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Drinking Under the Influence (DUI)

In the contemporary world, drinking under the influence (DUI) in the workstation is an emerging issue. DUI in work surroundings brings about a variety of risks to the entire organization. The risks are felt by all those around the workplace, with most facing direct impact. The main challenge of DUI is reduced productivity and an unfavorable working environment for other work colleagues. This paper aims to explore information from the available sources about DUI in the work environment and suggestions on alcohol consumption during working hours.

One disadvantage of drinking during working hours is reduced production. Studies show that there is a strong relationship between alcohol consumption and poor performance (Frone & Bamberger, 2024). People with drinking habits tend not to mind the outcome of their actions, and therefore, most of them do not take their work duties as required. Also, the reduced production is sometimes a result of absenteeism and fewer working hours. Due to these irregular working habits, they rarely meet their targets as expected.

Also, alcohol consumption is directly related to increased damages in the workplace. Since most of these individuals work under the influence of alcohol, they tend to interfere with the working machinery (Oesterle et al., 2023). Some delicate machines, such as computers, may not be safe, primarily if handled by drunkards. Individuals involved in alcohol consumption are often careless; some also interfere with already stored data. Due to the high carelessness, these individuals may require close supervision.

There is a high possibility of accidents and injuries in the workplace due to alcohol consumption during working works. People working with vehicles contribute to more accidents due to alcohol drinking. Many accidents in many countries are due to careless drinking as a result of alcohol consumption. Also, people handling harmful instruments such as knives may cause accidents to themselves or others. People should learn how to control their drinking habits for the safety of themselves and those around them.

DUI also has significant negative impacts on working colleagues. Other workers may experience unfavorable working environments working with individuals under the influence of alcohol. The unfavorable environment leads to poor teamwork and communication within the working environment. Also, due to this unconducive environment, the company may be affected due to reduced production, which may damage the reputation of a given organization. An unfavorable working environment often results to collapsing of many organizations or continuous losses.

Developing ways to prevent drinking under the influence during the working duration is essential. One way of reducing alcohol consumption in the workplace is by offering education and creating awareness about the effects of DUI. These awareness programs contribute to the creation of good working ethics and culture by encouraging workers to work as per the requirements of their organization. Also, offering education on this concept of DUI will reduce the habits of carelessness in the workplace as a result of alcohol taking.

Additionally, implementing policies to govern the workers is essential. Coming up with alcohol detection tools can help reduce DUIs at work. For the safety of other people, especially in the transport sector, the government should consider using these tools. It is also the passengers’ responsibility to report those driving while drunk. It is against the regulation of transport for drivers to drive while under the influence of alcohol. Following these regulations is one way to reduce accidents, especially in developing countries.

In conclusion, drinking under the influence of work organizations has many effects on the organization at large. DUI may lead to reduced productivity, workplace accidents, and an unfavorable environment. It can also cause the collapse of the organization or destroy its reputation. Due to the outcomes of DUI, there is a need to adopt measures to control alcohol consumption in the workplace. Coming up with workplace policies and creating awareness against DUI at work are possible ways to reduce alcohol consumption. Understanding the impacts of DUI on an organization is crucial in maintaining the company’s productivity.


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