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Enhancing Employees’ Performance

The chicken auditor’s main aim was to ensure workers’ performance in the working system and enable personal working performance. The evaluation looked at the reward and management systems and the various recommendations for the reward and performance management systems. The reward management systems measures include raising awareness of available incentives, employee recognition programs, creation of team-based reward programs, and wellness of the programs. Some of the recommendations proposed for the performance management system include improving management engagement, incorporating ongoing feedback, and using technology to enhance performance management.

Evaluations of the recommendations

The reward management system recommendations include raising awareness of available incentives, employee recognition programs, creating a team-based reward program, and wellness. The recommendations are attractive in the labor market because, according to Kuswati (2020), low morale, motivational issues, and lack of involvement of employees in decision-making lead to poor performance. By incorporating the recommendation into the action plan, the organization will be able to attract, retain and motivate employees, which contributes to the performance of the employees. The recommendations are based on economic, social, and psychological theories since they help workers to realize their potential and understand the value of their performance in the organizations. According to Samola (2022), the recognition of employees makes the employee feel well-known, creating a social and psychological effect that promotes hard work and productivity.

The second recommendation was in the performance management system, which examines the management performance of the organization. Recommendations include specifying a clear, consistent performance management framework, improving employee engagement, incorporating ongoing feedback, and using technology. Specifying a clear, consistent performance management framework helps each employee understand the roles and targets set by the management, which help in aching organizational goal. According to Diamantidis and Chatzoglou (2019) clear path toward achievement formulated by the management help in achieving the desired goals. Improving employee engagement and incorporating feedback help the organization ensure that each employee’s input works for the organization. It creates cohesion and understanding, which helps the organization retain workers and acquire additional workers where needed. Monitoring the workers using technology also ensures that each employee is on task and contributes towards the organization’s goals.

The recommendations are attractive to the labor market. According to Samola (2022), proper worker force management involves engaging the workers, listening to them, and rewording them where possible. Rewording workers motivate them and improve their performance. It also sets competitiveness on employee performance, which makes each employee achieve targets. Comparing this recommendation to that of Starbucks, a restaurant that sells coffee and other soft drinks, the evaluation draws similarities and differences from the benchmark.

Reward management system Performance management system
Direct employee reward Human resource monitoring system
Recognition Direct employee management engagement
Industrial and commercial training Financial investing in human resource
Promotion on a performance basis Decisions based on employees’ feedback

Source: Xu (2020)

Through the strategies above, Starbucks has increased sales and profitability in its operations. It has also attracted work from various disciplines, from IT to restaurant attendants. Additionally, the restaurant has managed to enlarge its market through online systems, improved services, and quality services (Xu, 2020). Therefore, the recommendations proposed in the chicken audit report are good and competitive to the market since they have similarities to Starbucks’ strategies.

Operational and administrative challenges of implementing the recommendations

There are various challenges to implementing the recommendations. One of the challenges is the operational cost, which involves installing human resource monitoring systems and performance measurement systems, among others. Employing IT staff to manage the systems will also be an added cost to the organization. Secondly, it is not easy to understand each person’s ability and reward accordingly. According to Kuswati (2020), people’s ability varies, and low-performance employees feel inferior, especially when the reward measures are based on performance. Lastly, the rewards may be expensive for the company, especially when other economic factors like inflation affect the sales targets.

How return on investment and the effectiveness of the recommendation can be measured

According to Samola (2022), any investment requires a return for the amount invested. The programs initiated to motivate employees require measures to ensure that each reword, or recommendation yields results. The recommendations proposed will be measured in two different phases. First, the performance management system will be measured through the overall profitability of the business. The profitability of the company will be an indication of the effectiveness of the program. The second measure will be the reward management system, whereby each employee will be evaluated based on the return. According to Kuswati (2020), the best way to measure human resources performance is by using the company’s profit divided by the human resource cost. Using the criteria, the business will be able to understand the total return attributed to the total cost of the company’s human resources. This will help to monitor the human resource cost and ensure that the cost is, at most, the return of the business.


The performance of the Chicken Auditors is based on the effectiveness of the human resource. Proper evaluation and implementation of effective human resource programs help ensure organizational performance. The proposed recommendation for the company is good since they help ensure long-term performance and attractiveness to the labor market.


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