its rise and prosperity to international trade. In the international economy, the issue of demand and supply and the cost of commodities affect and are affected by global events. For instance, a political event in Asia could trigger labor costs. It will then translate to rising the production cost for American sneakers corporate situated in Malaysia, translating to rising the price charged for a pair of sneakers that a customer from the United States can obtain from a domestic mall. Several factors that influence international trade are; the effect of inflation, the effect of national proceeds, government policies, dwindles for exporters, and constraints on imports.

The author talks about the international trade being below $19 trillion in 2019. This is due to worries that global trade would endure substantial challenges in 2019 and 2020, subsequently expanding relatively sluggishly than anticipated in 2018, owing to increase in demand and constraint, as well as economic uncertainties. Economists at the Multilateral Trading System suppose products trade capacity progress to slow to 2.6% in 2019, dejected as of 3.0% in 2018. Trade progress might at that moment accelerate to 3.0% in 2020, albeit this is contingent on reducing trade friction. As mentioned in the article, other goods and services are commonly imported and exported internationally. We have consumer goods like computers, electronic sets, clothing; capital commodities like raw materials and food, as well as machines. The service industry demonstrates that other international firms require services such as travel and overseas exclusive rights expenses. International trade is supported by international financial transactions, which are carried out by the private banking sector and the central banks of trading nations take an essential role in these transactions. International trade has its benefits and shortcomings. The best of what the article has discussed is the goodness of international trade; for instance, exports generate employment opportunities and enhance economic prosperity. Yes, we agree with this fact, and we can as well as certain; for example, if we as a country that produces a sizeable amount of goods and services for exports, improved production should automatically translate to employment opportunities.

The United States is top of the list of the largest trading countries for imports and exports globally, with over $5.6 trillion as per the 2019 statistics. They have trade relations with over two hundred countries, frontiers, and regional associations globally (Faizi & SHIRAZI, 2021). In 2019, the United States stood as the second-largest exporter of goods internationally, totaling about $1.6 trillion, a decrease of about 1.4% from the previous financial year. On the goods imports, the United States is marked as the importer of the top goods in the world. The total goods imported by the United States from our countries of the world summed up to $2.5 trillion, which decreased by about 1.6% for the previous financial year. China was the uppermost provider of goods and services to the United States, an estimation of about 18% of the size of imports in the United States.

In conclusion, the economic model designates that global trade facilitates better living standards. An assessment flanked by the experience of open and closed economies demonstrates that trade is beneficial in practice.


Faizi, B., & SHIRAZI, N. S. ( 2021, Summer). THE EVOLUTION AND INTENSITY OF NON-TARIFF MEASURES ON IMPORTS IN GCC. Pakistan Economic and Social Review; 113. Retrieved from

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