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Effects of COVID-19 on Interviews for Hospitality: A Week 12 Analysis of Qualitative Data


The COVID-19 pandemic has presented the hospitality sector with hitherto unheard-of difficulties. As a committed student researcher, I spent Week 12 researching how COVID-19 affected hospitality interviews. This study carefully seeks to compile and examine the gathered qualitative information. In addition to the discussions that are the primary emphasis, careful consideration is given to the larger backdrop of the pandemic’s influence on Canada’s hospitality industry. This thoughtful section captures the issues facing the industry and weaves personal tales into it. In addition, the study anticipates and provides insights for the next six months. This section will present a complete overview of the pandemic’s complex effects on the Canadian hospitality landscape by integrating personal reflections with a thorough analysis.

An Overview of COVID-19 and Its Current Effects on Hospitality and Canada

The widespread effects of the current COVID-19 pandemic in the Canadian hotel industry reflect the difficulties faced worldwide. This part acts as a vital link, providing a thorough summary of the significant impacts of COVID-19 on the Canadian hospitality industry while restating essential points outlined in the research plan (Lemieux et al., 2020). With travel limitations, operational upheavals, and extraordinary transformations in consumer behaviour, the industry has become a microcosm of more significant global challenges (Davahli et al., 2020). This report lays the groundwork for thoroughly examining the qualitative data gathered in Week 12 by reviewing the key points mentioned in the study plan. This is the backdrop against which the following study takes place, exploring the complex accounts and viewpoints gathered from professionals in the field. The summary provides background information and a crucial basis for comprehending the nuances of how the pandemic has changed and is still changing the hotel industry in Canada.

Reflection on Experiences and Thoughts in the Next 6 Months

Commencing a contemplative voyage within the hospitality industry under the unrelenting pandemic, my encounters as a visitor have been deeply interwoven into the composition of this report. Getting around in a world changed by COVID-19, I describe firsthand experiences with different service dynamics, security procedures, and general hotel atmospheres. This part summarizes my personal experiences and goes beyond introspection to provide more general thoughts on the near future. Examining factors from the perspectives of prospective guests and employees results in a comprehensive comprehension of the industry’s adaptations and problems when the perspective changes. When appropriate, adding a partner’s opinion to the story enhances it by providing a different viewpoint on the state of the industry now and laying the groundwork for illuminating predictions for the upcoming half-year. When taken as a whole, these observations highlight the hotel industry’s resilience while shedding light on future potential and risks.

Results Section

Summarizing Methodology

The qualitative data collection for this study was carried out with great care, including interviews with a wide range of people in various professions in the hospitality industry. The selection procedure purposefully focused on a range of experiences to offer a thorough understanding of the difficulties faced by the sector throughout the pandemic. Online approaches were used, putting convenience and safety first, allowing for efficient distant participant interaction. These interviews took place in Week 12, providing an overview of the state of the sector at a particular point in time. However, there were obstacles; problems arose, including technical problems that sometimes interfered with smooth communication and timetable limitations, underscoring the difficulties of collecting data remotely in this ever-changing setting.

Content Analysis

The content analysis technique was the primary tool used in the data analysis process; it was a thorough approach that revealed recurring themes in the Impact of COVID interviews. Every inquiry during these interviews revealed recurrent themes and illuminated common issues and experiences in the hotel industry. In order to strengthen and validate these results, participant quotes were carefully incorporated. These quotations work as concrete illustrations, providing subtle views into the genuine viewpoints of individuals overcoming the pandemic’s obstacles. They also add real-world context to the analysis, enhancing comprehension of the industry’s complex effects.

Common Themes and Direct Quotes

Through an examination of these recurrent trends, the study reveals a more complex picture of COVID-19’s effects on the hospitality industry. Direct statements from participants are effortlessly incorporated into the analysis to corroborate and support these qualitative findings, giving it more depth and authenticity. One attendee said, “The uncertainty has reshaped how we approach service, emphasizing safety and adaptability over traditional practices, fundamentally altering the hospitality landscape.” This statement represented the consensus. This quotation, which offers a personal perspective of the industry’s revolutionary trajectory, captures the spirit of the answers.

Conclusion and Recommendation

The compilation of insights and findings highlights the intricate terrain of the sector, delineating obstacles and prospects that have emerged during the ongoing epidemic. The ramifications are far-reaching across the industry, requiring a thorough grasp of the way forward. These include operational disruptions, changes in customer behaviour, and the well-being of personnel.

Summary of the Impact

It is evident that COVID-19 has significantly impacted the hotel sector. Customer behaviour has changed significantly, operations have been completely redesigned, and staff well-being has taken centre stage. This dramatic change emphasizes the necessity of resilience and adaptive tactics in the face of formerly unheard-of difficulties. A thorough grasp of these significant shifts provides the industry with a solid basis for strategic decision-making and creative solutions to drive the hospitality sector toward recovery and long-term growth as it negotiates this unexplored area.


The research made the following suggestions:

Boost digital resilience

Industry personnel must receive training and investments in digital infrastructure to guarantee smooth virtual interactions in light of the difficulties associated with online techniques.

Adopt flexible work models.

Using flexible work models can improve employee resilience in the face of unforeseen events by increasing employee happiness and adaptability.

Campaigns for consumer confidence

Rebuilding consumer confidence requires the implementation of transparent and efficient health and safety safeguards. These steps should be communicated clearly and consistently to reassure visitors and promote their cooperation.


Davahli, M. R., Karwowski, W., Sonmez, S., & Apostolopoulos, Y. (2020). The hospitality industry in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic: Current topics and research methods. International journal of environmental research and public health, 17(20), 7366.

Lemieux, T., Milligan, K., Schirle, T., & Skuterud, M. (2020). Initial impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on the Canadian labour market. Canadian Public Policy, 46(S1), S55-S65.


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