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Fisco Financial Bank


At Fisco Financial Bank, I worked as the overall financial management. Being in this bank position, I could carry out all the analysis of the finance flow that was taking place in the Bank. Having a good comparison of the finance flow of the Fisco Finance Bank, I understood that there was a striking problem in the Bank at any given time. There are some of the methods that I was involved in to fully identify that there was a problem that was taking place in this bank setting. One of the main methods that were used was the comparison of the number of individuals who were taking loans at any given time. When I compared the number of individuals taking loans in the current and recent times, I understood that there is a decreased number of individuals being rendered loans at any given time. This statistic shows that there is a financial problem in the bank system. To fully confirm the economic problem in the Fisco Financial bank, I interviewed a few individuals who were given loans from this Bank (Jessop, 2015). Upon confirmation, I realized that the majority had been rendered less according to their expectations. These two methods were used to identify the main problem and, more so, consider the need to find the solutions.

Discussion of the problem

Lack of enough finance is one of the main problems facing Fisco Financial bank. Lack of enough capital is one of the main challenges facing most banking companies. In Fisco Financial bank company, there has been a central problem of the need for more finance that can be used to allocate loans to various individuals and, more so, other companies and small businesses. This has been witnessed because the majority of the individuals, companies, and other business persons may be found walking out of this Bank with a small amount of loan amount compared to the level of expectations that they had. It has been confirmed that the Bank is experiencing financial difficulties. The following visuals show the analysis of the data collected concerning the Bank’s financial standing.

Use of Formal Account and Loan Services Across Firm Size Groups In International Comparison

(Jessop, 2015)

The analysis of the data collected concerning the Bank's financial standing

When it comes to the idea of the Bank giving many individuals loans, this has reduced dramatically. This is because the Bank is unable, or the Fisco Financial Bank needs more finance to be rendered to many individuals at any given time (Jessop, 2016). This idea, therefore, forces the Bank only to serve fewer customers at any given time to accommodate what they have in the account. Having this challenge as the main problem, there is, therefore, the need for the Bank to seek the leading solution. This is because the failure of the Bank to seek an immediate solution can lead to the closure of the Bank at any given time.

Possible Solutions

  • Because Fisco Financial Bank is facing the problem of lack of enough finance that it can use to render to its customers, some various ways or solutions can be practiced for the Bank to solve the issue.
  • One of the leading solutions that can be enacted to solve this issue is reducing the activities being carried out in this Bank at any given time.
  • Fisco Financial Bank engages in most activities, such as projects that use a lot of money (Tyfield, 2016).
  • Due to this increased number of activities carried out in this bank set, the Bank cannot save more which can be rendered to the individuals who need the loans.
  • Reduction of the activities carried out in this bank system can make it possible for the Bank to save a large amount of money channelled into credit and loans.
  • Also, the Bank has many workers who carry out various activities.
  • Therefore, the Bank is spending a lot of money, especially when paying the workers at any time. This can be a problem that causes the reduction of finance in Fisco Financial Bank (Fakhoury, 2022).
  • Therefore, for the Bank to solve this case, there is the idea of reducing the number of workers working there.
  • This idea will also enable the Bank to save a large amount of money that can be channelled into the loans and credit sectors and help the Bank gain financial stability.

Work and TimeLine

In order to ultimately have the final solution initiated in the Fisco Financial Bank, some of the steps needed to be carried out are needed. First and foremost, one needs to train some workers to multitask in the company. This will help eliminate the excess workers from the Bank, making it easier to save. Also, terminating the projects in the Bank will be considered part of the solution to the main problem.


Some of the activities that were carried out during this project. For example, when it comes to data analysis, some of the activities were carried out and required individuals with skills. This means that there is some cost that was incurred during the project. In an approximation, we used $400,000 for the project.


Fisco Financial Bank is one of the common banks that faces many problems that interfere with the Bank’s daily activities. The main problem affecting Fisco Financial Bank is the need for more funds or capital that the Bank can use to render loans and credit to various individuals in the banking system. Therefore, this has been the main problem facing the Bank at any given time. For the Bank to solve this problem, as it has been discussed, it needs to focus on various solutions. One of the most common solutions that can help the Bank regain its financial stability, as has been discussed, is reducing the number of tasks or activities carried out in the Bank. This will help the Bank to save much money that can be used to give individuals loans and credits to solve the problem. Also, the Bank should focus on reducing the number of workers who are working in the bank system to make it possible to solve the main problem.


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