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Embracing Christian Values and Education in Grenada: Cultural Perspectives in My Family


The cultural perspective of my family will be covered in the following essay, focusing on various factors, including race, religion, socioeconomic class, language, geography, ethnicity, and values. Our interactions with one another and our ideas and decisions are significantly influenced by our cultural background, which has its roots in the Caribbean island of Grenada. We value education, encourage one another, and value diversity as Seventh-Day Adventists and members of the Black community.

Race, Religion, and Social Class:

Our family identifies as Black, which alters our cultural perspective and how we perceive racial difficulties and experiences. Race, Religion, and Social Class. Our daily lives are also heavily influenced by our Christian faith, particularly the Seventh-Day Adventist movement. Our family’s religious rituals have been greatly influenced by our matriarch’s adherence to these principles. Although attending church and adopting the SDA faith are encouraged, each family member is free to follow their religious convictions. In addition, as a middle-class family, we place a premium on perseverance, education, and financial security.

Language, location, and ethnicity:

English is our primary language of exchange, creating a bridge between our family and the larger Grenadian community. Living in the neighborhood of Mt. Rich on the tiny Caribbean island of Grenada exposes us to the unique geographical setting and regional traditions. Despite our city’s unfavorable reputation, our family’s Christian beliefs inculcate good morals and values, making us good role models in our neighborhood. We commemorate national holidays and occasions representing our cultural identity because we are proud to be Grenadians.

Cultural Norms, Practices, and Values:

The size of our extended families significantly impacts how we view the world. Every family member must contribute to the management and upkeep of our home, and we stress the value of cooperation and unity. Cooking is every day for all sexes, breaking conventional gender stereotypes (Fairless Nicholson, 2023). Typically, men are in charge of the outdoors and landscaping, while women clean the inside of the house (Fairless Nicholson, 2023). However, a woman’s place is not limited to the house, and every family member has the right to pursue their job paths and educational goals independently.

Family Decision-Making and Bonding:

We value the family time that is spent together. We bond over the news, movies, and TV series that air at 7:00 pm by discussing our days and hopes for the future. Our elders, who have knowledge and experience, impact family decisions. Every member is free to voice their thoughts, although these judgments are more heavily weighted in favor of the senior members.

Education and Achievements:

From a cultural standpoint, education is critical in our family. We place a high value on education for our kids because we believe in its transforming power. Family members strongly encourage and support school attendance and academic goals. I have reached a professional milestone as a secondary school Food, Nutrition, and Health teacher, and my family is proud of my achievements. We encourage one another and celebrate successes, whether they are academic, professional, or personal.

Respect, Beliefs, and Biases:

In our family, respect is a fundamental virtue. We were taught to respect authority figures and live by proverbs like “Manners Maketh a Man” and “Early to bed, early to rise, make a man healthy and strong (Fairless Nicholson, 2023).” These lessons have helped to mold us into good citizens. We are taught to appreciate other people’s sexual preferences while holding steadfast to our family’s ideas, such as the value of marriage between a man and a woman. We actively combat prejudice and eradicate it while promoting the rights and opportunities for everyone.


The racial, religious, social, linguistic, linguistic, geographic, ethnic, and value perspectives of my family are profoundly influenced by these factors. Our Black identity, Seventh-Day Adventist faith, middle-class upbringing, Grenadian heritage, and cultural customs shape our relationships, decisions, and cultural practices. We value education, encourage one another’s goals, and celebrate successes while fostering cohesion, respect, and openness to variety. We try to be good examples for our neighborhood and contribute to the development and well-being of society through our cultural perspective.


Fairless Nicholson, J. (2023). From London to Grenada and back again: Youth exchange geographies and the Grenadian revolution, 1979‐1983. Antipode55(3), 708-728.


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