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Essay on Human Resource

As part of the company’s entire workforce, human resources are a single employee who contributes his or her skills and abilities to the company’s success. Anyone who is prepared to give up their time, effort, or expertise in exchange for monetary recompense is a human resource. Part-time, full-time, independent, or contract workers are all acceptable.

Importance of a human resource

Human resource aids in the accomplishment of the organization’s goals and objectives. Policies and a set of regulations are used to create an efficient and successful work environment. The HR department’s primary responsibility is to recruit and retain high-quality personnel for the company. When it comes to keeping a workforce in place for a long length of time and reducing turnover, HR implements numerous policies, such as learning and support, appealing wages and pay, incentives, promotion rules that are designed to keep employees engaged.

The company’s ability to keep its personnel happy and engaged is also a key concern of human resources. When you work in a low-stress atmosphere or participate in a variety of activities, such as cultural events or sports or simply getting together with friends, you can achieve this goal. The Golden Hippo, for example (Meskó et al., 2018).offers facilities with showers and lockers, as well as yoga and meditation workshops, to its staff. Fitness subsidies are available to individuals who cannot afford it, but employees are also free to look into alternative choices. TripAdvisor offers its employees and their families with 100% health coverage and ensures that they receive the medical care they need.

Maintaining a high level of competency

In addition, it guarantees that diverse roles are filled with the most qualified individuals. There are fewer posts and more responsibilities as we rise through the ranks. A promotion is the only option for someone who can handle this level of responsibility. Remember that HR is ultimately responsible for identifying the proper individual, boosting human resources’ relevance from the tiniest of tasks to one of the most daunting challenges. As a result, good outcomes for the company and its members may be achieved via the correct adoption and practice of such policies. Everyone enters a firm with the hopes of getting a good job in a well-known company, getting paid well, being in a healthy work environment, and moving forward in their careers.

Fostering a culture of mutual respect in the workplace

Since individuals have feelings and can’t function as robots that ignore the world around them, HR seeks to safeguard the dignity of each individual. Employees are given the opportunity to improve by identifying their strengths and weaknesses. Promotions aren’t always required. By only providing the appropriate individual with the proper job, that is all it takes. In order to keep the organization running, a large group of people must work together. As previously said, people experience emotions, but these emotions can lead to a dislike of something, a dissatisfaction with something, or even a disagreement with a coworker. HR’s job is to make sure that all of these factors are taken into account in its rules, and if they aren’t, to step in and fix the problems that arise. Human resource management is based on the premise (Boon, 2019). that resources should be used as efficiently and optimally as possible. Resources can be either human or nonhuman. It aids in the development of interpersonal relationships, which in turn promotes clear lines of communication and effective teamwork at work. And it also helps to improve ties between management and the union.

When people work together, they may form better teams for initiatives. As a result, human resource management has a greater role to play. The introduction of new technologies has a significant impact on both the individual and the professional levels of human resource management. Not all highly trained workers need to be up-to-date on the newest technological advances. Here, HR comes into play since it guarantees that new ideas and changes can be implemented quickly. Efforts will be made to put on a few demo courses in an effort to encourage everyone to join. Additionally, it will collect input from each employee to determine how long it took them and what kind of response they gave to the new modification.

A growing number of multinational corporations are expanding their business operations outside of their native country. In order to streamline operations, the firm may opt to recruit the foreign state, but it will first transfer its most effective and reliable employee to the new job. Human resources can facilitate these moves because they are always aware of individual strengths and weaknesses and provide recommendations to management based on that information. Constant communication and collaboration in sync with other departments will assist the employee in getting everything set up in the new location. Human resources are significant because of the HR department’s helping natures, which elevates the value of the department even at the interpersonal basis.

Development and growth

In order to raise the relevance of human resources in a firm, the HR department recruits a competent workforce and trains and develops them into diverse capabilities. When it comes to this, it’s like a growing cycle (Boon et al., 2019). Multinational corporations that employ a large number of workers contribute to strong economies. As the firm grows internationally, it attracts FDI from other nations and makes a contribution to that country’s FDI.Apple, for example, declared in 2017 that it will invest a significant amount of money in Chinese for research and development. After its native nation, the United States, and Europe, China is Apple’s third largest market. As a result, the economies of the United States and China expanded rapidly, creating jobs for a large number of people. India’s foreign direct investment (FDI) growth is boosted by Canada’s large investments in industrial infrastructure.

When it comes to a company’s human resources, it’s imperative that they be maintained in order to provide jobs to qualified candidates, provide them with suitable and strive continually for excellence that uses all of the company’s resources to their maximum potential, eliminate wasteful use of resources, and help employees grow and develop as individuals. Every part of an employee’s or an organization’s job and contribution to the nation’s economy is dependent on HR policies and practices.

HR practices’ contributions to the discussion

When it comes to strategic planning, HR needs to show that it is a valued business partner. People, ideas, and tools all need to be brought together by HR. This component of the strategic plan’s human resources development must show that it can take the lead. HR must demonstrate that it has a thorough understanding of the company’s business operations and goals. In order to be an effective strategic planning partner, you must have a firm grasp of the fundamental financial metrics. A thorough understanding of the products and rivals on the market is required. The HR role is to provide suggestions for new product development and innovation. Technical expertise isn’t required; all that’s needed is a curious mind and a willingness to be inventive.

Third, Human Resources must demonstrate that it comprehends contemporary HR Management trends. The competitive company necessitates top-of-the-line Human Resources. The role of human resources (HR) cannot be a dormant one in a business. Keeping an eye on the market for new trends, generating fresh ideas, and bringing new life to tried-and-true methods are all part of the job. As a Contender, Solution Explorer, and Supporter of the Strategic Plan, HR plays an important role.HR must set the industry standard for best practices, not simply follow them. The typical HR function has little value offered and is not welcomed into the strategy planning process. HR’s job is to come up with new ways to accomplish the company’s present strategic goals.

Fourth, human resources must learn how to make the link between the strategic plan and the day-to-day operations of the company. The strategy plan does not go into specifics about any of these things. The organization’s strategic plan lays forth the organization’s long-term goals. The HR department must be aware of these directions and transform them into actionable measures and efforts. There will be no translation for HR, but they will be judged on their ability to follow directives, not their ability to implement them. Because they aren’t explicitly stated in the strategic plan, HR initiatives need the support of the CEO. The job of HR is to ensure that the plan is properly translated and implemented.

Finally, HR must show that it is capable of overcoming challenges. Strategic plans are not easy to implement. While putting the plan into action, a slew of problems pops up. There are a lot of debates going on. There are a lot of decisions to be made. For the company’s long-term success, HR must stay on track and adopt projects that are best for the organization. In order to move the solution forward, HR must create strategic alliances with other employees and management. As a result, many workers are suspicious of the proposed remedy. Human

Resources (HR) must be the driving force behind the communication and the change agent.


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